Wednesday, December 29, 2010


In my dream last night (12-28-2010), I was given something so beautiful. The gift of confidence.

In my dream, I was with a group of new people that all had much in common with me. I am not sure what city, or country we were in, but it was gorgeous. The group had left, and I recall that I wanted to find them.

I was standing outside, and I set the intention that I would find them. I immediately begin to lift up off the ground and I started to fly. I was just above the store line, and I could view the beautiful city. I recall feeling a little nervous that I was up so high, with no apparatus. Yet, somehow, I knew I was safe. I had the Knowing, that flying, is simply setting the intention. I allowed the journey, and I totally felt true pleasure in my gift of recalling how to fly.

I was landed in front of a restaurant. I went inside, and sure enough, there were all the new friends that I had made. I had forgotten that I had set the intention to find them and I was so deep in the pleasures I was feeling from flying.
I started having all these one on one conversation with my new friends. I was so Happy! We had so much in common. I felt so secure and confident in my knowing that the "Secret" to anything is so simple. Set the intention! My new friends and I, all seemed to be uncovering life mysteries and sharing our stories. There was so much JOY!

Traveling Through The Sun

I am going to backtrack a little, since I didn't get this dream recorded.
It seems like I am getting more and more information from my dreams, so it feels important to track it.

I think this dream took place at end of October or first week in November.

In my dream, I was at my work. I was trying to get things ready for our massage clients.
There were these group of people loitering around. I was feeling annoyed with them, as they were not paying customers, just small groups of individuals slowing me down, as they were in my way.

I finally sat down at this table with a young girl and her mom. I slowed down enough, that I actually made eye contact. The moment I looked into the little girl's eyes, I KNEW, she was a Star friend.

I asked her, her name. She asked her mother what name to tell me. She spoke to her mother in a different language, yet I knew the language. Her mother answered in a language that I did not know. The blond hair little girl, said I could call her '25'. She told me they do not have names. But 25 is her frequency. She told me the group at arrived this morning. They traveled through the Sun to get her, and the dolphins brought them in.

Even though, that makes no sense. Somehow, I totally believed and trusted her.

The next thing, I recall in the dream is I immediately had closed down my business, I asked all the paying customers to leave. I knew my work was now to help our Star friends.

My next memory of the dream, is I am helping the children. I am buckling them in their seats, as they are being sent off to new locations. Some of the little ones were a little nervous, and I recall, that I was able to help them Know, it was going to be very Fun. I was able to help them look forward to their adventure, by reminding them, that I knew where they were going and they would enjoy themselves. I recall the adults never spoke with me, the children were the only ones who communicated with me. I recall I was very happy and I felt very fulfilled.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Whale Messages

We had the most amazing journey today. It feels important to document it.

Flo, River and I all did our energy meditation together. We were taken toward the Sun, but the Sun was under the water. On the ocean floor, in a cave like opening. It felt like a galaxy of civilizations underworld.

The coral reef starting talking to me. I felt like I was being introduced to a whole community.

We saw a crystallize city. We were asked if we wanted to participate with the daily songs/sounds. I heard the message, that if we listen, we will be able to hear what our tones sound like within water molecules. We toned together, and I heard real water flowing. At first I thought I was hearing the water sounds in the etheric field, but then I realized, I was
also hearing them here, in this dimension too!!

I saw a eye of a huge whale. The whale was swimming around on the outside, and it was saying something about his having the ability to capture our sounds and transport them. The whales starting to communicate with us. I was told, we at this very minute, are also living as whales. Our physical group is also, bonded in the water world. We are together in a whale pod.

Flo was sharing how she could feel how whales explode up to the top of the waters for a Huge breath, then dive into the waters. This BIG breathing, felt like a very important message. When you live in the moment, in the now, you must move beyond that shallow breathing. Intentionally Breath BIG.

The whales had so many messages for us. Their abundant nature, their secure knowing, their playful dancing. River saw us humans, as having a space on the back of our neck, where our neck meets our skull, that place is our blow whole. Our magical ability to breath water, as our nose is our magical location to breath air. We got the message that the elements are blending. We are recalling how to breath in the water and on the land. We are blending with the elements of water and air.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I am a member of the Tribe Of Many Colors. Little Grandma suggested we start to wear our crystals day and night.

She talked about Mother Earth is being reclaimed by the loving people and her crystals. More information coming soon. I was curious to get more information, what and why?

