Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lucky - My New Magical Dog Friend

Last week, I had taken a nap, when I woke up, I told my son about my dream. It was a very detailed vivid dream. I have found lately, I am having the most detailed dreams, this a a very new experience for me!

In my dream, I was outside, and there was a dog running ahead of his owner. I loudly shouted ahead to the owner and said, " I am afraid of dogs". The dog instantly ran fast to me, and put me in a dog wrestling position/move. I am not sure how I knew it was a dog wrestling move, or if they are even real? The owner, who was a french lady, says to me..."do not move, if he decides to attack you, it will be brutal".

"What do I do?" I yelled. "Think happy thoughts, he read minds." she said.

I started to think happy thoughts, and the deeper I got into the happy thoughts, I could feel the dog loosening his wrestling hold on me. Eventually, the dog let go of me completely.

The owner went on to tell me that the dog has chosen me. He picked me, and now I am responsible for him. I recall feeling excited that I had such a connection with a dog, I have always been afraid of them.

Later that day, I was chatting with a friend. She was telling me this amazing story on how she became an animal communicator. The story was a total, Hallmark, Disney feel good story. I felt so much emotion inside as I heard this story. Her dog, Lucky, had taught her to be an animal communicator.

If you have been reading my blog, you will recall, I have a connection to a friend name Lucky too! What a nice coincidence I thought. She sent me her dog, Lucky's, photo.

I felt so drawn to Lucky's photo. I saved his photo to my desktop image. I asked my daughter, when you look at this dog, do you feel anything inside of you?
My daughter goes on to say, that is the dog you dreamed about today.
I had totally forgotten the dream.
How the heck did she know what the dog I dreamed about looked like?

I realized instantly, she was right. That was the same dog, I had dreamed about hours earlier, the dog that could read minds and the dog that picked me. WOW!!!

I am not in Kansas anymore friends!!! Ok, you would think that would be the end to this amazing coincidental story, but nope....there is more!

I was at work, visiting with a co worker. She knows NO thing about this story. Nothing. Zip.
Out of the blue she asks me do you have a golden retriever? No, I said. She kept asking me, about a dog, did I have one in the past? are my children close to one? etc.

Finally she says, this is going to sound odd, but there is a dog that has been following you the whole time you have been here today.
(This person has ability to sees energy, auras, etc.)
She goes on to say, I have never seen this dog around you, but he is staying very close to you.

I later emailed her a photo of Lucky, she confirmed, Yes, that dog has the same coloring.

No Way!!!!! Can you even believe it? I am just so over the top Thrilled by this situation. I am not sure exactly what it means, in fact, I have no idea what it means!!
I am thrilled I had this dream, that I visited with a friend and heard all about Lucky, and a different person sees my new friend walking with me!!!!

Thank you friends and animals!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! All you animals and animal totems, thank you for helping us humans learn to communicate, helping us learn to visit with telepathy, and helping us learn to believe that we are ALL indeed a family!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11-11 at 11:00 Sun Gazing

I have recently started to realize my relationship with the Sun. I was not aware why I was drawn to Sun Gazing the past several months. I simply was. Daily it seemed as if things unfolded and I would be in a direct position to do Sun Gazing. I have seen many images come out of the Sun.

Again, I did not know why, I was just follow what felt fun. Yesterday I "stumbled" (not) upon more information about the Sun. Inside my Akashic Records, I was encouraged to develop a relationship with the Sun. Sure enough, hours later, Kidest (a beautiful friend) sends me this link, and guess what? Guess? ok, ok, I know you already guessed! The video series is all about how we can have an intimate relationship with the Sun!

There is 14 parts, the Sun discussion starts on part 5 or 6, I believe.

Today at 11/11 11:00 I was called to celebrate the aligning energies with Sun Gazing.

I want to share a piece of what I saw. I see many colors and images around the sun. Interestingly, as I was seeing vertical lines of blue, it turned into a oval shape light orange color. Inside the light orange color, was a black, thick substance. It felt like, photos I have seen of dead fecal matter inside the colon. I saw this oval shape with the dead fecal matter, slip downwards and disappear. I hear a message, "a piece of waste has been removed."

