Thursday, January 24, 2013

Letting Go Of Word For Word Translations

When we try to translate experiences word for word or meaning for meaning, we lose or miss many pieces of the experience.  The logical mind likes to know details.  What does this mean?  Who is behind the scenes?  How did this experience get created?  On and on, the logical mind asks questions and is looking for information to be explained, word for word and meaning for meaning.

Our multidimensional self does not communicate or translate in that manner.  Our multidimensional self, gifts us with experiences that are layered with meaning, depth and connection.  The experience can unfold, like a time released vitamin.  Time released vitamins, the nutrients are released in slow steady increments.

Our multidimensional self communicates with packets of information or packets of storytelling.  The packets are dropped into our field.  The packets or frequencies are not meant to be  word for word interpreted, or meaning for meaning.  It is a different style of connection/communication.

It can be compared to go on a roller coaster.  Most people do not try to translate that experience word for word.  Most people are not inside the mental body while on a roller coaster asking questions like, who created this roller coaster?  How was it created?  What are the mechanics of the roller coaster?  What is the speed of the roller coaster?  Etc. Etc.  Most people go on the ride for the experience of the ride.  To fully receive the full experience of the roller coaster, ask your mental question at a different time/space. 

When our multidimensional self shares packets of information or encoded images into our field, try to relax into the experience, without trying to translate or define it.  Allow yourself the experience while maintaining an awareness that time/space translations are understood differently in other realities.  In our physical, denser reality we have more of an attachment to time/space linear explanations.  We have not been trained or conditioned to trust other aspects of ourselves that hold deeper/different understandings of the experience.  
If we are not trying to process it ALL in a linear way, we can relax into knowing, it will all make sense at the right time.

First step is to be AWARE of the experience or packet of information that is dropped into your field.
Second step is to RELAX into the experience.
Third step is to allow the experience to INTEGRATE with multidimensional self.
Then, notice what you notice.  I do not have exact answer of what will happen as the fourth step.  Sometimes after we process the first 3 steps, then, the information we digested becomes *useful.  We might use this new understanding or frequency.  We might simply hold the frequency in our field that we do not consciously access.  We might call on it, when we run into a playmate who can match the same vibration.  We might put it on *pause until the time is right for it to become useful.  There really is no solid/concrete answer on what/how/where/when the gift of the packet of information will be utilized.

1) Awareness of information being dropped into your field
2) Relax into the experience
3) Integrate the information/experience
4) Unknown ~ Notice what you notice

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marrying Myself

Many years ago, I realized I wanted to fall in love with myself.  I had been a co-dependent, trying to earn my love from others.  I decided to start receiving the love from myself first.  It takes time to fall in love with yourself.  I had habits of thoughts and behaviors that did not match self love.

Later in my journey of intentionally falling in love with myself, I thought of the marriage vows.
"I promise to love you no matter what.  I promise to be there for you, no matter what."  I thought to myself, the person I want to make a promise of unconditional love (love with no conditions) is to myself.  I got the brilliant idea I want to marry myself.  Who better to build and create this solid, unconditional relationship than myself?

I started to plan my wedding and told people about my engagement.  Some people laughed, but others instantly could feel the vibration brilliance of self marriage.  Becoming whole and complete as an individual.
I thought I it would be fun to gift myself with a wedding ring, have a ceremony and go on a honeymoon.  

As I mentioned earlier, self love takes time to integrate.  I didn't make purchasing myself a wedding ring a priority.  There are other things to purchase and do that seemed more important.  I decided to marry  myself and not worry about the outside reflections of a ring or honeymoon.

This week, I have been relaxing into a deep state of feeling my worthiness.  I have been relaxing into feeling the value of my being.  As I relax into myself, I feel a sense of complete support on all levels.  This new, deeper state of relaxing into my worth, has shifted my vibe.  

Yesterday, I unexpectedly got some free time for myself.  I had decided to play at the mall and hang out at the Barnes and Noble there.  It is one of my favorite alone things to do.  After the book store, I casually walked around the mall.  I wasn't looking for a thing, just people watching.  I decided to walk into one of favorite jewelry stores.