This week I did energy meditations with my friend, River. I asked about the crystals, and why we should wear them day and night? I was shown an image of radio waves, or sound waves. We got the message that our crystals are holding our energies. When we meditate in private or with groups our crystals are 'hearing' our thoughts and they communicate with the other crystals around the Universe. They are inter exchanging all of our frequencies and helping us all to integrate. Our crystals are our radio stations, connecting us to the Universal radio station. I even heard a DJ make some jokes. It all felt so Loving and fun!!!

I am in awe at how much information we are given when we have the intention to know. River and I seem to go deeper and understand more and more things with each session. We also, got the message, that we are going to start to hold the space for group meditations. Not sure how it is going to unfold at this point, but we are both hearing clearly the importance of sharing and holding the space for interactions with our star friends and our human friends.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Remote Viewing

A friend suggested before, I go to sleep, that I set an attention to allow the Pleiadian
star friends to do energy work on my body, and to remember the beautiful dreams.

I had a very interesting night's sleep. It felt like I was in a light sleep state all night.
At one point, I heard a verbal message, that said something like..."It's been done NOW."

Then I instantly saw, in my upper right side a TV, like square area. Inside this area, I saw detailed vivid drawings.
Extremely detailed. Drawings of animals. The drawings of animals seemed to appear and disappear so quickly. I recall seeing an eagle and a bear.

I recall feeling totally fascinated about how it was happening. I knew I was not asleep, yet I was in a groggy, sleepy state.

The next day when I was awake, I recalled the experience with great clarity. I knew I was awoke when I was given these visions. I am not sure what they mean? I am not sure if it a type of remote viewing? I am not sure if the animals had a specific message?

I know 2 people who have access to a TV box. They can look at this TV box and they have access to other worlds or dimensions. I wondered if I had awaken something like this? I wondered if I would start to see this square area give me more images?

So far, nothing. It feels like it was very powerful and important. Although, at this moment, it does not make sense, I wanted to track it by writing and recording it.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Lucky - My New Magical Dog Friend

Last week, I had taken a nap, when I woke up, I told my son about my dream. It was a very detailed vivid dream. I have found lately, I am having the most detailed dreams, this a a very new experience for me!

In my dream, I was outside, and there was a dog running ahead of his owner. I loudly shouted ahead to the owner and said, " I am afraid of dogs". The dog instantly ran fast to me, and put me in a dog wrestling position/move. I am not sure how I knew it was a dog wrestling move, or if they are even real? The owner, who was a french lady, says to me..."do not move, if he decides to attack you, it will be brutal".

"What do I do?" I yelled. "Think happy thoughts, he read minds." she said.

I started to think happy thoughts, and the deeper I got into the happy thoughts, I could feel the dog loosening his wrestling hold on me. Eventually, the dog let go of me completely.

The owner went on to tell me that the dog has chosen me. He picked me, and now I am responsible for him. I recall feeling excited that I had such a connection with a dog, I have always been afraid of them.

Later that day, I was chatting with a friend. She was telling me this amazing story on how she became an animal communicator. The story was a total, Hallmark, Disney feel good story. I felt so much emotion inside as I heard this story. Her dog, Lucky, had taught her to be an animal communicator.

If you have been reading my blog, you will recall, I have a connection to a friend name Lucky too! What a nice coincidence I thought. She sent me her dog, Lucky's, photo.

I felt so drawn to Lucky's photo. I saved his photo to my desktop image. I asked my daughter, when you look at this dog, do you feel anything inside of you?
My daughter goes on to say, that is the dog you dreamed about today.
I had totally forgotten the dream.
How the heck did she know what the dog I dreamed about looked like?

I realized instantly, she was right. That was the same dog, I had dreamed about hours earlier, the dog that could read minds and the dog that picked me. WOW!!!

I am not in Kansas anymore friends!!! Ok, you would think that would be the end to this amazing coincidental story, but nope....there is more!

I was at work, visiting with a co worker. She knows NO thing about this story. Nothing. Zip.
Out of the blue she asks me do you have a golden retriever? No, I said. She kept asking me, about a dog, did I have one in the past? are my children close to one? etc.

Finally she says, this is going to sound odd, but there is a dog that has been following you the whole time you have been here today.
(This person has ability to sees energy, auras, etc.)
She goes on to say, I have never seen this dog around you, but he is staying very close to you.

I later emailed her a photo of Lucky, she confirmed, Yes, that dog has the same coloring.

No Way!!!!! Can you even believe it? I am just so over the top Thrilled by this situation. I am not sure exactly what it means, in fact, I have no idea what it means!!
I am thrilled I had this dream, that I visited with a friend and heard all about Lucky, and a different person sees my new friend walking with me!!!!

