Sunday, November 23, 2014

New & Unknown


Feeling inspired to original connections.

I have been not interested in trying to contact or forcing a connection.  I have been off the grid so to speak.  I feel like connection or rather trying to connect is not authentic.  Meaning it is not for me.  I am so into the Now.  I am so into New.  I am so into......whatever wants to show us.

I am  into new templates or new pathways  I am uncertain how or what that means. Today in my connection I felt the new and unknown.  I heard, "erase all the definitions.".  Let go of any beliefs. Allow a clear canvas.  No meaning, no assumptions. Let go of all the stories and sit with a blank canvas.  Allow a clear, unknown, platform.

No answers at this now moment.  Allowing new or unknown to present itself.