Monday, June 21, 2010

Our New Pendulum

My son and I found a rock store in Minneapolis. Thousands and thousands of rocks, wow, it was a sight!

We bought several different stones.
A wand stone
Rose Quartz stone
Black Crystals
Clear Crystals
and then we found pendulum crystals. How fun! We wanted to play with one of those too!

We got home and started playing with our new toys. Being a newbie stone fan, I am not sure exactly what games to play, and how it works?

We tried played with our new pendulum asking it yes and no questions. It was fun, but I felt pretty clueless.

Next day, I was watching youtube videos on crystals. At the end of this one video, this man digs into his pocket and pulls out a pendulum that looks like our new one! He plays with it, and teaches me how to use it. Perfect I thought!

We started asking our pendulum if he had a name? We kept getting the answer YES. We would ask, is your name Bobbie? no Robert? no Roberta? no ( my daughter likes those names, and she was hoping it would be a

The next day, I tried again. Do you have a name? YES. Then I asked, will you tell it to me telepathically? Yes! I heard in my head the name Sonja.
Is your name Sonja?

Holy smokes! She has a name, Sonja! I looked up name Sonja and guess what it means?

Is that too adorable!

Licking Stones

In my meditation one morning, I was trying to make a connection with my stone. I placed the stone on different chakra points. Finally, when I tried placing stone on my lower ab, I felt something inside my body.

I felt a grounding to the Earth. I saw a vision of a village of little people working around this huge tree. The people were working in the soil. I could see them pull out some type of element from the dirt, and they would lick it.

Lick it! How funny! I immediately tried it! My stone has 3 sides polished and one side rough. The polished sides, I felt nothing, but the rough side, I could feel a little electricity sensation inside my body. What does this mean?

It means I am Unusual! laughing! Good thing I have a wonderful sense of humor and I can laugh at my odd self!

The next few days, I started getting messages that the 5 senses are extremely important.

I have started to stop what I am doing through out the day, and notice what do I smell? hear? see? taste? feel?

Being aware of all 5 senses has helped me to be more Present in the NOW. I still think licking stones means something, but, I have not yet discovered it.

Have you licked your Stone today? laughing and playing

Sunday, June 6, 2010

All Things Are Alive

Everything is Alive

Einstein discovered E=mc² in 1905 which proved that everything is energy. It makes sense to me.
I have not question that statement, nor paid much attention to it.

In conversation with friends, I made a joke, that sometimes I feel like I am getting tested. In my meditations, when I hear different and unusual things, will I listen? Will I ignore, as it seems so silly and crazy? Like my story (post) on Stones are Radios for example.

I was told in the meditation, there actually is a test of sorts taking place. I got the message, that all living things, like trees, stones, houses, cars, have been ignored by many. The human being has a sense of superiority over objects. The objects have closed up, or shut down their communication to the humans.

If a person is sincere in their desire to communicate on a level with other objects, it is possible.
Pure intention is observed and tested. Feelings of equality is observed and noted.
Objects will communicate with their auras, and sounds, and messages.
I was told, all of us, have special gifts. We can all learn from one another. When each one of us brings forth our gifts, we create a masterpiece.

No objects is more important or better than another. It is like saying the mouth is better than the nose. We need and want each object to participate in the team project.
The simple act of recognizing all things are alive is a big step for many.

What harm is there to notice and give thanks to all things? Why not thank the computer you are reading, or why not thank the car that drives which provides you with protection and transportation? All things are alive, and we all love to feel appreciated.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Rocks Are Radios

I heard the message in my meditation, "rocks are radios".
Strange, I thought!

Later that day, I was sharing that with some friends. One of my friends, Tracy, said she understood how that was possible. She went on to talk about crystals, and their energy.

Later that day, I did a google search on 'crystals' and wow, oh wow....I discovered an article that explained the power of the Atlantean crystal.
On the top of The Atlantean Power Crystal™ there was a movable capstone, which was used as a two way antenna to receive the incoming rays of cosmic energy and to broadcast the energy to the various areas of Atlantis.

I am not sure why I am so shocked, it seems like we are given so much information during meditations. Each new discovery seems so exciting. Like following the clues games!
I love games!

Bethie, another AFG member, shared with us....when she saw the word 'mystery', she read it as 'my story'! How brilliant is that!! Our mysteries are actually just our story unfolding!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Easy World

Easy World

I have been reading and playing in Easy World.

If you could travel to a destination where everything is easy, would you take the time to drive there or fly there? Would you invest your energy to get there?

I have been seeing the benefits of taking myself to this World. It is so Simple, it kind of feels too easy. Where did we come up with that belief that things take effort and hard work? What an odd belief.

Pop into Easy World and experience it for yourself.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Are The Stones Saying?

Have you ever thought to look at life through the eye of the stone?

It is a new thought for me! Today it was suggested to pay attention to the stones. Stones have important messages and insights. I have never study stones before, so I have been wondering, how do I pay attention to them?

I have been playing online, my school of choice. I have found some interesting details.
One article suggested to pick any stone that feels good to you. If you are drawn to the color, or shape or the feel of it, that is a clue. The writer suggested to look at stone, eye level, and try to become still, like the stone. Try to become One with the stone. Some people are able to see through the eye of the stone, and feel the memories of the stone.

Fascinating! I have not tried it yet. I am excited to find out more about stones!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Law Of Mutual Benefit

Last night while in meditation I received an interesting piece of information, that felt extremely logical.

My guide said, in the other dimensions, they are governed by a law of mutual benefit. A connection or agreement between 2 or more individual will be of benefit to everyone.
There is a give and take, or listen and talk. It is not all one sided. Others are conscious of the team or group arrangement.

This made perfect sense to me.
Have you noticed that some of your best relationships come from situation where there is a balance of give and take? The overall relationship supports and inspires the whole.
I have found I am most attracted to people who participate in this overall balance of one another. Each individual creates and supports a harmony. Like a puzzle fitting together perfectly.

I find sometimes, I get annoyed by people who only talk about themselves. Like they forget there are 2 people in this relationship. It feels so lopsided when one consistently talks only about themselves. I find I am turned off to these type of relationships, and I find myself pulling away.

My guide shared that with time, as all of us evolve more spiritual, we will recall the importance of the mutual benefit law. They encouraged me to look at people with an insight, that some have just temporarily forgotten that law. They suggested that as I evolve more, it will be easier for me to see others with more love and understanding.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Jumping Rope

Jumping Rope

When is the last time you played with a jump rope?

Have you ever noticed that fun activities are often great for your body?

* It tones muscles in the entire body, developing long, lean muscles in all major muscle groups, both upper and lower.

* It does wonders for your agility, posture, balance, reflexes and coordination.

* You can also have fun while cleansing your lymph glands by jumping rope

* Fun for whole family!

Today my guides are encouraging me to go jump rope! I always wanted to learn to double dutch. I wonder if I can learn it? Doesn't that word "double dutch" sound fun? I am going to follow the suggestion and jump rope for next 10 days.