Friday, September 9, 2011

Happy 9 - 9!!

Happy 9 - 9 !!!
I have been excited all day!! I have been noticing since 6 -6, each month magical things happen on the two aligning days!

I love how when we notice dates ~ and expect magic to happen, our expectations are exceeded!!!

Words do not seem to capture my excitement, so instead I will just bask in a photo and hopefully anyone reading will feel the energy I am expressing!!!

Merry 9 - 9 !!

Monday, September 5, 2011

3D Rocks ~ Loving My Earth Body Experience!

In a meditation a few days ago, I got the biggest download of how awesome it is to have human body.
I was connected to higher dimensions, and talking to my Family of Light.
I could feel my Light Family jumping with excitement. As we were blending, I could feel their frequency and they could feel my frequency. It became perfectly clear to me, that all Beings enjoy experiencing different spaces.

Humans tend to meditate and do activities to get outside of their 3D body and get inside a different dimensions or states of being. We tend to think other dimensions are better or more evolved.
I could feel so crystal clear, that all dimensions / locations are important and special. I could feel my Light Orb Self, is so excited to get inside my human 3D vessel. It is really law of mutual benefit, a 2 way energy exchange that uplifts both frequencies.

It made me aware in a whole new way, how Lucky we are to have a human body. Our denser form is consider a great gift. Our 3D self has special abilities that our other dimensional selves do not get. For example, we get taste, and touch in a much more intense way! Being Human and having a human body is a freaking special blessing.

It seems the nature of life is to think the grass is greener on the other side. What if we loved our grass? What if we were not trying to get to a different locations and we totally loved and valued this 3D life?

I love to explore and I will continue to meditate and explore, however, today I feel a new sense of Love for 3D!
3D Rocks!!! I feel so content and fulfilled in this human experience. I find I am observing this human experience with new eyes. I find I am judging the experience less. 3D is not less important. Somehow, I find I am feeling less triggered by duality experiences. I find I am able to actually appreciate 3D experiences. As I appreciate this 3D life more, I feel like I am honoring and blending more with my whole multidimensional self.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Playing Inside The Universal Group Consciousness

Have you noticed how you have an idea, insight or ah-ha moment, then you discover several other people have experienced something similar?

Universal Field of Consciousness
It feels like a lake to me. A location that we jump and play in. We take a dive into the waters of this consciousness. When we are inside the lake of intelligence we are gifted with ideas and insights. It is so fun and refreshing!!

We hop out of the lake, go about our daily life and we start to discovery friends and strangers are sharing similar insights that we just received. We coincidentally stumble upon people discussing same subjects! It feels like a deja-vu.

I heard David Wilcox discuss this experience. He was saying there is evidence of a consciousness that people around the globe tap into. These different people invented the same invention. They are gifted with same invention, at similar time frames. People around the globe that do not have access to each other.

Isn't it wonderful? We can intentionally go swimming in this lake of insight and information. We can tap into whatever subjects excite us. I recently have felt a strong draw to Orbs and Light Beings.
Now, of out the blue, I am stumbling upon so many other people who are having similar excitements.
It makes me think about the Unlimited Possibilities!

I want to swim in the lake, inside this group consciousness. It excites me to know, in the privacy of my home, I can play with multitudes of Beings and Consciousnesses. I am inside a group adventure!
Want to go for a swim with me?