Monday, August 26, 2013

Waterfall Of Connection

August 25th, 2013 turned out to be a significant day for me.  I had council meeting memory from dream time.  I awoke with deeper understandings of creator energies.  I feel inspired to allow and release my creative expressions.

Today, I sense I am a delicious flavor dessert.  I feel like a layered hot fudge, strawberry layered cake.  I am able to go to separate flavor while at same time, taste the blending of all the flavors.  My heart is actually tasting these incredible flavors.  I taste Yummy!  Today tastes Yummy!

I am being shown an image of a beautiful, powerful yet calm waterfall.  The water has so much force and momentum it is a powerful Being.  At same time, it is has a rhythmic calming and soothing Being.  It reflects all aspects of Self.  Balance.

The waterfall gives evidence of all the support surrounding me.  I am standing under the waterfall.  I am looking at waterfall.  I am able to see and feel the waterfall from different perspectives.  I am feeling and experiencing all the support and fluidity of the waterfall.  The water current charges me and allows me easy access to my multidimensional self.  Waterfall is wonderful visual to instantly access me to my whole self.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Am A Creator Goddess

I am a Creator Goddess.  I access my Creator frequencies by creating.  There are many ways to express our creativity, writing, building, cooking, singing, drawing, performing, designing, etc.
When I allow my creative juices to flow, it lines me up with my natural state of Being.  I am a Creator and I create.

One of the distorted behaviors that has happened to me, is stopping the flow of creativity.  I would create, enjoy the creation, then stop. In my limited understanding, I thought I was done.  I didn't have ability to recognize my soul always creates. Today, I understand I can never stop creating.  I am always expanding and contracting. Now, I understand when I want to pause, I am still in movement.  I can intentionally create small subtle movement, while maintaining awareness I am still in the flow of creativity.

In my connection to my multidimensional self, I was shown breathing.  I do not breath enough one day, and stop breathing for a day or two.  I was shown eating.  I do not receive enough nutrition from food, to stop eating for a month or two. The two illustrations, helped me understand there is always movement.

When I stopped creating, I slowed down my access to myself.  I am not saying I need to work on  creative projects 24/7.  I am saying, I now understand my soul is a creator.  I am always plugged into creative energies.  When I allow the creative juices to flow from me, I am intentionally expanding my multidimensional templates.  

I am not suggesting hard work, or "should do", as I am a knower of freedom.  I am realizing my multidimensional self benefits when I intentionally allow my natural state to be expressed.  
I might want to intentionally create for 3 minutes, allowing my mind to think and explore new thoughts.  I want to allow outlets and pathways for my creator energy to be expressed.  It might be a few minutes a day, or I might be inspired to be in a project that takes hours.  Creative energy is joyful with no attachments to outcome.

Allowing the creative frequencies to be expressed without judgments is best way to stay connected to pure source.  If an aspect of my multidimensional self wants to express herself, yet my human aspects judges it, I create a disconnect.  I can be gentle with myself, if I have had a pattern or program of self judgment.  I can intentionally request support.  I can request my multidimensional aspects assist me in allowing the creator expressions to flow, without fear of criticism from myself or others.

It is fun to play and allow new energies to be seen, felt and witnessed.  Intentionally allow Creator frequencies to be expressed.  Grab a color and let go.  Hop in the kitchen and explore ingredients and flavors.  Sing a new melody.  Dance a random pattern.

I am a Creator Goddess, I was born to create, be creative, and explore creation.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Am A Pleiadian

I am a multidimensional being.  I have conscious connection to many aspects of self.  
Today I want to share about my Pleiadian aspect. I am a Pleiadian.  I am aslo, a Pleiadian spokesperson.

What can I share about my culture?  The first and most simple piece of information to pass along, is the nature of my essence is playful.  Play is highly important and extremely valued. When I embody playful energy, it opens channels for cosmic mind understanding and knowing.