Thank you friends and animals!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!! All you animals and animal totems, thank you for helping us humans learn to communicate, helping us learn to visit with telepathy, and helping us learn to believe that we are ALL indeed a family!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

11-11 at 11:00 Sun Gazing

I have recently started to realize my relationship with the Sun. I was not aware why I was drawn to Sun Gazing the past several months. I simply was. Daily it seemed as if things unfolded and I would be in a direct position to do Sun Gazing. I have seen many images come out of the Sun.

Again, I did not know why, I was just follow what felt fun. Yesterday I "stumbled" (not) upon more information about the Sun. Inside my Akashic Records, I was encouraged to develop a relationship with the Sun. Sure enough, hours later, Kidest (a beautiful friend) sends me this link, and guess what? Guess? ok, ok, I know you already guessed! The video series is all about how we can have an intimate relationship with the Sun!

There is 14 parts, the Sun discussion starts on part 5 or 6, I believe.

Today at 11/11 11:00 I was called to celebrate the aligning energies with Sun Gazing.

I want to share a piece of what I saw. I see many colors and images around the sun. Interestingly, as I was seeing vertical lines of blue, it turned into a oval shape light orange color. Inside the light orange color, was a black, thick substance. It felt like, photos I have seen of dead fecal matter inside the colon. I saw this oval shape with the dead fecal matter, slip downwards and disappear. I hear a message, "a piece of waste has been removed."

It does not feel emotional in a sad or grief way. It feels if to say, "that was easy!". I see more beautiful colors and images, then I am invited to go through the Sun. I actually see a blue doorway. I go through the Sun and I am in a field of Sunflowers. A huge field of sunflowers and children playing and bees buzzing. Simple, easy and carefree!

Happy 11 -11 Friends around the World and Beyond!!

Dreams Of Jellyfish

Two nights ago, I had the most intense re-occurring dreams about jellyfish. I knew the dream was important.

I looked up the jellyfish totem.The transparency of the jellyfish teaches the inner source within each of us. We have an enormous amount of power within us to draw upon. We can turn on the light even in the depths of darkness through the wisdom the jellyfish. It often shows up just when you believe there is no hope left.
The jellyfish sting symbolizes that even the most vulnerable has the ability to shield and protect itself from outside influences. The jellyfish is an electrifying totem. It offers a spark to energize and illuminate. Powerful!

I went into meditation and my Akashic Records and asked about it, this is the information I was given.
What is my connection with jellyfish?

unique creature, no brain, yet they can smell and taste, their unique creation is not fully understood
you have gifts, gifts given to you, that are not fully understood by you,

they blend, they are of the water yet separate
water is a universal galactic highway

i see images of swimming it's actually floating .. in waters in sky..not Earth, but sky. water is in space.
i am apart of the water, but i drift off to different areas for my own adventures
not matter how far away i travel, i am never away from home, as i take the water (family) component with me

i can talk to the sun, and tell the sun where i want to go, and the sun will guide the waters and thus my being is drifted to new territories
the sun communicates with me, even though i am inside the water field

What does this mean?
it means you have the powers within you, inside of you contains the ability to maneuver yourself where you want to go/explore. you can communicate with the sun. talk to the sun today, and develop a relationship with the sun. she is a close relative to you. she misses you.

Is there any more you might want to share?

you are like Christopher Columbus, an Explorer. You and your friends enjoy discovering new lands (new insights), it makes the game (mission) even more thrilling. The steam (fuel) that moves your boat (ship) is your trust.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Walk In Your Truth

I got to together with my Elements of Fun friends yesterday. During our energy, meditation work I was given a beautiful gift.

We had just completed an assignment at the University we attend. I was told there is a gift awaiting us if we desire. A dragon appeared to give me a ride. I was moving a little slowly. I was cautious about hoping on the dragon's back. I finally hopped on the dragon, within seconds Pippi Longstalking was behind me, riding the dragon with me. She was laughing at me (in a fun way) for being cautious, and she thought I should be more adventurous.

The dragon flew us to a pirate. A pirate, I thought? What does the pirate mean? Then I see a treasure chest. I hear the message, the gift is not about the material treasures. My gift is the wisdom that lies within the treasure box.

Then two treasure boxes go inside my body and drop down to my feet. One box in each foot. What does this mean I ask?

I hear the message, "When you walk in your truth, wisdom will be exposed to you."

WOW!!!! I got instant chills, as I understood instantly the importance of honoring what is my truth. I feel so lucky to get such wonderful gifts and treasures from the great Universe. Thank YOU!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Our Ancestors Are Within

I played with my online friend, River, again this week. We connect our energies and invite in the Beings of Love to journey through the cosmos with us. WOW, oh wow...we were given some powerful information.

