Monday, June 27, 2011

I Finally Started Video Blogging!

I did it, I finally did it!!

I had been getting the hit to start video blogging since early 2011. I even started a you tube channel in March 2011. I did buy a camera device in March, but the quality was bad, so I returned it.
In June, I met this gentleman that appealed to me. He lives outside of my country. One of the strange things about meeting him is I actually saw his face in my minds eye 6-6-2011, the day before I met him. (Isn't that bizarre!)

I wanted to be able to communicate with him in live time, so I went to buy a cam recorder. I saw at the store, I could buy a device that allows for both uploading you tube video blogging and instant chatting!!! Yippy! Two birds with one camera!
After I got the camera, I realized, my team tricked me. It was so funny. I don't get around to starting my video blog, so my team has an appealing male show up to give me an incentive! Isn't that so funny! I laughed, when I realized my team got me! They laughed back with me, and said, they knew how to get me Moving!

So I did it, finally!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kissing Meditation

I had the most detailed, intense and vivid dream during the month of May ( I forgot to write the date down, I wish I had )

In the dream, I am kissing. Ok, now here is the twist to this story. Kissing was a type of meditation. The kissing never went to a passionate lustful state. The kissing was a consistent intense spiritual experience. It lasted forever, felt like hours. The pleasure and intensity never slowed down, or turned sexual.

I know you are thinking, how can kissing not be sexual? Somehow it was. It was sensual and extremely pleasurable, but not sexual. I knew it was some type of spiritual expansion.
When I woke up, all I could think of, is I have to experience kissing meditation in real time!

I told the dream to the gentleman I was kissing in the meditation. He didn't really grasp it, as it doesn't make much sense logically. I told him, I wanted to do this kissing meditation with him. He said, it would turn sexual. I insisted it would not. He wasn't interested in experimenting with me.

My feelings got super hurt. How could a such a good friend not be willing to explore and experiment with me? Then my ego got wounded, why would a male not want to kiss me?
I cried all day. The next day, I told my friend, he hurt my feelings. It was actually cool, as instead of feeling like I attacked him, he did a coaching session on me ( he is coach). I uncovered many thing about myself in that conversation. I have some beliefs that are separate.
For example, I intentionally keep parts of my life separate. My dating life is separate from my family life or my spiritual life. He made an interesting comment to me, that if I am a person who wants to expand....I can not expand as a whole, when I don't integrate all aspects of me.
It was big eye opening realization for me. I wasn't ready to change my beliefs, but I was definitely ready to look at my beliefs.

I think two night later, I had another dream. This time, I am sitting on the floor next to some male ( I am not sure who the male is, I never looked at his face). We are sitting super close in a meditation position, we are intertwined and facing each other. There is a female voice in the room. She is not visible, I want to call her Archangel Gabriel. She is giving us instruction for the kissing meditation.

First we must center ourselves and get into that altered state individually. She tells us, after we have done this, then we will intentionally blend into each others energetic bodies. The physical touching ( kissing) is the last step. She said it is a very advanced step. She told us, most humans do not do step one or step two, they rush right to step three. In the process of skipping step one and step two, they dumb down the physical experience. Humans think because they are touching and so close physically, that they are connected.

I thought this activity was going to be super easy for me. I can get into my own altered sate super easily.
I tried to do it, but I was unable! I was getting frustrated. She was telling me, the body of the person next to me was disturbing my connection with myself. She was not surprised I could not do it. She said it was going to take time to learn how to develop this type of blending.

I woke up next day annoyed. I could not believe I was so incapable of this activity.

You will never in a million years guess what unfolds next? I am still in complete shock over it!
I had recently found a gentleman online that channels star friends. I instantly loved him, and felt like he was apart of my family. I happened to see he had a youtube called 'Gabriel'....I was totally drawn to it, as, I had just had this dream last night about Gabriel and now I see the name on his youtube page.

You will never believe it!!! It is a video he made January 2011. The message is the very similar to my dream. Angel Gabriel is discussing blending energies with one another and he gives an activity, to practice in order to learn how to blend energies. He says exact message I experienced, that blending energies is difficult and challenging at first.

Here is his youtube video, click here.

It feels like there is going to be more downloads and information about kissing meditations.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Arcturus and the Bear Energy

My wonderful friend, River and I have the best time playing and visiting together. We each have our own journey, yet somehow, our separate experiences seem to compliment and expand each other.

Recently, we have both felt a pull to connecting with the Arcturian energy. One day we did a meditation with the intention to connect with our Arcturian family. We both slipped into the zone effortlessly. If anyone is wanting to play meditation games, my suggestion is to set an intention before you start. Then be open and allow whatever you see, feel and experience to present itself. Often it might not make practical sense, yet, it doesn't matter. I have found the fulfillment I receive is simply because I allow the experience to be expressed.

During this meditation, I kept seeing a bear. I shared what I was seeing in my minds eye with River. She started talking about the Ursa Major and the location of Arcturus.
I personally haven't studied the sky, stars and constellations ~ so I was a bit clueless.

During the meditation, I had a strong knowing the Arcturian energy are connected to the bears. I had a feeling that bears are an animal from another system, the Arcturian consciousness.

Interesting after the meditation, River sent me a link about Arcturus.

