Monday, September 16, 2013

Pleiadian Mothers

Spring Equinox 2013, I felt called to go to a group event.  Now, days before the Fall Equinox more information is coming in.  It ties pieces of the puzzle together.  The current information that is landing is about the "Pleiadian Mothers" First let me share, what was presented to me March 21, 2013.  This is what I posted about it on my facebook page ~ March 21, 2013

"Last night, I went to a equinox party. While at the event, I wasn't feeling a desire to get into the guided meditation, so I sat and observed. I wondered why I felt a strong pull to attend this event, as once I was there, I felt no pull to participate. About 30 minutes in, the facilitator said a word, that instantly triggered me into a dimension. She said word, Earth Mother ~ I instantly saw and felt the 13 Grandmothers (they are not old in appearance, like we visualize 3D grandmothers). The 13 Grandmothers called them selves, Earth Mothers. I saw how our planet Earth is made up of the 13 Earth Mothers. I never saw the Earth as more than 1 Being before. She is a collective of Mothers. Then I saw how Every planet has Planet Mothers, like Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn etc. Then I saw the Galactic Mothers. Their energy was outer circle of Planet Mothers. Then I saw Cosmic Mothers, again their energy looped another outer circle. Then I saw the Universal Mothers. Again, another circle. I could see inner and outer energy lines connecting all the Fields. I could feel, even though the other dimensions do not play in polarity ~ because of the invisible energy connections, there is still a small sense of effect on the Whole Mothers Bodies. As Earth Mothers birth out of old game, it lightens the entire Galactic, Cosmic and Universal Mothers Bodies. I saw a vision of the Mothers inside a crystal.  At that exact moment, I opened my eyes and in front of me on a table was the vertical rectangle that I had seen the night before in the middle of night. The exact image was sitting inside this huge crystal sitting in middle of room at party. That energy Being had zapped into my body, the night before in my dreamtime.  That  Frequency jolted me into an electrical current. I knew in that instant ~ the journey I was experiencing was explaining to me how I got connected or linked up with Universal Mothers during night time, hours before this equinox party."

The past few weeks I have been strongly connected to my Pleiadian aspects.  Usually different connections come and go, but this Pleiadian connection is consistently in my Field.  I have been curious, as it is unusual for me to stay with same frequencies for weeks.  
About a month or so ago, I had a strange vision/knowing.  I saw 3 mothers celebrating.  It was my mom, and the mothers of two females I know.  In this reality, our mothers do not know each other.  They live in different states, and have never even met each other.  In my vision, our mom's are like best friends or sisters.  They were having a tea like party celebrating us 3 daughters.  They were watching us, from a different dimension, full of joy as they witnessed us.  We are their legacy.  I found the vision extremely unusual to say the least.  My mom is alive in this reality.  One of the other friend's mom is also alive in a human body.  My other friend, her mom hopped over to a different form (transitioned).  Even though my mom is here in a human body, I started accessing her multidimensional self.  It is a little strange connecting to your mother's multidimensional self, when her physical 3D self is pretending not to be conscious.

9/11/13 the three of us females got together.  I requested a connection with the two of them as I was curious what is going on with our mom's?  Both females are conscious.  They were willing to connect, play and explore. One thing all 3 of us females have in common is passion for sound and vibration.  We all share the love of going beyond words and feeling the Now Energies.  Our connection together felt like a "welcoming home" gathering.
Sounds, tones and abstract language came in.  The dolphins came in. Fruit (watermelon, banana and orange) celebrated with us.  Isis appeared.  It felt like we opened a new pathway or new template.  It was not lost on us, that we randomly got together on 9/11.  Coincidences speak loud and clear.

Later, I was telling a different a friend about this strange experience of our mother's connecting in this other realm. My friend picked up an insight.  She tapped into our mother are Pleiadian Mothers.  Something about this hit, felt spot on.  I checked in with myself today and got another vision of the Planetary Mothers, just like I did on Spring Equinox.   I know Pleiades is a Star, but for this sharing, it feels more accurate to call her a Planet.  I was shown Pleiades and the 13 Mothers.  The Collective Mothers, who birthed Pleiades and maintain her.  I saw Pleiades in many different timelines, many dimensions and full of variety ~ like we have seen on Planet Earth.  I could feel the Pleiadian Mothers Collective Frequencies.  This is the same frequency that has been consistently in my Field for weeks.

I was shown, an Earth Mother.  An Earth Mother is very in tune and aware of her children.  Her intuition allows her to see/feel/know things about her children, often before the child is even aware or able to understand it.  I was able to understand on a new level, the shifts in my Field are because I am holding this Mother Stream of Consciousness 24/7 now.  The night before Spring Equinox, I received the Universal Mother Connection Link Up.  I understood it in my mind, but now I am experiencing the connection in my body.  My human body is braided with my Pleiadian Mother Self.  

The Pleiadian Mother's Collective Consciousness is celebrating a new layer of connection with her human legacy.  The Mother's are coming in stronger now, because our human consciousness can hold this next level of connection.  
She talks to us with sounds and images first, as her materialize appearance might overwhelm some. Just like some words confuse or disturb energy.  It is better to feel her, acclimate to her vibration. When I label her "she" ~ I am referring to her collective consciousness.  This consciousness is not gender related.  You can have a male physical human body, and still be accessing your Pleiadian Mother aspect.
I sense many of us are accessing this aspect of our multidimensional self now.  The connections will be multiplying after the Fall Equinox.  RSVP for the huge "Welcome Home" gatherings.  (smile).