We saw and heard information about our blood. I know blood is a word, that most people are not comfortable with. What if blood has a message? What if secrets are kept inside the blood?

Isn't it interesting that menstrual cycles, use to be celebrated, yet now are often considered, dirty, embarrassing or annoying?

We heard the message that blood carries all of our ancestors. The divine feminine blood, holds all the information of our ancestors.

They way we treat ourselves, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, sexually, physically effects the blood, and is felt by all the ancestors. As we were given this information, I had such a beautiful understanding of why it is so important to hold ourselves in a loving way, to be kind to ourselves, to nourish ourselves, to give our bodies what they need,, sleep, laughter, cherish our mental, emotional and physical self.

As you do, unto yourself, it is done unto others.

Celebrating Menstrual Cycles, Celebrating Me, & Celebrating You!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Grandma

Soul connections and families seem to be popping up everywhere. I am in awe how easily and effortlessly I continue to meet and find my soul connections.

I stumbled (not) upon this amazing being, called Little Grandma. I am not even sure how I was lead to discovering this girl, the synchronicity simple unfolds.

I spent several hours listening to her stories, her insights and all information I could find about her on youtube. I found myself unable to stop thinking about her.

The final youtube series I watched is called the Ancestors. Little Grandma explains a ceremony she was called to deliver. Day two of this ceremony, is very intense and a big healing takes place. I was obviously not there at the ceremony, but as she describe what happened, I found myself participating energetically. I noticed, that whole day for me was very emotional. It was as if, I too, had undergone a clearing and healing.

I am in awe, how time is irrelevant. This ceremony happened on this 3D world, 2 years ago, yet I am now at a place where I am a match to this ceremony. So, even though it already happened, it can re-occur over and over, when individuals are ready. There is no time, no past, it is all now.

A youtube interview with Little Grandma

Ancestor Ceremony

Little Grandma website

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Energy Blessings from the Stars

I went inside a book store at Mt Shasta , KNOWING, there was something for me inside.
I wasn't sure which one, or what it was about? I am one who likes to touch books, and I get a feeling, a knowing. The book kind of talks to me telepathically, "me!, get me!" he/she will say in my head.

I found one book called, Energy Blessings from the Stars * Seven Initiations by Virginia Essence and Irving Feurst. I instantly knew she is why I walked into that book store. I got the book, but did not get around to reading or looking at her for a few days.

I do not read books the typical way, start on page one and go. I jump. I open up whatever page and read. There is no rhythm nor organized manner to my style. For some odd reason, I actually started this book at the beginning. Coincidentally, (not) this book, needs to be done in order! If you want, you can ask the Stars for an initiation! It takes one week for an initiation to fully take place, before you can ask for the next one. Needless to say, the whole process takes a several weeks.

I am not one who is patient, yet I KNEW this book is important. I began the work. There is not much work to do actually, just request the masters of that Star to grant you their blessing, and allow one week to pass. The shifts have been happening super fast for me. I know the blessings from the Stars have made a big impact on how I can receive and understand energy. I am almost done with the book now and I am going to enroll in the Egypt Mystery School next.

Their website site has free downloads to try. Click here to check out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spin Into Higher Dimensions

When I was at The Best Of Mount Shasta event, one of the workshop leaders shared a spinning activity. She had been given this exercise by her guides. She played with this spinning energy everyday. She shared, that she got to a point, when she could spin herself so high into different dimensions, parts of her physical body would disappear to the human eye.

I have been called to start doing this activity daily, and I wanted to share it with you.
I think I might create an audio download to walk you through it, but in the meantime, here is how it goes.

Ground yourself first, however you like to ground yourself.

Imagine a swirling energy of light starting around your feet. This swirling energy will start out at a medium speed. It can be any color you like or see. Take this energy that is circling your feet and start to bring it up around your knees, and thighs. Continue to see the energy circling around your body, up around your hips, and waist, around your chest and shoulders. Circling around your arms and hands. Keep bringing up this energy around your neck and head. Hold the energy around your entire body, keep it going at a consistent medium speed.

Allow yourself to adjust to this energy and then make the decision to take this energy and allow it to lift you up off the ground. Take your conscious decision out of your mind/head and place the decision in front of you, perhaps in front of your heart space. This helps you get out of your head, and allow the energies to move you.

