Saturday, February 25, 2017

Seen Or Unseen? Your Conscious Choice!

Facebook gave me a beautiful symbol and metaphor for this now conscious moment. Facebook made my personal page invisible. They did not delete my page they just made my page invisible. They wanted proof of my name.

One day they decided I am Sabrina Brightstar and they made my page visible again. I LOVED getting to experience being unseen - I knew it was an illusion. I knew I still existed. My vibration did not die it just disappeared from Facebook. One had to search in a different plane to find me. Some friends contacted me via email. Some friends did not notice, and some friends thought I had deleted them as friends. It was fascinating to experience the joy of becoming invisible.

The multidimensional self knows she can be seen and unseen at any moment. As a Sovereign Being I can direct my vibration to be visible or invisible. As the vibration of the planet is shifting, this knowing and practice can allow us to create / participate in the reality that is a match to our Now vibration.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Parallel Realities - 2017 Choice Points

We are two month into 2017 and it is becoming easier and easier to see and feel parallel realities.
We are inside the time that was predicted and discussed.  We are no longer waiting for the big shift, it is happening now.

We clearly see how divided the country is.  Fear and disconnection is at an all time high.  
How are you doing?  Have you experienced any wobbling?  Have you found yourself in moments of fear and worry?  

Choice Points - these are moments of intersection.  Cross roads so to speak.  Moments we get to focus on whatever reality we want to vibrate in.  Whatever reality we focus on, we create momentum. The reality becomes bigger and more real.  Momentum is a universal law.

I had a dream where I felt like I got a glimpse of the future.  I am not sure if I was 3 month in the future or 1 year.  The 2 realities were very clear and obvious.  I was inside a reality of simplicity.  An easy reality.  I manifested quickly.  My life was calm, simple and I felt content.  I witness the other reality which was a fear based reality.  I saw the anger, fighting and disconnection.  I did not worry about the other reality.  I observed it from a place of calm neutral observation.  The 2 realities were so easy to identify.  The friends in the other reality thought I was a fake.  They didn't believe me when I shared things from my reality - the easiness and the peacefulness.  They could not see, feel or experience what I was sharing and they assumed I was a fake.  It did not trigger me.  I simply observed it.

I woke up the next day recognizing how deep inside the parallel realities I am already in.  I woke up  with an awareness, it is happening.  It is now.  Prior to the dream, I had found myself wobbling.  I had found myself worrying and fretting about the country and the future.  I had jumped to a fear based reality unconsciously.  My dream gave me the awareness that I control my destinations.  I control the journey.  I have choices.  I have power within to steer my life in the direction I want.

Choice Points - more and more opportunities lay in front of us to decide.  What is your now point of focus?