About 2 weeks ago, in December 2012, I was reading the The Lineage Of Light Code book.  In the book, the females start their ceremonies (a tradition started by the mystery school) with 6 blue sapphires that are put into a form of the Star of David.  This creates a portal to allow the women to enter into a sacred journey. These women are all apart of the female line or what I call, the Mary Energy. 
I was thinking to myself, I should buy myself a sapphire ring.  I went to one of my favorite jewelry stores online and checked out their sapphires.
The second, I saw this one ring, I instantly knew that is the ring I wanted for my marriage ring.  Again I dismissed it, as I wasn't going to invest money on myself at that now moment.

Now back to yesterday at the mall, I went inside this jewelry store wondering if they would have my ring.  I was shocked when I saw it in the case.  I asked the lady to open the case, I wanted to try it.  I told myself telepathically, if it fits, buy it now!  Then I disagreed with myself and said no, you have not planned on this.  My Self told myself, you are worthy.  You are supported.  You are master creator.  Receive!

The ring fit perfectly.  I went into some type of altered state of euphoria and instantly bought my wedding ring.  I floated out of the store, feeling such reverence and love for myself.  I called a friend and shared my fantastic news.  She made a wonderful observation.  The blue sapphires, represent the Mary Energy in the book.  I Married my Mary Energy (get it Married and Mary). I united and merged with more aspects of my multidimensional self.

You can call me, Mr. or Mrs. BrightStar.  I represent both the masculine and feminine aspects inside myself.  I am blended and whole.  I love myself and all my aspects without conditions!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Freedom Fighters


Dreamtime ~ There was a group of etheric like Beings.  They mostly felt feminine, but I would not say they were only females.  I could see a thin layer of their bodies.  They had some density to their physicality, that I was able to see them in a translucent form.

They are called 'Freedom Fighters'.  They each had a different role or area of expertise.  They would travel where they were needed.  I heard someone call out "Freedom Fighter of Truth" ~ and one Being in particular came forward, then she sort of had a color come out of her.  It was like a thick fog like texture of a color.  I knew in the dream, this color fog was going in to assist or help.

When I walk up, I realized this group of Freedom Fighters, would be compared to what we call our 'Super Heros' .  They silently go and assist where needed.  They are actually not silent, but from the physical human perceptive they are not able to be seen or heard.

In the dream, I was in both my physical form and my etheric Freedom Fighter form.  I felt a discomfort, as I held both frequencies at same time.  I was confused by the discomfort I felt.  I asked myself "why?".  Accessing both frequencies simultaneously while being consciously aware, is a new pathway for me.  The big difference in the two different frequency left me feeling a discomfort.  The vibrations are far away from each other and holding my consciousness in both places at once, felt uncomfortable.  I am in process of 'stretching' myself to acclimate to more of myself.

I woke up feeling another layer of myself being accessed and understood.  Sleeptime is one of my favorite ways to access my multidimensional self.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Facebook Shift To Match My Now Energies

Interesting, I dreamed I was no longer a match to certain realities, then the next day, I found myself noticing, I am not match to some physical realities. It is not an insult or criticism, it is more of a feeling some places or people no longer feel useful/empowering.

I started thinking, I no longer want to play on facebook.  I saw my facebook news feed as a mismatch to my now energy.  Not all of the energy there is a mismatch, but a small part of it was.  At first I thought, maybe I will delete my account?  Then I thought, no, I have met so many incredible people, I have had many fabulous connections.  I sense I am just tweaking my settings so to speak to be a closer or more pure match to my now vibe.

Then, I realized, I can track in my physical reality, the same message I received in my dream reality.  Parallel messages, same undercurrents.  I love how 'noticing' is allowing me to be even more aware of my conscious now set point.  I love how I can shift and change things effortlessly.  No drama.  No big emotional crisis.  Notice, take an action or new thought, and shift.
Wa-laa ~ that simple!

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Spin Is Kicking Me Out Of Sleeptime

My sleep is dramatically changing.  My body is not acclimating to the now sleep pattern.  My body wants to sleep, I love sleeping.  I love dreaming.  I love waking up feeling so satisfied and complete.

Not sure exact day, sleep started changing.  I know it has been at least a week.  I have tried to surrender to sleepless nights.  I have tried to accept it.  Truthfully, it upsets me, as I LOVE sleep.

