Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Returning Home ~ Pleiadian Home, One of My Many Multidimensional Homes

October 2012, I went to Christine Day "Pleiadian Workshop" ~ it was my 4th workshop and I found myself super annoyed.  I was frustrated.  Christine Day had morphed from an alpha type female who was forceful, brass and did little talking, to this really nice, kind and patient woman.  What the hell happened I wondered, and why in the world is she going so slow and spending so much time communicating?

In the past, the Pleiadian workshop were not about conversation and explanation, they were experiential. Christine had limited words and fierce energy if the *boundaries were violated.  I know some people cried, and felt she lacked sympathy.  I personally liked it.  I like the direct, to the point, get in and have your own individual experience.

Turns out over the current year, she had another layer of her connection with the Lemurians, and she removed more blocks and got in touch with her deeper emotions, therefore she was able to access more of her supportive/nurturing energy.  I like the bold, brass Christine better.  I loved it that she didn't hold hands and sooth people, I loved it that we went and got our information individually.  It was refreshing being with a person so on point.

I went home after this first day, of 3 days workshop and asked my multidimensional self.  What Happened? Why am I so angry with her new kindness?  Why I am so angry with these new processes that are now Slow?

The answer I was given was a vision.  Imagine this: you are born into a family, they are your birth family, your blood family......yet for whatever reason you are given away as a baby to live abroad.  You are to live with another family.  They raise you, they influence you, they teach you, they love you.....they are all you know.  Now imagine as an adult returning to your birth family.  How do you act?  How do you show up?

I saw an image of myself at my birth parents home.  I knocked on the door.  I acted proper and professional.  I acted like a stranger or a new visitor.  I did not feel at home.  I did not act "as if" this home was mine.

Then I was shown an image of me, this human me, raised by my birth parents.  I saw me at their front door.  What do I do?  How do I act?  I do not ring the bell, I do not knock on the door.  I walk in.  I act as if their house is  my house.  I feel their house is my house.  I throw my coat wherever I want.  I go and find my mom and tell her I am home.  I act comfortable, because I am.

I do not require any proper etiquette.  I do not need extra time to feel that I belong or safe.  I already am.

My visions showed me, the truth.  I feel at home with my birth family, so I act at home.  My multidimensional family....at first I felt like a stranger or foreigner, so I needed all those processes to feel comfortable.  Even though we are at home, some of us, are just coming home for the first time, in a long time.  So our family members need time to process, access and acclimate.

I was shown, that is what was happening at the Christine Day workshop.  I had already gone home.  I did not require this kind, hand holding any more.  I wanted to get into the deeper aspects of family right away, because I was able to, I was ready, I had already acclimated.  The new Christine was more sensitive and aware of the new ones returning home.  Everyone has an equal right to be home, but the new ones remembering this home need support to acclimate.

Home: ~ what is Home?  Over the past year home seems to keep changing.  The more I acclimate and feel connected to home, the more *normal home is.  The more I feel an easier/simpler connection myself and my multidimensional family.  I seem to have lost my memories of being sent abroad.  It is harder to recall the coming home for first time now.  My multidimensional aspects are so normal now, it seems like a dream when I thought I was separated.