Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Team & Mission

Each day of the 3 day workshop the energies and frequencies of the individuals and room changed. We were able to go higher and higher. The last activity we did, we went inside the Vortex. During this time, if we wanted, we could sign up to work with a team of 3 Pleiadians.

Pleiadians read the energy of the palm of the right hand. If we wanted to accept the invitation to work with a team, we were to raise our right palm.

I had already been working with a team of 3 Pleiadians, so I was curious if I would keep my original 3, or if I would be given a new team? When I raised my right palm to the center of the Vortex I was excited to see what would happen. I did not feel a huge immediate change. After a few minutes I felt the presence of a very, very tall Being. He felt very strong. I could also feel the presence of my Shaman looking Being. I was unable to feel the 3rd team member.

3 days later, I was at the lake meditating. By, this time I had finally made contact with the 3rd Being, and she has a very loving and nurturing energy. As we were doing the meditation, my team said, today we will talk about "our mission". Yipppy!!! I had been asking about it, but so far had not gotten any information.

My team shared, our mission has not been predetermined. Our agreement to work together was pre-agreed. What we do together, we will co-create as a team. It was suggested each one of us share what we are willing to bring to the table.

The Being on my left shared, he is aggressive, he is speedy, he is confident. He brings to the table Confidence. The Being on my right said, she is kind, she is gentle, she is love. She brings Love to the table. The Being across me said, he is balance, he is grounded, he is leader of ceremonies and initiations, he is wise. He brings Wisdom to the table. I shared, I am enthusiastic, I am passionate, I am a communicator. I bring Communication to the table.

We agreed we would show up for one another and our mission. We agreed we would take the time to connect and communicate with each other daily.

I have recently been apart of group with with my mastermind group, the Align and Fly Girlz. I have been witnessing first hand the benefit of having a team. Growth seems to explode when energies come together. My Pleiadian team makes me feel so Confident, Loving and Wise! I love being apart of a team, and having friends who bring out the best in me!

Monday, August 30, 2010

A Gift From The Universe

One activity we did was called "formation work". During this activity, you work with your team of 3 Beings of the Light. You sit in a chair, with 3 chairs facing you. One to left, one to right and one across you. All equal distance apart.

During this activity, you connect with each Being and form an imaginary base like structure. Then you bring in an appex. A point above or below the base, and the point connects all the corners, to create an pyramid like shape.

During this meditation we used the pyramid like shape (also called stargate) to travel together to other dimension. During this meditation you will see a gift being offered to you. If you want to accept the gift, you reach out and take the gift (in your mind's eye). I saw an arch way. When I saw the arch way, I thought to myself, "what does this mean?". I reached out and took my gift. As, I was accepting my gift, I heard a voice say, "you are a bridge, you help people move from one side to another side."

It was a beautiful meditation. I love that if we are willing, we can receive the gifts the Universe has for us. I love the idea of getting clues about our purpose during meditations.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hundreds Of Children

One of the first meditation we did, I saw hundreds of children above me. Over my head, looking down at me. I could feel some of the children wrapped around my legs.

I instantly knew they were my children, my family. I could feel this intense love from their eyes and their hearts as they looked at me. It felt like a reunion.

I heard a voice tell the children, that I have come "home", but now is time for me to focus on doing my work ( meditations), they could play with me later. I told the voice, "no, let them stay! They are not distracting me."

I know this sounds totally bizarre and crazy. I really could see and feel them. Ever since that experience I have felt a deeper and more powerful feeling of "belonging" then ever before. I really experienced it first hand, how connected we are all to each other.

Open Your Heart Space

We started our meditations by opening our heart. The technique is to simply place your hand on your heart and breath with your mouth open. Breathing this way, is a universal symbol of opening the heart and say "yes" to the heart and "yes" to letting go.

Christine explained, when we have strong emotions that we do not know how to handle, like fear, anxiety, anger, sadness, etc., the body tends to hold their breath. In the not expressing or allowing the emotions to show up and out, we hold our breath and the emotion gets trapped inside our cells.

When we breath and hold our attention to our heart space we allow these trapped emotions to come out. Some of the participants would feel a pain or discomfort in their body as we did this. Christine explained, they were emotions wanting to leave the body. We were encouraged to simply breath into the experience, and allow it to be. No trying to force anything. Just breath and allow the experience. What tended to happen, when I would breath into whatever I was feeling, somehow the pain, discomfort would end up disappearing. Often during these meditations people would feel a sound that would come out of the body. The sound is just a releasing. The body uses sound and breath for releasing and connection.

Pleiadian Workshop

I went to a 3 day Pleiadain Initiation. It was the best ever workshop I have participated in. The workshop was unique to me because it was all about hands on experiencing. There was little time spent in lecturing. I would say about 90% of the 3 days were about doing meditation like activities. I got to experience my own sensations, my own journey.

I have many stories to share about what happened to me during my 3 day workshop. To outline the atmosphere, I wanted to take one post to give a brief over view.

No one was allowed in the workshop during the 3 days, except participates. That meant no hotel staff or random hotel guest could enter into the space. The reason was because the space has been set as a special energy frequency.