Last night, I finally fall to sleep, only to wake up again in 10 -20 minutes later.  Over and over all night long, I only sleep 10 - 20 minutes, then I am awaken.  You can imagine my frustration!
Toward the morning, I am finally given some information as what is happening.  I saw that my body is spinning so fast.  When I fall to sleep, I slip into a 'reality'.  I am not matches to those 'realities' now.  My spin is too fast, the spin kicks me out.  I am trying to go the playgrounds or realities that I am familiar with.  I am no longer able to hold/maintain the frequencies of those locations.

My spin is kicking me out.  I am getting booted out.  It feels like a time of new travel.  I will be travelling to new cities, new countries, new realms.  My body is in the process of adjusting to new frequency matches.

The is a place of the 'unkown' for me now.  It is new.  It is different.  I want to laugh inside, as I recall, this is exactly what I asked for.  I didn't know it would unfold this way.  I asked for NEW.  I asked to travel to a new locations/realms/realities.  This makes me feel so silly, as I am realizing in this now moment, that I am complaining about what I requested.  Silly Human ~ Sleep is for Kids!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Seeing Invisible Books

1/2/13 Dream

It was either my younger sister or older sister ~ some relative had written a book.  I never bothered to look at the book or check it out.  One day, I finally decide to go and look at it.  I assumed it would be one of those books you have to write to graduate to get your Master's Degree,  in other words BORING!

I go to look at the book and it is all about Star Sisters and Star Brothers.  My relative is a Contactee, or Spokesperson.  I was in complete shock, this can not be accurate, I thought.  How did I miss someone in my family has this interest and connection?  In the dream, I realized this younger or older relative was myself.  I had to be tapping into a before or later reality.  I knew I am the Contactee or Spokesperson.  I knew I am the one, who wrote the book.  This book is wonderful and very beautiful.  It radiates 'LOVE'.

In the dream, people could now see, access and read the books.  The books are coming back online.  It turns out there are many books that have been invisible, so to speak.  People have not been able to see or access certain stories.  Books coming back online is a metaphor to explain, unheard stories are now able to be told and heard.  We are now able to see, hear and tell more pieces of our multidimensional stories..

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Multiple Realities ~ One Time Line

I have been seeing trace paper in my mind's eye.  I am understanding the multidimensional realm in a deeper way.  It is like learning a language, as you develop the abilities of that language, things start to slide into place and make sense.

I am understanding each area I put my focus is a reality.  Where ever I put my attention, to awareness, I am inside that realm or reality.  I jump and play in many different areas or subjects.  I like the variety and my attention tends to change directions easily.  Each area is 1 piece of trace paper.  I am creating and focusing on 1 trace paper (reality).

What I am digesting on a new level now is, all the separate trace papers actually line up to 1 picture or image.  They are layered playgrounds of different realities, yet they are stack up and form the whole image or  realm.  There is only ONE image.  All the layers of trace paper are connected to the Whole, the One.
If we pull out one piece of trace paper, and focus on that reality, it *appears to be separate.  When we are ready to see or digest the bigger picture, we will see, all the separate pieces of trace paper are layered inside the One story line.

This metaphor helps me digest/understand how things can appear separate, yet are all inclusive.  I get to choose where I put my focus.  I can go singular or I can go group.  My choice, my creation, my reality.

Re-Occurring Dream

A few months ago, I had a dream about the Kardashian sisters.  In the dream, I heard the youngest 2 daughters are from another planet.  I do not recall the details, but I woke up wondering and thinking about these 2 young girls who incarnated in that family line.

This week I had my 3rd dream about the Kardashian family.  I recall hearing/knowing their public personas are activating people.  They hold a frequency that activates people.  They are star sisters and brothers.  It is interesting as they appear to be deep into 3D, day to day living.  They do not appear to have any interest in spiritual or metaphysics.  Perhaps the perfect disguise for activators?

I find the dreams about this family very shocking and surprising.  I do not dream about celebrities, athletes,  musicians, actors, etc.  I am uncertain as to why they have shown up for me 3 times in dream land.  After 3rd dream this week, it feels significant enough that I want to track it (record it).