It does not feel emotional in a sad or grief way. It feels if to say, "that was easy!". I see more beautiful colors and images, then I am invited to go through the Sun. I actually see a blue doorway. I go through the Sun and I am in a field of Sunflowers. A huge field of sunflowers and children playing and bees buzzing. Simple, easy and carefree!

Happy 11 -11 Friends around the World and Beyond!!

Dreams Of Jellyfish

Two nights ago, I had the most intense re-occurring dreams about jellyfish. I knew the dream was important.

I looked up the jellyfish totem.The transparency of the jellyfish teaches the inner source within each of us. We have an enormous amount of power within us to draw upon. We can turn on the light even in the depths of darkness through the wisdom the jellyfish. It often shows up just when you believe there is no hope left.
The jellyfish sting symbolizes that even the most vulnerable has the ability to shield and protect itself from outside influences. The jellyfish is an electrifying totem. It offers a spark to energize and illuminate. Powerful!

I went into meditation and my Akashic Records and asked about it, this is the information I was given.
What is my connection with jellyfish?

unique creature, no brain, yet they can smell and taste, their unique creation is not fully understood
you have gifts, gifts given to you, that are not fully understood by you,

they blend, they are of the water yet separate
water is a universal galactic highway

i see images of swimming it's actually floating .. in waters in sky..not Earth, but sky. water is in space.
i am apart of the water, but i drift off to different areas for my own adventures
not matter how far away i travel, i am never away from home, as i take the water (family) component with me

i can talk to the sun, and tell the sun where i want to go, and the sun will guide the waters and thus my being is drifted to new territories
the sun communicates with me, even though i am inside the water field

What does this mean?
it means you have the powers within you, inside of you contains the ability to maneuver yourself where you want to go/explore. you can communicate with the sun. talk to the sun today, and develop a relationship with the sun. she is a close relative to you. she misses you.

Is there any more you might want to share?

you are like Christopher Columbus, an Explorer. You and your friends enjoy discovering new lands (new insights), it makes the game (mission) even more thrilling. The steam (fuel) that moves your boat (ship) is your trust.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Walk In Your Truth

I got to together with my Elements of Fun friends yesterday. During our energy, meditation work I was given a beautiful gift.

We had just completed an assignment at the University we attend. I was told there is a gift awaiting us if we desire. A dragon appeared to give me a ride. I was moving a little slowly. I was cautious about hoping on the dragon's back. I finally hopped on the dragon, within seconds Pippi Longstalking was behind me, riding the dragon with me. She was laughing at me (in a fun way) for being cautious, and she thought I should be more adventurous.

The dragon flew us to a pirate. A pirate, I thought? What does the pirate mean? Then I see a treasure chest. I hear the message, the gift is not about the material treasures. My gift is the wisdom that lies within the treasure box.

Then two treasure boxes go inside my body and drop down to my feet. One box in each foot. What does this mean I ask?

I hear the message, "When you walk in your truth, wisdom will be exposed to you."

WOW!!!! I got instant chills, as I understood instantly the importance of honoring what is my truth. I feel so lucky to get such wonderful gifts and treasures from the great Universe. Thank YOU!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Ancestors Are Within

I played with my online friend, River, again this week. We connect our energies and invite in the Beings of Love to journey through the cosmos with us. WOW, oh wow...we were given some powerful information.

We saw and heard information about our blood. I know blood is a word, that most people are not comfortable with. What if blood has a message? What if secrets are kept inside the blood?

Isn't it interesting that menstrual cycles, use to be celebrated, yet now are often considered, dirty, embarrassing or annoying?

We heard the message that blood carries all of our ancestors. The divine feminine blood, holds all the information of our ancestors.

They way we treat ourselves, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, physically effects the blood, and is felt by all the ancestors. As we were given this information, I had such a beautiful understanding of why it is so important to hold ourselves in a loving way, to be kind to ourselves, to nourish ourselves, to give our bodies what they need,, sleep, laughter, cherish our mental, emotional and physical self.

As you do, unto yourself, it is done unto others.

Celebrating Menstrual Cycles, Celebrating Me, & Celebrating You!!!