Sunday, May 15, 2011

Professor Uncertainty & Professor Confusion

I got an unexpected visit from Mr. & Ms. Confusion and Mr.& Ms. Uncertainty. I was flying pretty high, and what seem to appear out of the blue, was a new class on awareness.

I attracted to myself, a man discussing impostors and manipulators. He shares that many of the friends on different dimensions are intentionally manipulating and pretending to be Beings of Light. The information stopped me dead in my tracks. I am a person who has witnessed manipulation in religion, in never occurred to me that Beings in different dimensions might attempt to manipulate.

I found myself confused and feeling extreme uncertainty. Who can I trust? Who is telling the truth?

While trying to process the information, I shut down. I closed up all my desires to meditate and play with the spiritual dimensions. I did no thing. I was bored, I was angry, I was upset, I was feeling so emotional and frustrated.

I was lucky enough to have 4 friends who listened to me, and allowed me my confusion. The best things about my friends, is they didn't judge me. They held a space of allowing and trusting I was on my own journey. Their non judgment of my confusion helped me more than words can say. A special thanks to Flo, River, Kathy and Jim!!

After several weeks of trying to process, I finally "Realized" that Mr & Ms Confusion and Mr & Ms. Uncertainty, are actually professors. I saw the professor hats. I recognized, my teachers showed up to teach me a lesson. I get to pick my reality. My lesson is to learn to go deeper inside and discover my truths. There is no authority. There is no group, being, person, master, multidimensional being that has authority over my beliefs. I am the only one who gets to decided what I believe.

Professor Confusion and Professor Uncertainty helped me to become crystal clear that I am the authority I was searching for. I am the answers. I am the truth. I am the student and I am the teacher. It is all inside of me. Heart felt thanks for knocking on my door Professors, thank you for giving me the opportunity to expand.