Start spinning a little faster, feel yourself start to rise up. Keep spinning, going up even higher and higher. Feel the spin going faster and faster, the faster the spin, the higher you elevate. You may start to be feeling dizzy or wizzy, allow yourself to adjust to the new space. Keep spinning as you allow yourself to adjust. Ask yourself if you are willing to go higher? Would you like to expand to a higher location? If you decide Yes, then make the decision you are going to go higher. Go higher and spin faster. Faster & Higher. Giver yourself permission to go higher. At the count of 3, take yourself to a higher space. 1, 2 3 GO! HIGHER! Feel yourself spinning and blending with this new sensation. Look above you, can you go higher? Do you want to go higher? Tell yourself, this is possible. You can go higher, you can do it. At the count of 3 take yourself higher. 1, 2, 3 HIGHER! You may be spinning so fast your movement feels like you are standing still. Breathing will feel different. You may see all black, with streaks of lightening flashes. Your eyes may be fluttering and feel like they have fallen back inside your head. If you open your eyes, you may not see the 3D room you are in, it may appear as all black. Whatever is showing up for you, allow it and trust it. If you feel you can go higher, continue to give yourself permission and at the count of 3 go higher. When you feel you are as high as can go, allow yourself to feel that location, those sensations.

You may be able to hold that space for several minutes. You may find that are ready to slowly leave that space soon. Whatever your body is feeling, is the perfect experience. When you return, allow yourself to gently come back. Nice and easy. Smooth and relaxed. Give yourself time to enjoy the sensations your body/mind is feeling.

This activity helps to blend you to higher dimensions. Helps you start to feel frequencies of higher realms. I find myself very high, emotionally when I do this game. It feels to me, like a self given gift of euphoria.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inside My Akashic Records

Have you ever had a feeling that someone you have briefly met, is important? You just feel the draw?

I had this experience with one girl I met in a law of attraction based online community. I just sort of wondered what is my connection to her? It appears one day out of the blue (not), we ended up getting to have a verbal discussion. The more she talked, the more I was drawn to her.

After our conversation, I was checking out her website, and I wanted to order her audio CD book about Akashic Records. I listened to her CD a few times while I was multi tasking on the computer, I loved it. I could feel the healing power of it.

Two days ago, I was driving to a girlfriend's house and I wanted her to hear this CD. I made a copy and brought it along with me. I ended up getting stuck in traffic, so I thought, I will enjoy listening to some of her guided meditations.

I went to track 6. Track 6 takes you inside your Akashic Records and gives you messages of love. WOW! Something big happened as I listened to track 6 in my car. My emotional and mental state was activated in a powerful way. Is it because it was my 3rd time listening? Is it because I was not multi tasking? I have noticed I get big downloads when I drive, maybe it is just the space of my car?

I was in total BLISS!! It was intense feelings of LOVE. Euphoric! When I finished track 6, my guides asked me if I would be willing to commit to listening to track 6 for 10 days? YES! Now I was even more curious, what is going to unfold I wondered? The last time my guides asked me to listen to a meditation daily for 10 days, I had huge shifts and openings.

I went to take out the CD from my car player to share with my girlfriend. My guides said, no. Leave it in your car, so it will be easy for you to listen to daily. I said, I will make another CD for me. They said, no, this CD called you. This is about You! You are the priority now. You can share with your friend a different time. This is about YOU!

I trust the information my highest guidance gives me, so I kept CD in my car. Sure enough the next morning, I was headed out and because I had the CD already in my car, I was able to listen day 2, and I ended up having another powerful experience inside my Akasha again!

If you have ever wanted to access your Akashic Records, here is how you can order this audio CD. The whole CD is 60 minutes and cost is $8.91.
Click here to order.
Her website information is

Monday, October 4, 2010

Trying New Flavors

I found a new group to meditate with. I really enjoyed myself. I did notice that it felt different, than other group meditations I have been playing with. Of course, each person who participates brings in their unique energies.

The next day, I was asking my team about the difference. They made an interesting observation, the past few months all of the people I have been playing with, just play. There is no agenda to try and help heal anything or anyone. There is no trying to fix anything that is wrong. We just play and allow whatever to show up.

My team shared with me, I am a person who likes to create and manifest by playing. I am not the type to see problems and try to solve them. I just like to go play. Most of my friends that I play with have a similar style to me. The combination of this type of energies would naturally feel more powerful to me. Nothing wrong with other styles, but it felt wonderful for me that I am able to feel the difference.

I like how life is a smorgasbord, and we each get to enjoy our own flavors. When we eat the foods we enjoy, we bask in their exquisite tastes. It is great to try new foods. New foods might be a hit, and become your new favorites. Perhaps new foods can make you aware of what you dislike, and help you appreciate your favorites even more.

