Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Orb Star Seeds

I am an Orb Star Seed!

I have always lived inside what I called a happiness bubble. I love & play easily. I forgive easily. I bounce on when I have encountered pain or challenges.
I am not one who holds on to negative emotions. I can feel the whole spectrum of emotions, like other humans, yet I am different. Somehow, I have the ability to let go of hurt, anger, sadness easily. Someh
ow I have always lived in a bubble of happiness.

The past year I started to see a light purple orb when I close my eyes. I figured everyone sees
something similar. Recently, I started to realize the purple blob in my vision is intelligence. I realized this purple Being wants to communicate with me, but I was not sure how to access the conversation. I have asked her for insights on how to access communication with her.

August 28, 2011 I was gifted with insight and information. Shawn Mac Gregor posted a link on the facebook. http://www.nibiruancouncil.com/html/orbs.html This article blew my mind. It hit me so deep inside my body. I instantly knew, without a shadow of doubt, I am an orb star seed.

Today I connected with my orb family and consciousness. I am being given memory of my life and my orb heritage. Today I could finally hear my purple orb inside my minds eye. Now I understand her presence.

We are similar to fairies, in the sense, our focus is intently on the fun and games. We embody the words lite hearted.
We do not feel a need to fix anything. Inside our light bubble, we have a complete knowing it is all perfect. We have no anxiousness or worry.

We are different than fairies, in the sense that our frequency can adapt to low or high frequency locations. It is effortless for us to go to any dimensional space. We do not have a physical body. Our light body is a beautiful gift on so many levels. We are like a bridge, other can use our light body as a window or doorway into other spaces. In the Disney movies, characters look inside a mirror to locate people or observe people. We are like that mirror. We hold a transparent space for others to see into spaces or dimensions.

The main purpose of wanting to incarnate as a human is for the touch factor. Touch is the most luring reason to be in a physical body. All types of touch delights us. Hugs, hand holding, massages, scalp massage, reflexology, and of course romantic intimacy. We excessively touch our children, our pets, and our lovers. Many Orb star seeds, unknowingly have followed a career that involves touch.

We are very lucky souls, who have a knowing that magic is real. We easily connect with our friends, Joy, Happiness, Laughter, Lucky and Playful.
We do not try to feel good, it simply happens for us. Somehow we have known we are different. Now, many of us are understanding why.

To connect with your orb or light family, simple set the intention to visit. You will experience an easy, subtle, flowing type energy. Our world is simple. We float in and around peace, love and pleasure.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Creating, Creating and Creations!

Wow, what a beautiful day and experience I am having! Many, many great things keep unfolding and showing up for me. I seem to be living and spending more and more time in the field of fun, delight and luckiness.

The other day, I asked my Star Friends, please share with me 3 ideas that I can share online. I have been getting the hit for awhile now, to create a website. I wanted some ideas and content for the website. I decided to turn it over to my team. Surprisingly, I was immediately gifted with ideas.

I had been avoiding doing a website, as my past story was...I use to be a girl, who would buy domain names, and buy hosting. I start very quickly, but then I get bored, and I slowed down or stopped. My old story was I would invest my time and my dollars and it never unfolded, and eventually I would cancel the hosting.

This time, I asked my team to help it flow effortlessly. Help me create ways that are low investments, and help me get it organized easily.

Miss Inspiration came for a visit during my morning mediation. She encouraged me to simply start. Use a free hosting site and just go play.
Usually new software programs annoy me, as I like fast, and I get frustrated trying to learn their program. I had no idea when I followed the guidance of Miss Inspiration ~ I would effortlessly create a website.
Like so Simple! Easy! Fast! Wow!

I have been playing around with the idea of selling information, and what I really want to do, what really feels good to me, is to only share. Trust in the law of mutual benefit and share. Judy Satori does this on her website, and it really impressed me

On my website, I only have a donation button. No pricing, no begging, and no store. I think our new Earth has already developed into sharing.
I decided to trust that hit. My intuition paid off big time, within less than one hour of my site being up, I was gifted with a wonderful donation!
It totally shocked me! It gave me so much confirmation that we are moving into the higher dimensions of co-creating.

On so many levels I am amazed and dazzled at how much love, support and pleasure I am interacting with.
It is truly a New Dawn!

New Website Click Here