Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In my dream last night (12-28-2010), I was given something so beautiful. The gift of confidence.

In my dream, I was with a group of new people that all had much in common with me. I am not sure what city, or country we were in, but it was gorgeous. The group had left, and I recall that I wanted to find them.

I was standing outside, and I set the intention that I would find them. I immediately begin to lift up off the ground and I started to fly. I was just above the store line, and I could view the beautiful city. I recall feeling a little nervous that I was up so high, with no apparatus. Yet, somehow, I knew I was safe. I had the Knowing, that flying, is simply setting the intention. I allowed the journey, and I totally felt true pleasure in my gift of recalling how to fly.

I was landed in front of a restaurant. I went inside, and sure enough, there were all the new friends that I had made. I had forgotten that I had set the intention to find them and I was so deep in the pleasures I was feeling from flying.
I started having all these one on one conversation with my new friends. I was so Happy! We had so much in common. I felt so secure and confident in my knowing that the "Secret" to anything is so simple. Set the intention! My new friends and I, all seemed to be uncovering life mysteries and sharing our stories. There was so much JOY!

Traveling Through The Sun

I am going to backtrack a little, since I didn't get this dream recorded.
It seems like I am getting more and more information from my dreams, so it feels important to track it.

I think this dream took place at end of October or first week in November.

In my dream, I was at my work. I was trying to get things ready for our massage clients.
There were these group of people loitering around. I was feeling annoyed with them, as they were not paying customers, just small groups of individuals slowing me down, as they were in my way.

I finally sat down at this table with a young girl and her mom. I slowed down enough, that I actually made eye contact. The moment I looked into the little girl's eyes, I KNEW, she was a Star friend.

I asked her, her name. She asked her mother what name to tell me. She spoke to her mother in a different language, yet I knew the language. Her mother answered in a language that I did not know. The blond hair little girl, said I could call her '25'. She told me they do not have names. But 25 is her frequency. She told me the group at arrived this morning. They traveled through the Sun to get her, and the dolphins brought them in.

Even though, that makes no sense. Somehow, I totally believed and trusted her.

The next thing, I recall in the dream is I immediately had closed down my business, I asked all the paying customers to leave. I knew my work was now to help our Star friends.

My next memory of the dream, is I am helping the children. I am buckling them in their seats, as they are being sent off to new locations. Some of the little ones were a little nervous, and I recall, that I was able to help them Know, it was going to be very Fun. I was able to help them look forward to their adventure, by reminding them, that I knew where they were going and they would enjoy themselves. I recall the adults never spoke with me, the children were the only ones who communicated with me. I recall I was very happy and I felt very fulfilled.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Whale Messages

We had the most amazing journey today. It feels important to document it.

Flo, River and I all did our energy meditation together. We were taken toward the Sun, but the Sun was under the water. On the ocean floor, in a cave like opening. It felt like a galaxy of civilizations underworld.

The coral reef starting talking to me. I felt like I was being introduced to a whole community.

We saw a crystallize city. We were asked if we wanted to participate with the daily songs/sounds. I heard the message, that if we listen, we will be able to hear what our tones sound like within water molecules. We toned together, and I heard real water flowing. At first I thought I was hearing the water sounds in the etheric field, but then I realized, I was
also hearing them here, in this dimension too!!

I saw a eye of a huge whale. The whale was swimming around on the outside, and it was saying something about his having the ability to capture our sounds and transport them. The whales starting to communicate with us. I was told, we at this very minute, are also living as whales. Our physical group is also, bonded in the water world. We are together in a whale pod.

Flo was sharing how she could feel how whales explode up to the top of the waters for a Huge breath, then dive into the waters. This BIG breathing, felt like a very important message. When you live in the moment, in the now, you must move beyond that shallow breathing. Intentionally Breath BIG.

The whales had so many messages for us. Their abundant nature, their secure knowing, their playful dancing. River saw us humans, as having a space on the back of our neck, where our neck meets our skull, that place is our blow whole. Our magical ability to breath water, as our nose is our magical location to breath air. We got the message that the elements are blending. We are recalling how to breath in the water and on the land. We are blending with the elements of water and air.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am a member of the Tribe Of Many Colors. Little Grandma suggested we start to wear our crystals day and night.

She talked about Mother Earth is being reclaimed by the loving people and her crystals. More information coming soon. I was curious to get more information, what and why?

This week I did energy meditations with my friend, River. I asked about the crystals, and why we should wear them day and night? I was shown an image of radio waves, or sound waves. We got the message that our crystals are holding our energies. When we meditate in private or with groups our crystals are 'hearing' our thoughts and they communicate with the other crystals around the Universe. They are inter exchanging all of our frequencies and helping us all to integrate. Our crystals are our radio stations, connecting us to the Universal radio station. I even heard a DJ make some jokes. It all felt so Loving and fun!!!

I am in awe at how much information we are given when we have the intention to know. River and I seem to go deeper and understand more and more things with each session. We also, got the message, that we are going to start to hold the space for group meditations. Not sure how it is going to unfold at this point, but we are both hearing clearly the importance of sharing and holding the space for interactions with our star friends and our human friends.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Remote Viewing

A friend suggested before, I go to sleep, that I set an attention to allow the Pleiadian
star friends to do energy work on my body, and to remember the beautiful dreams.

I had a very interesting night's sleep. It felt like I was in a light sleep state all night.
At one point, I heard a verbal message, that said something like..."It's been done NOW."

Then I instantly saw, in my upper right side a TV, like square area. Inside this area, I saw detailed vivid drawings.
Extremely detailed. Drawings of animals. The drawings of animals seemed to appear and disappear so quickly. I recall seeing an eagle and a bear.

I recall feeling totally fascinated about how it was happening. I knew I was not asleep, yet I was in a groggy, sleepy state.

The next day when I was awake, I recalled the experience with great clarity. I knew I was awoke when I was given these visions. I am not sure what they mean? I am not sure if it a type of remote viewing? I am not sure if the animals had a specific message?

I know 2 people who have access to a TV box. They can look at this TV box and they have access to other worlds or dimensions. I wondered if I had awaken something like this? I wondered if I would start to see this square area give me more images?

So far, nothing. It feels like it was very powerful and important. Although, at this moment, it does not make sense, I wanted to track it by writing and recording it.