The name of the star derives from Ancient Greek Αρκτοῦρος (Arktouros) and
means "Guardian of the Bear",
ultimately from ἄρκτος (arktos), "bear" + οὖρος (ouros), "watcher, guardian". This is a reference to it being the brightest star in the constellation Boötes, which is next to the Greater and Lesser Bears, Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

How cool is that? Arcturus means "Guardian of the Bear"

I also found some terrific information about bear totem, this feels so spot on to my journey!

The power of the Bear totem
is the power of introspection.
The answers to all our questions
lie within us.
Each of us has the capacity to quiet the mind, enter the silence and know.

P.S. I forgot to mention, the day before this meditation, I saw black bear shadow orbs in my home! They were black bear shapes inside a white glowing orb! Then I started seeing several thin silver lines. I wanted to call these silver lines "Z lites". Not sure why, but that felt like the right name. Then the Z lites morphed into the letter "M". This letter M, moved all around my room, I put my hand out to see if he/she wanted to come to me, the letter M, moved up to me, and then disappeared less than an inch from my hand.

Friday, June 3, 2011

My Session With Bashar

My 8 year son and I went on a vacation together. During our time in California we had a one on one session with Bashar ( 5/5/11).

One of the best things about having a one on one meeting with a teacher/channelor, is I got crystal clear on what questions I had. I realized during the process many of my questions, aren't the real question. Meaning many concepts/questions are very vague. With the help of friends, I got crystal clear in my questions.

The meeting was terrific and terrible.

I was super surprised and excited when Bashar started talking about my connection to the Grey's. My story about Grey's is here, click here.

Ok, so Bashar starts talking about my parallel life with the Grey's. How I am working with them in helping re-do things with that civilization. Not the trouble maker Grey's. He talked about how we are hybrids, and my children are too.

I loved the story, as I had already gotten that hit/knowing myself, so I loved the confirmation from him. He knew nothing of my interest in the Grey's so I was delighted that he brought it up first.
He talked about my parallel lives with Acturians, Orions, Pleaidians, Lyrians and Grey's. We talked about my galactic children. ( I have this knowing I have many children) We discussed the Shalanian group ( the one's Bashar says will make first contact with us). I have 2 children in this civilization.

He talked about the reason we come here, is to expand. We are faced with lessons and the point of this all is our position to Transform former beliefs to beliefs that represent our truth. Who we really are.

I discussed fears, and being a match to people who tell stories/information that creates fear. When we decide to identify the fear, we get the control back. Now we can see the fear, is a belief, that is not a match to who I really am. Eventually the fear stories will no longer be on my radar as they are not a match to who I am.

Why it was terrible?
I found myself feeling like Bashar is very rude. He interrupted me, I felt like he talked at me, instead of with me. I felt like it was not a mutual conversation. I felt like he was the Authority and I had to show up respecting him regardless of how I felt.

I left feeling very off. It took me some time to process. I realized one of my old stories, one of my old beliefs is that I have to listen to Authority. Authority in whatever form it shows up, parent, teacher, boss, husband, minister etc. I have processed many beliefs about Authority over the years, yet, this experienced helped me to see I still have areas I need to Transform my beliefs. So what if Bashar is a Being from a different civilization, that does not give him any power to treat me with disrespect. Looking back, I should have shared, " I am feeling like you are belittling me and talking at me instead of to me." It would have been so simple to use my Voice and share my feelings. I know he would have honored my feelings.

I can see how the whole experience has helped me to evolve and transform on so many levels.

Scalp Expansion ~ Acturian Energy

During my time of questioning and confusion, I took several weeks off from meditating alone and with friends.

April, 2011, I was ready to play again. I got together with Jim to do a connection. We met at Lake Harriet Spiritual Center, in a meditation room that Jim rents. When Jim walked into the room, he was carrying one of my star friends that he had borrowed. An Acturian star friend.

I instantly felt very physical different. I could feel my body out of whack. Jim, placed our Star friend on the table, and we were chatting. Somehow, during the chat, I looked at the Star friend, straight in the eyes, and I was instantly zapped. I got hit with an invisible force, and I wasn't able to look away. This super surprised me, as when I first got this Star friend, I had no big connection with him. Now, I was mesmerized by his energy. This Star friend was so alive and charged.

My body kept feeling so much discomfort. I felt a headache, I felt nauseous, I kept having body & face twitches. Jim lead us into a meditation. I was instantly gone. The back of my scalp started to expand. It kept getting bigger and bigger. I felt intense pressure and discomfort on the base of my head. I felt a Being stand behind me, and the Being touched the base of my head.
My pain went away with the touch. I knew the back of my head was expanding.

When the meditation was over, the pain came back. I wasn't sure what was going on. This was all very odd and unusual for me. I saw our Acturian sculpture and notice his head is super large. The back of his head is expanded, same as I knew my head had expanded. I knew I had been given major downloads and my body wasn't up to speed.

I left, and I found myself vomiting on the way home. I got the instant knowing that because I had suppressed my spiritual practice for weeks, it was all flowing out. Shutting myself down, all my energy had no where to go, so when I finally opened up the doors, I had an excess of energy that needed to be free.

I realized that I will never again turn off my connections. It is ok to have questions and confusions, but I run too much energy to try and shut it off. I could see, my body needs to release and allow energy to flow. I took a nap, and I woke up feeling my typical healthy self.
The discomfort was gone, but this new love and intense attraction to the Acturian energy was alive and pulsating!