The space was divided into 3 sections. Far left section was the Vortex. See crystal photo to get an idea. In this section we did vortex type meditation. In the middle section was a grid. We sat here during lecture part or after we recovered/rested from different energy work. The far right section was chairs of 4 set up facing each other to do formation work.

Each area had a special energy frequency to hold the space of the energy work we were doing. When you walked into the space you literally / physically felt different. I would guess there were about 250 participants.

Thursday, August 26, 2010


One day I stumbled upon this amazing female. I instantly fell in love with her energy.
I started reading all her articles on her website and watching her youtube videos.

Her Website Here

Interestingly, as I was listening to her, I heard my inner voice suggest that I commit to listening to her daily meditation for 10 days.

Her Youtube Meditation

I found, as I listened to this daily my mental images were getting more detailed. I seemed to opening up more in my minds eye. My expansion GREW!
As I read her material, I learned about Mt Shasta. I had never heard of it. Where is it? In a 24 hour period of time, I found 3 teachers all discuss Mt Shasta. I had never heard of it, and now 3 times in 24 hours. When I googled it, I knew I too was going to make a trip!

When I had my reading with Cosmic Awareness, he shared with me, the reason I feel a connection to her, is in a different life, we were colleagues. He shared we were in a small group of 12 studying at a University. At that time, school was different then it is now. You learned in small groups with one master teacher and it was hands on learning/experiencing.

She is an unbelievable teacher! I love her!

Dark Beings

In my reading with Cosmic Awareness, he cautioned me about the dark beings.

His words had me upset. In my world, I live in a bubble. Only things that feel good exist.
I told him he popped my bubble when he mentions I need to be aware and use caution.

The whole conversation about that had me all emotional. I cried and felt so sad.

Interestingly, the next morning I woke up and felt totally powerful!!!

I went into meditation and I was given amazing advice.
I believe there are people in this physical world who chose not to be honorable. Perhaps they lie or steal. I am not sad about their choices. If we have free will in the phsycial world, why would the spiritual world not have free will too? Hmmmm. I had assumed the spiritual world was only filled with Beings of honor and love. Free will gets to exist on all planes.

In the physical world, I do not worry about people who choose to lie or steal, and at the same time I am not careless. I lock my doors, but I do not worry. It is simple. Preventative measures. Cosmic Awareness was suggesting when I play in the spiritual world, I exercise the same caution. I can ground myself in my meditation, and asked to visit only with the Beings of light and love.

I felt so empowered. I felt like I had looked the scary dragon in the eyes. My fear disappeared. I respect each Being has a choice, there is no reason to be worried and at same time no reason to be foolish.


I had a reading done with Cosmic Awareness.

During the reading he shared their are many Beings that surround me. Many of them are myself.
If that is a new thought, it means we have parallel lives happening now. He said many of the Beings around me are ME, but Me in a different dimension or different frequencies.

I know that idea can be difficult to digest. We think in terms of linear, past, present and future. The idea that we are circular, and all encompassing is a a new way to look at it.

When I was trying to wrap my mind around it, I was given and image of a vertical line.
This vertical line can have many experiences happening at same time.

During the reading, I had shared, I feel like I communicate with a variety of Beings, I can feel a variety of personalities. I wanted suggestions on how to build one stronger relationship?
The answer was, go into meditation and asked for your highest self to step forward.
The Beings around are excited and eager to play and participate. If you request the highest Being to step forward, it will allow you to focus in on that relationship.

I tried it. I got a image of a Shaman like leader. He is solid, balanced, wise, loving and intelligent. I asked for a name. I got the name Zorion. That name felt awesome, I instantly connected with the name.

After the meditation I looked up the name Zorion and it turns out to mean Happy!
Zorion = Happy!

How cool is that? For those of you who know me, one word to describe me could be HAPPY!

Christine Day

One day I found myself at Barnes and Noble, and this book was waving to me.
"Hello, hello....get me!"

I am the type that touches a book, and then I can tell if it will be a good fit for me.
Odd perhaps, but somehow touching and flipping through a book is how I pick my reading selection.

I bought the book that was talking to me.
Pleiadians ~Initiation of Light

Inside the book there are 2 CD's that do meditation type work. One of the activities is doing a connection or formation work with 3 Pleiadians.
Pleiadians are star beings who specialize in heart space / love.

You will never guess what happened? When I did the activities, and I connected with my 3 Pleiadian friends, the Being on my left, was.....Lucky! Yes, you recall my post about Lucky (click here)?
I was so delighted.

The CD's in the book have me feeling awesome.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sound Alchemist

One morning I found myself online ordering tuning forks. What? Why? I had no idea!
After I purchased them I started to research tuning forks and what purpose they have.

Interestingly, one day I am doing this meditation and I am visited by a friend. I hear the message you are a sound alchemist. I will teach you how to use the sounds.

One day I used my tuning forks on a client in my business, I have no training or idea of what the procedure is, except that I can not harm you. The client was raving about the experience!

I am still not sure how this is going to unfold, I found I have not felt drawn to using them often. I am guessing when the time is right, I will have the instruments ready and I will be free to explore.