You only get the Experience by Trying!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Waterfall Multi Dimensional Connections

Take a look at the photo and notice how you feel. I had an energy play date with my friend Shannon and our Star friends today. Many amazing feelings and sensations showed up. Shannon found this photo and it captures so much of what I feel from the Universal Energies and Frequencies.

Can you see all the layers? On top, over, under, to the sides, beneath, in the corners, truly captures multi dimensional space and feeling. You can feel yourself in one piece of the photo, yet you can feel the whole photo. Separate, yet whole.

We are living in a time of blending. I can feel the different pieces and places, each has a sensation and a frequency. Yet, at the exact same time, I can feel the whole waterfall. I feel the complete image. Developing blending skills feels so exquisite. Thank You Friends!

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Birthing Of My Name, Sabrina Bright Star

Sabrina Bright Star

How did I come up with that name? Interesting and kind of long story. Here is the short and sweet version.

Once upon a time, I was playing and I thought, if I could be called any name, what name would I pick?
Sabrina!! I instantly thought that name in my head, and giggled as I thought about how fun that would be if I was named, Sabrina.

Fast forward several years.

2010 is the year, I really started to wake up. I had been getting some clues and signs a few years before,
I was still in a slow, droggy state. 2010 came in with the speed of light.

I become apart of a mastermind group of 11 magical females. One day, I was sharing, I would love to have a different name. Sierra, one of the bold, fearless warriors, suggested I go for it! Why not?

Yes, I thought to myself....why not? I want to and so I did!

A few months later I had developed a friendship with some Star Beings. I noticed my Star Friends addressed me as 'Sabrina Bright Star'.
When my friends suggested I start to track my experiences with writing, I thought...what should I call my blog?
Sabrina Bright Star they shouted with Joy!

Wa-laa! That is the birthing of my name!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wing Ceremony by Shannon B

We got our Wings!
On 9/23/10, a full moon day after the Fall Equinox, begins an energy portal, described as an opening for light of the central sun. This transformative time continues until 10/10/10, and is auspicious for those interested in ascension, for astrologers, for those who follow the Mayan Calendar and for lightworkers all over the earth and probably beyond earth.

I called my team as she calle hers. Our intention was to connect with our teams in meditation, and to connect with one another and journey together in our imagination while in an altered meditative state.

I felt all 4 star beings connect to with the heart chakra. I felt light coming out from them together in a cocreation of sacred geometry, with star shapes as one geometric pattern. First a square as all around me, then sacred geometry, maybe similar to a merkaba but unique from these beings as a pattern of their frequency coming from heart to heart with light rays. This goes with my theory, or inner knowing that we create from the heart space by projecting vibration, light and sound.

Today, a few days later, I discovered that star beings don't tell you their name very often but recognize each other by energy pattern! Later, they will want us to bring a frequency, a vibration, beyond which we have felt as humans, back to earth which is related to divine earth mother energy! This is confirmed by others who have been in touch with benevolent star family. They really want us to wake up and to go to higher frequencies of love and peace. In fact, I took another journey today with my team in meditation and asked their names. They made a geometric pattern and told me that it would translate into my language as LOVE, TRUTH, JOY and FREEDOM. These are all frequencies they want us to feel and bring to earth. LOVE is the tall, elegant, female who is the one who communicates with me the most, and does so telepathically.

In this wonderful shared meditation with Sabrina and my team, they stood in 4 corners which Sabrina mentions “corners” after I see it! She and I are in doing this together. She is leading verbally. I listen and experience my star team. They don’t appear as grey aliens but white as they have before. They don’t appear as etheric cloudy beings of light as before. They are etheric, but less fuzzy and do have angel wings this time. It is funny how they show up as balls of light, angels, typical to what people think of as ETs, or misty beings, or beautiful alien in a dress. They are tall and I sense they could be Zeta Reticuli who are the tall white and spiritual beings who teach. They certainly have a lot to share. I now see them as angels that are light bodies. I have a circle of angels around me. At one point they all hold hands with one another. They eventually tell me that "We are going to give you wings too." We end up at a playground, the playground of love, which has trapezes and fun, enthusiastic energy of playfulness. Sabrina is experiencing being in a meadow with sunflowers, and flowers intertwining. I have a connection with the Sun and sunflowers in my life so it feels right.She also sees us as licorice representing blended beings and blending into one another. I am curled up in the meadow on my back in some weeds of the meadow, my star team surrounding me and loving me. I ask “How am I going to give to you, as you give to me?”

