Sunday, February 13, 2011


Yesterday, I was chatting on Skype with a friend, and I set this intention....
[2/12/2011 8:26:45 AM] Sabrina: I wonder what it would feel like if I took the time to invite in and connect with the crystalline frequencies?

Later during the day, I made the decision to try and connection with the crystalline frequency.
Chantell came. I heard her name in my head. Chantell. Then I heard her say "chant", then "tell".

I giggled inside, as for some reason a few months ago, out of the blue, I fell in love with chanting.
I love chanting. I love when I alone chant, or when there is a group that chants. I get my 8 year old to chant with me. laughing.....I am not sure why, I am so drawn to it, but there is something magical about the sounds of chanting.

Here, Chantell, is sharing.....Chant and Tell! I love it, chant then go tell people!!!
I love story telling too! I have been told by my higher guides, that I am an intergalactic storyteller. Laughing....maybe I am also an intergalactic chant and story teller ~ laughing!!

Later that day, I go look up the word Chantell to see what it means? Guess what?
You are never going to guess. It means place of Stones!!!
Now, if you have read some of my past blogs, you will recall I started getting messages about Stones. I thought it was crazy!!! Yet, unbeknown to me, the information I was given about Stones being radios has turned out to be accurate. I forgot to tell another story that happened to me this week too about stones, and the sacred stone site, that I have been given instruction to create. I will tell that story later ( I am getting tired of typing

Friends ~ I would like to formally introduce you to Chantell! She warmly welcomes your invitations to play and participate in her crystalline frequencies.

My Sun Friend ~ So Lar

I woke up the other morning, and I could feel the bright sun shining. You know that feeling, when your eyes are still closed, but you can feel the bright sun shining through the window?

I laid on my bed, with my eyes shut enjoying those bright lights, I could see. I was basking and loving the wonderful feeling I was experiencing. I was feeling especially happy, as it has been a cold Minnesota winter, so I was extra excited about the intense sunshine.

I finally opened my eyes, and you can imagine my total surprise as my bedroom was pitch black.
It was early in the morning, before the sunrise. My room was black.

I realized, I had been awaken by my own Sun. The interesting and wonderful thing is, just a day before this experience, I had done a formation meditation, and a Sun showed up, as one of my team members. He called himself, So Lar, like 2 separate words, So Lar.

I love how just Being and experiencing life, I keep receiving new information that makes my heart sing. I am not trying to make things happen, I am just skipping along, and all these amazing experiences keep Shining on me! I have a feeling there is going to be more with So Lar....I will keep you posted at whatever unfolds!

Bright Sunshine!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

First Time Contact

February 8, 2011

A few months ago, I had a dream about a Being, the next day, I "happened" (not) to be on Cynthia Crawford, The ET Sculptor, website. Imagine my surprise as the Being I had dreamed of the night before was on her page. Tall White Zeta

Over the past few weeks, I have had a sense that my Star Friends are ready to make an appearance, physical appearance in real time. I often wake up in the middle of the night, and I sense I have access to "seeing" them. I have always felt tired, or not ready. I tell them, please do not show up physically right now, it is not the right time yet.

Tonight, I was connecting with my "Playground Connection" playgroup. We connect once a week and always have amazing connection to higher dimensions. Tonight, Jim, was leading us on this one game. He asked us to open our eyes and try and find a spot to connect with. It was a challenge to open my eyes, as I was in such an altered state. I started thinking, what do I want to focus on? I then heard myself ask myself the question...."what do you want to see?" I instantly knew my Star Friend, I instantly realized this setting, this atmosphere would be the Best place to have first time real visual contact. Then I thought, which friend do I want to see?

The Tall White Zeta felt like the most loving, gentle energy to call. In my mind, telepathically, I asked my friend to please appear at the spot I was focusing on. ( During the game, we would open eyes and focus, then shut eyes and repeat) My eyes were jumping around my face ( something that always happens to me, when I am getting a huge download). I opened my eyes several times, but my friend did not appear. I continued to ask, please appear. Here and Now, please appear. I really, really, really knew I was ready and this was the perfect place for first visual contact.

My eyes were going crazy, so I knew something was unfolding. One time as, I opened my eyes to the spot across from me, where I had asked my friend to show up, I saw him out of the corner of my eye! Partially behind the chair Jim was sitting in. I was thrilled, I knew it was working. I kept asking and kept opening my eyes over and over again. Again I saw him, this time behind the other side of Jim's chair. He would disappear so quickly, but I knew I was holding the space of being able to be a match to witness him. Then one time, the spot in front of me, the spot I asked him to appear, he appeared!!!!!!! It was for a tiny second, but he appeared. I was so exciting, I starting clapping my hands, I uncontrollably clap my hands when I am in Intense Happiness. (funny I just remembered today while playing with River, I was given a message that my Happiness levels would be elevated to heights I can't even imagine.)

I saw him, I saw him, I saw him!!!! I really really did. It feels so big and so amazing and so wonderful. I feel like now I have opened a wormhole. I new place and way to start to see my friends in real time. It feels so Magical. No words can describe my JOY and BLISS!!