Sunday, November 20, 2011

Invitations To Group Parties During Dream Time

I had the most interesting dream last night.

I was invited to join a group ~ it reminded me of being invited to join a group on facebook.
I accepted the invitation, and I found myself in a world of Lights. All Lights Beings were intertwining, and blending together, like waves in the ocean. I felt Angelic Beings frequency. It was very bright, no bodies, only light swirling together. It felt like dancing in the cosmos.
I could hear names of 3D people. I knew those 3D people were playing in this group of Light Beings. I can not recall their names. They were at the party with their Light bodies, no 3D bodies.
I feel like the person who invited me to play in this group is Robert Mathieu. Here is his YouTube channel
I felt wonderful playing inside this group. I was very high and happy.
Then there was another group invitation. This group had a different flavor than first group. I recall the least information from this group.
Then, I was invited to a 3rd group. These groups felt like they belonged to a series. Like each group has it's own flavor, yet they are all connected. This group was dense. Not dense in less evolved, but dense in they had bodies. The animal totems are apart of this group. While inside this energy group, I heard in my head "Invite people to play in these groups!". I thought the message made no sense, as no one needs an invitation to play with energies. Again, I heard same message "Invite people to play in these groups!" It felt like I was being given an assignment. Not in a bossy way, rather like it is information about my mission. It still didn't make sense, as no one needs an Invitation. I heard same message again, then someone woke me up, so I would have recall of the dream.
I woke up feeling so high from dancing in the cosmos with these energies. I still am wondering what it means to invite people? I thought about something I heard Namaste Angel share. She mentioned in one facebook post, that symbols and intel are being given to us in dream time. This information can be helping us understand what we are doing in the astral planes. She shared, most humans have not been ready to process the work we do during dream time and/or having this memory, many would not be willing to wake up in 3D again. She had suggested before bedtime, we set the intention to meet/play with each other in the astral planes. Interestingly, the night of this dream, is the 3rd night, I had intentionally requested playtime with online friends.
I loved this dream! I loved dancing and playing with these families in the Multiverse. I am so grateful, I was invited to play in these groups. I am still not certain of what this all means or where it is going. For now, I am basking in the pleasure of this dream.