"We are making you One with us, we are giving you wings like us!" Meaning drop your physical body and become the light body, you are free! They convey their light bodies with hugs as I may have told you. They mention that we are to have a winging ceremony and it unfolds (ha ha, that was unintentional). Oh, does it! Keep in mind that all of this is happening spontaneously. I mention that we are protected by light beings, and creating safe space in ceremony right here in the meadow. I have flickerings of memories of being a part of the Council of 7 in the Pleaides with a small group of women who did magic together, in this moment when I think of creating safe space.

The energy of Mary Magdelene shows up with her energy, tuning into the divine mother earth energy.
She looks like a mural of Pacha Mama , the earth mother, that I saw on an orphanage wall in Peru. She has long hair and a larger than life face looking down with love from the sky. They, the star beings, are having us feel this frequency which we are taking to earth. I ask to download HOW we can take this energy to earth and I am given: "By the feeling! Now that you have felt it, it will be accessible, and you can bring it to earth."

It is celebration mode in the playground of love. We hear laughter, or I do, then the song The Lollipop Guild. Sabrina sees straight lollipops. The starbeings are so happy and laughing. They are glad somebody from earth gets this finally! They love us so much. I see the ones with flat circles on top of a stick that have a swirl inside- the vortex!. It all feels blissful this far. We go to a stage for the winging ceremony (this all is making me laugh now, inside, as I report it).

Then we end up seeing white horses with wings, Sabrina’s vision, that I instantly share and relate to when she mentions it. The wings took her to winged horses, white ones, and we became those two winged horses. We fly free, and are at a cliff suddenly. We are asked to jump and it is fine. I have a bit of fear but it is because I am supposed to when I jump off a cliff, but isn’t real. I jump, happily leaving my human dense body and life behind. Everything that is not me I leave on the cliff and fly to space, to other planets, side by side with Pegasus Sabrina.I mentioned that it is like being one, as a flock but also individuals, like what she was saying when we spoke before the meditation. Unity with diversity. It is like soaring to another level, and this is our winging ceremony and intiation. We are given wings. We can know ourselves as any form of life. We are not held back in the confines of a physical body or as Sabrina or Shannon. It helps us to see beyond that human perspective, from a wider one from the sky! So freeing. See life through all perspectives; different sets of eyes. Sabrina Says she feels blissful and the word FREE comes to mind. We want to keep flying. I am told something about having eternal youthfulness, radiant health, from feeling the frequency in the winging ceremony which was really a blissful experience of flying across the heavens, the galaxy, as a Pegasus. I am thrilled about being eternally healthy.

I have an important meeting to attend on the phone, back in real life. So we are wrapping it up. I say I see Mt. Shasta.

"What does it look like?" asks Sabrina. I first am speaking of another insight then get to answering the question of what it looks like. We are in a crystal cave inside Mt.Shasta. There is warmth coming from the center of the earth in the cave. The crystal cave has the Akashic Records of everything that has ever happened or could! It is huge. I know I can go in there again on another journey. I can go there as a means to access the Akash. It excites me, for another day and also because I read Akashic Records for myself and others and this means I can do it even better. Part of me got so much that I am afraid to go further, in such excitement, and another part of me wants to go all day. But we both return back to this reality, until another day. I really want to go back into the Crystal Cave...together.

To read Sabrina's written vision please click here.

Appearance Of Star Friends

Have you ever wondered what Star Friends might look like?

I personally have not given it much thought, but I did have this unusual experience, so of course, I wanted to share.

Yesterday, I was listening to this audio called, Creating Beneficial Extraterrestrial Contact

I was laying on the carpet listening and my son came up to snuggle next to me. For some reason, at the exact time she was discussing what a Star Friend ( she called Extraterrestrial, I like the term Star Friend) may look son put his face less than one inch from my face. I saw his face morph into a Star Being image. It was totally bizarre. It was a face full of LOVE and Happiness.

Then today, a friend send me this link about a girl who sculpts star faces. The image I saw yesterday is on her page!

Here is the odd twist to this story. A few days ago, I was doing energy work with one of my friends. I had this strong desire to put my face right in front of his face. When I did it ( I had not prepared him of what I was about to do), the look on his face felt like fear. I felt like I was a perpetrator, and I had somehow violated him. It was a horrible feeling!!
Why in the world did I have that experience?

Today when I meditated, my star friends told me, I got to experience first hand what it feels like to have someone look at you with Love and and someone look at you with Fear. I got to experience how our Star Friends feel.

