Thursday, December 29, 2011

Angel Teaches Importance of Mudras

During dream time December 28, 2011, I was visited by an Angel. She had the same energy signature of the dreams when Archangel Gabriel gave me the intel on "Kissing Meditation".

This Angel shared with me information about mudras. Using remote viewing, we went to a bedroom scene. I didn't see the couple clearly, I think it was myself, I was viewing. This Angel was showing me, the couple was about to finish or be done with their activity. She then inserted 'mudras' to their connections. The couple both participated in using mudras. They interchanged their fingertips to co-create the mudra. As the couple used this technique, their love making transformed. First thing, the timing of their activity extended dramatically. The other major thing that was obvious, was the level of their connection to each other deepened.

In the next scene, I was by myself, visiting with this invisible Angel. She was telling me, at the tip of my fingers, I hold all the power to create whatever I want. I can change the flow of energy, simple with my intention and the position of my hands/fingertips.
She was helping me remember that I hold all the magic within me. She was teaching me to remember to go within, the second I want to manifest or make any changes.

In the past, I have been given downloads about our skin and hands. Our skin holds all the
sensory receptors. Our skin is actually our real multidimensional eyes, with 360 degree view. The pads of our finger tips contain our blue print. There is no coincidence that each human has their own unique fingerprint. Our fingerprints contain our own sacred geometry.

Our fingerprints can communicate with the Universe telepathically.
This is one of the reasons, Masters (anyone connected to their Source) can lay their hands on people and give them a healing, clearing or rebooting.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Colors Are Teachers

I went on a interactive journey yesterday with my friends, River and Angel Boy. When we did formation work (connecting with Multidimensional Beings), a Being of rainbow color showed up. He was very tall, 8 feet. He had different blocks of color all the way up his body. At first, I tried to ask him, "Did he have a message? Why did he show up in our formation work?"

He explained to me telepathically, he doesn't talk or communicate with words. He suggested we get inside of one of blocks of color and allow the color to do the communicating. It felt like the idea, of jumping inside a swimming pool of one color. Swimming in the frequency of that color and Experience the message, not hear the message mentally.

Later in the journey, I received the message, if we change the color of one thing, we change our frequency. For example, think of the water, of the ocean. We instantly see or think of blue water. Change the color: think of an orange ocean. The second we change the color of this water, we change the pattern. We instantly feel slightly different.

Is it this easy, I thought? Is it really this simple? My colorful friend, encouraged me to continue to make new patterns, to notice the difference I would feel as I changed each objects color. I saw a purple sky, blue trees, orange ocean, red humans and pinstriped animals. I transformed all the colors in my mind, with my imagination. I instantly went into a different reality. The Colors and the Multidimensional Beings that showed up, gave us many insights and downloads about our Soul Families and our Over Soul.

It was so simple.
I am now understanding Colors are teachers.
Colors are more than adjectives that add details and beauty.
Colors are live Beings who have insights and messages for us.