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mastering Remote Viewing

When I close my eyes at night, I see behind my closed eyelids. Some nights it is in great details and the visions continue until I fall asleep.  It is sort of like, instead of someone reading me a bed night story, I see a picture story, until I fall asleep.

The visions move quickly.  They change and morph rapidly.  They appear to have no logical unfolding, as it all seems like random visuals.

Some times, I am awoken in middle of night, so I am conscious during the visual 3rd eye movie.  
Last night was one of those nights.  I was watching and seeing all these different type faces and eyes.  Some of the faces belong to what we would label aliens, and appear very unattractive.  They are only labeled unattractive in human perspective, because they are different or foreign.  Some of the images are eyes only.  I have understood these Beings, that I witness watching me, are aspects of myself.  I come in a variety of different outside bodies/containers.

Last night, while conscious in my visual viewing state, I started understanding, I am playing the role of passenger on this ride. Like I am in the passenger seat in a car, being taken to wherever the driver wants to go.  I was realizing, now that I am familiar with this process of seeing (remote viewing), it is now time for me to start directing. It is time to hop over to driver's seat and direct this visual movie.

I was able to direct my focus and see images of where I had sent my movie screen radar.  I found I lost it quickly, and I would return back to passenger seat.  I would try again to be the director and choose my destination.
It would work for a few seconds, then I would get kicked out again. I was not frustrated.  I understood my remote viewing skills are weak now.  Meaning, I have not intentionally used them in my physical incarnation, so I require practice.

I love how, there is no trying hard to recapture multidimensional abilities.  Things simply unfold at right time, and new awareness / understanding come in.  I know there is no rush, to force myself to master this ability, as time is an illusion.  I now have new methods/techniques to play and explore with.  It is always full of adventure, expansion and fun.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Metatron = Beyond + Matrix

Do you feel a connection to Metatron, many people have asked me?  No, I answer.

Something about the energy of  Metatron does not appeal to me. People have told me, they can feel my connection with Metatron energies, and I always dismiss it, as I do not feel any connection.
If anything I feel a dislike to the idea.

August 30th I reunited with a member of one of my soul families, Karen Doonan.  We had a powerful, expansive and encoded conversation.  She was another person, who brought up Metatron and Metatron Golden Cube to me.  I sat with the frequency to see if I could feel or witness anything?  I saw no images, I heard no dialog or message.  Then, something happened.  The air changed.  The air became very, very, very thin.  Hard to explain with language.  The air was so thin, but instead of being hard to breath, it became super easy to breath.  I was receiving so much oxygen in each breath.  The air was so pure.  I received so much bliss from the air.  I have never had an experience like this with air before. 

Next day, I see on facebook a post from Bill Ballard about Lord Metatron.  Again, I want to turn away from it, as I still have these negative association with Metatron energies.  Somehow, I know I am suppose to watch it.  The video is mind blowing.  I can not even begin to describe it.  It is meant to be watched, as it is a major activation video.  Instead of traveling around the world to get an activation, all you have to do  is watch this video for free, in the comfort of your home.  It is totally encoded and full of packets that release codes.

I feel my energy changing/shifting, yet, I still feel a negativity with word Metatron.  I intentionally tried to connect with Metatron frequencies.  Nothing.  I felt flat.  I looked at visual images of Metatron on google, to see if I could access anything.  The photos of a man/angel made me want to vomit.  I was strongly triggered in negative way.

I can feel my filters are preventing me from connecting to the energy, but I can not shift my yucky feelings to these images.  I try and connect again.  This time, I receive a telepathic message.  Look up the word Metatron.  Look up the meaning of word, the definition of the word, this will shift you.

When I looked up the word Metatron, I about fell over.  Metatron is a Greek word.  
It means Beyond + Matrix.  The crazy thing about this is, I am huge lover of busting out of programs/beliefs/matrix.  My conversation with Karen, we discussed our Soul Family ~ Beings Before & Beyond Time.  
Now I am Excited.  Now I feel the connection to this frequency.  I understand, the reason I had strong negative reaction to images of Metatron is because I was picking up on the false distortion of projected worship. Some humans put Metatron on pedestal and participate in hierarchy program.  That distorted program makes me want to vomit.

Metatron is Creator consciousness.  August 24, 2013 Creator Energy landed in my field.  I understood on a new level the meaning of Being a Creator Goddess.  I wrote about and made video about it August 25, 2013.

We each have our own unique energy that we can morph (alchemy).  We are all alchemists.  When we call on our Metatron energy or consciousness, it helps us create our own personal transformation, magic and creations.  It is not a Being outside of us, or a Being that was created to be worshiped.  It is an aspect of us. We can all access and embody Beyond The Matrix aka Metatron.

Bill Ballard's activation with Metatron.

Karen Doonan work:  This is the piece she channeled, that lead me to my reunion with her.
Karen Doonan ~ Truth Codes

August 25, 2103 ~ I Am Creator Goddess video