Play is opposite of trying hard.  Trying hard energy blocks inside channels.  Imagine a tunnel, and if that tunnel has chunks of rocks lodged inside, the inner movement will be stifled.   Inner connection still happens, but at a slower, less powerful manner.

One of the reasons our frequency is so fluid is because of the carefree playful nature.  Even though I am strongly grounded, I do not lock myself into experiences.  My cords of entanglement to people, locations and situations are like bouncy, flexible cords.  

I can feel and express love quickly.  Falling in love, can happen in a nanosecond.  Love at first vibration, at first sight or at first touch is common.  Loving this intensely and easily is judged on planet Earth, some of my incarnated family members have intentionally suppressed this aspect of them self.

Flirting is another natural aspect of my culture.  Affection, touching, eye gazing are very important in our connection.  It is our natural way of being.  Sexuality is not shamed.  On planet Earth they say men have sexual thoughts often, well let me tell you, so do Pleiadians.  
I are not carefree in sexuality.  Sex has important meaning and connection.  I do not judge myself for being a sexual beings, I know it is natural. We are fantastic communicators.  There are no hurt feelings, rejection or manipulation with sexual expression and relationships.

I appear to be simple and I am often underestimated on planet Earth.  This does not offend me, as I have knowing simplicity is evidence of powerful connection to self. 
Authentic self love is one of the most important aspects of being Pleiadian.  We are taught to master self love., Our behavior to self and others is the way we measure our self love.  It is easy to love self, when we are surrounded by others who lead by example.

I am a fantastic friend and mother.  I feel easily, I love with an open heart and I know the value of listening.  I naturally accept the nature of others.  I do not need others to change in order for me to feel my value and self importance.  Being open minded and accepting is the way of our collective.

I am naturally curious and wonder many things.  I find delight in human behavior.  I like to understand how people think and process.  It fascinates me.  
Pleiadians are extremely creative.  We excel in the performance arts like: writing, music, storytelling, dance, teaching, singing, painting etc.

Being Free is one of the most important feelings for me.  I require freedom.  I do not like to be told what to do, or follow programs, rules and regulations.  I have natural knowing, I am free.

One of the most important reasons I incarnated on the planet, is to lead by example. 
Allow people to see my authentic self.  To be an example of someone who blocked their inner connection and did not experience self love. Learning to fall in love with myself is the most important thing I have done in this incarnation. I am a real, raw, original, and unique cosmic frequency.  I am comfortable claiming my multidimensional self.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Multidimensional Walk In

I am a Pleiadian.  I am a Black Cat.  I am a Blue Sapphire. I am a Hybrid. I am an Emerald Green Color Frequency.  I am a Sound.  I am a Star. I am a Spice. 

I am an Abstract Being.  I understand and can digest the wholeness of my soul.  In the beginning, my separated aspect was not able to comprehend my diversity and multi faceted self.  At first, I was thrilled when I discovered my off planet connection, then I got excited when I discovered my gemstone connection, then I was over the top thrilled when I understood I am a hybrid.  One by one, I kept reuniting with aspects of myself.  I jumped and played in one container and then another.

It finally landed in my mental mind, I am a Multidimensional Being who is connected to all.  Experiences are stepping stones, helping me embody my truth.  I had to experience the connection.  My mental body could not hold the information, without my physical body and energetic body experiencing the connection.  Experience by experience, story by story, I Walked Into myself.  Yes, I am a Walk In.  Some one outside of me did not Walk Into Me.  I took my Human Incarnated Self and Walked Into my Multidimensional Self, one story (experience) at a time.

When I embodied my truth, it allowed me to be balanced and anchored.  No one can cause me doubt or confusion.  No one can push me off of my truth.  Being Multidimensional is an inside experience and awareness.  Friends (seen and unseen) assist and support me along my journey.  My journey never ends, it is the story that goes on and on. Expansion, growth and awareness is my infinity symbol.  Yes, I am a symbol too.