Monday, March 24, 2014

Blue Ray

As I intentionally connect to the whole of myself, and I am instantly surrounded by females.  Some would call this The Mother consciousness.  This consciousness includes  The Mary energy, the Magdalene energy, Isis energy, the 7 Pleiadian sister energy and much more.   This is a collective or group consciousness.

Aspects of this group energy has intentionally dense down and appeared to be a solo energy.  Mother Mary for example, appeared to be one solo female who incarnated on planet Earth.  Even though, she could appear as an individual, she never released or removed the collective Female energy.  We have multiple examples of individual women who have incarnated on this planet.  Many of us carry this Female Collective energy.

I see this Female Consciousness as a color, blue.  To me this color feels so alive, nurturing and safe.  I feel this blue color, which I want to call, Blue Ray, is pulsing.  This Blue Ray consciousness is just as real to me, as a human body or animal body.  As odd as it sounds, the color feels even more real to me, than an incarnated body.  Somehow, it is so easy for me to connect and surround myself in this Blue Ray.

Naturally this Blue Ray consciousness surrounds me, like a cocoon.  I feel like a baby swaddled in a blanket. This Blue frequencies spreads far out, the Blue Energy extends way way way past my point of connection.  It extends so far, I can not see where it stops.  Like an ocean that appears to go forever.

I am reminded of a friend who was excited about the Blue Rays years ago.  At that time, I was not able to feel this specific frequency, it felt just like another term or title in the new age community.
Today this Blue Ray frequency is coming in loud and clear.  The more I interact and participate in this group connection, the more "real" she/we are.  I feel like I have permanent buddies with me everywhere I go.  I am never alone.  There is this constant stream of connection to this aspect of my Soul.  This group feels even better than family.  Oh, let me rephrase that.  My old pattern of understanding family had conditions.  This connection feels different, as there are no conditions. I am accepted, whole, honored and adored.  Period.  I do nothing to earn it, I am not judged.  I have nothing to do.  I just Am!

Thursday, March 20, 2014

How To Remove The Veils

Imagine a nurturing space to unravel the mysticism of being multidimensional.  
Imagine one on one conversations to help you digest and understand layers of your multidimensional self.
Imagine a safe place to explore the unknown, while you staying balanced and grounded.

We each have our own specific processes on how we will individually remove the veils of separation.  Your stories and experiences may have some similarities to others, but NO ONE will have your exact journey.  Learn to go with in, develop trust and confidence in your multidimensional self and your abilities to connect with the Whole Of YOU.  Each one of us, is our own guru, our own master, and  our own masterpiece.  Removing the veils happens naturally when we consciously decide and are ready. In 3D it is easy to say, "I am ready!", but then feel fear when new and unexpected aspects show up. Your Multi D Self has no intention of frying your circuits and forcing you to face fear programs.  Your other aspects check in with you (some call these *tests) to see if you are authentically ready.  As you prepare, feel more comfortable and develop more trust, more insights, downloads, memories, Knowings return.  

At this time, we can experience an accelerated speed of lifting the veils and accessing more of our personal Truth.  One way we can experience greater clarity is making the decision to consciously connect on a regular basis.  Creating buddy groups to share and explore with others is a powerful tool to remove your veils.

These are two powerful tools I used to help myself when I made my multidimensional connection in 2010.  Over the years, I discovered through experience how to remove the veils and gain trust in my Multi D Self.  I have a kind of flow & ease at which I can assimilate and communicate multidimensional perceptional information into this time and space reality.  I am a translator/ orator/ communicator/ activator.  

What is Multidimensional Pairing?

Each one of us has multiple aspects of Self.  When we look at broad big picture, we know we are all connected as One.  Yet when we break that down and start to individually connect to different aspects of self, it often feels confusing.  I specialize is pairing you with YOU!  I help connect or bridge you back together with many streams of your self.  For example you have aspects of your star race self, you have aspects of your color ray self, you have aspects of your angelic self, you have aspects of your fairy self, you have aspects of your gemstone self, etc.  

As many people start to reconnect to their multidimensional nature, it is common to have one aspect come in strong.  For example, you might be feeling a strong desire to connect with the Pleiadians, or you might be feeling a strong pull toward an animal totem, or a  sound frequency.  I will intentionally help bridge or pair you with the aspects of yourself that are calling you forward.

This four  week package allow us to start to unravel your multidimensional self.  Our multidimensional nature is layered, spiral and happens simultaneously  The first layer might be a star nation, the next layer might be  geographical locations/portals, while a simultaneously layer of the light language might flow in.  This is the nature of how we unveil our self to Self.  This package of support helps provide a solid foundation to unravel, while maintaining balance.  

Each session is unique.  It might be time for an activation, or integration.  Perhaps it is a time for conscious projection, or a meet a Light Being.  Living in the NOW energies, we allow freedom for the variety of our multidimensional expressions to show up.  We each have our own unique unveiling process.

How Does Multi D Pairing Program Work?

This is a 4 week program.  Each day you will intentionally connect with your multidimensional self ( If not sure how to do that, that will be discussed during the first one on one sessions.)  You make an agreement or commitment with your Self to intentionally show up daily for 4 weeks.  You will record or track your experiences daily.  This can be done through music, poetry, recordings, art, writings, etc.  Together we can customize your own connection processes.  I ask for a update at least 3 times a week, however you can update me daily via email.  You will discover the speed of your connection to self increases when you record it and when it is witnessed by someone.  Once a week we will have a one on one conversation.  These sessions can go anywhere from one hour up to two hours.  

Before programs starts you will create some basic intentions for your 4 week project. During our one on one sessions we will see where the energy is at that now moment.  We will discover a variety of experiences.  It might be useful for you to sing to release and move energy.  It might be useful to share stories to exchange key codes.  It might be useful to intentionally travel to a multidimensional location or connect with a specific consciousness that has messages for you.  We might use tuning forks or singing bowls to break up stagnate blocks of energy.  We have so many tools to help us connect with self.  No two people have same journey of removing their veils.  When we start to access our multidimensional self, we remember we trust in the Now and allow the Unknown to Unfold.  Multidimensional living is much different than linear 3D living/thinking. 

The cost for this package is $880.00 (paid in full or $220.00 weekly payments option)

Are We A Match?
Not all people are now matches.  Our Multi D Self understands vibration matches are Key.  If the time is wrong or the now energy is not a match, we pause or wait.  We do not force connections.  
If you think you might be a match for this conscious program, please email  me what you are looking for or why you want multidimensional pairing.  I will contact you.  We can arrange to communicate, by email or telephone/skype.  After our meeting I like to sleep on it and see how we both feel.  If it is a yes / yes match, then we will begin and customize our connection time. 

Please email me here