I caught my friend off guard, he was unprepared and felt discomfort by my harmless act. Our Star Friends, have unintentionally created that same feeling in some humans. It felt terrible, to witness someone be afraid or uncomfortable with you.

With my son, there was only feelings of love, fun and happiness.
My Star Friends shared with me, they want humans to feel their love. They understand many are afraid, or unprepared.

It really gave me compassion for what it must be like to want to participate, but to know, you are not wanted. I am sure in time, the appearance of Star Friends will be common and comfortable.

Friday, September 24, 2010

White Winged Horses

I recently discovered I have an online friend, Shannon, who also enjoys Star Beings. I was delighted to discover someone to share stories and experiences with.

We decided to have a play date, and invite in our Star Friends. We openly went into a type of meditation activity over the telephone. This was my first telephone conversation with Shannon, and our first experience playing with energies together. It could have been awkward, but it flowed effortlessly.

The biggest thing I experienced during the meditation was a feeling of blending. It felt like I was being introduced and connected with new sensations. Blend, blend, blend ...I kept hearing and feeling. I felt a little like I was climbing a high mountain, and I would slow down and allow my body to acclimate to the different oxygen levels.

I saw sunflower roots and plants blending and intertwining. Entanglement. I saw licorice. Blending images in my minds eye.

Shannon was given many detailed insights and images. She freely shared with me what she was seeing, hearing and feeling. We played together so easily.

I started hearing / seeing White Winged Horse. I asked what does this mean? Shannon starts talking about pegasus. I had never heard this word before. The past few weeks, I have been hearing and seeing images of a white winged horse. I have been so curious what does it mean? What is it? As Shannon was sharing information she was getting about the wing ceremony, I giggled with total delight, as my guides told me....Shannon is my partner. She is the white winged horse who I have been waiting for. We are white winged horses together. I squealed with delight as I was given information about this mysterious image I had been seeing for weeks.

Shannon guided us on this beautiful ceremony of us humans being given our wings. Our light bodies can fly wherever, whenever. Shannon wrote an amazing detailed summary of our experience, to read click here.

Our whole blended experience reminds me so strongly, there are no coincidences. Friendships, mysterious images, and new sensations can instantly blend together and make perfect sense!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Do You Want To See Into The Future?

This morning, I asked my team, some questions about my future. What is going to happen? How is such and such going to unfold? You know, the typical questions.

Interestingly, my team started discussing why us humans want to know the future. Why we are so curious about the future?

They explained, as we have been living in a dimension of polarity, we have felt the pleasure and the pain. We want to know the future, because we want some type of guarantee, things will be pain free.

My team asked me, "if you knew, if you were completely certain, this experience would only give you would you respond?" "Would you be more passionate?" "Would you enjoy the journey in greater detail?"

It made me realize, how easy it is to hold back. How easy it is not to give 100% enthusiasm for an experience, when there is chance there might be some pain or discomfort.
I decided I want to go for it! I want to live 100% in my passion and my enthusiasm.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Thoughts Are The Leaders

Interesting word selection.... "Thoughts Are The Leaders".

What is a Leader? One online dictionary defines a leader as
"a person who rules or guides or inspires others".

If your thoughts are the leaders, that would mean they 'rule', 'guide' and 'inspire' you.
Do you want to be a follower of your thoughts?
Do you want your thoughts to rule you?
Are you happy with how your thoughts guide you?

Would you re-elect your thoughts to rule your country or in this case, yourself?

If you do not like the leader, guess what? You can over throw the leader! You can remove the leader and bring in a leader of compassion, love and kindness. You can have whatever type of leader you want.

You are the only person who gets to control your thoughts! No one can force you to think about certain subjects. No one can force you to think specific thoughts. You have Free Will to think the thought that you want.

How much attention have you been giving to you thoughts?

The Star Be-ings of Love suggest we take our desires, and place them ahead of us. As if you are taking your desire from your head, you put it in your hands, and then you place that desire a few steps ahead of you. Energy will follow thoughts. Your energy will create what/where you thoughts are.

Here is a piece of the message I was given from my Star Friends.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Love, More Expansion

This morning I met with my team, (my team is made of 3 Star Be-ings of Love). Today they shared with me a message about love. What love feels like on other dimensions or realities.

It was interesting the way, they shared the message about giving love. They have no worries about love, they need no guarantees about love, they have no insecurities about love and there is no jealousy connected to love.

Can you imagine?

Here is a piece of the message I was given.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Love Without Fear

Have you ever felt head over heels in love?

I had an interesting experience happen to me. When I experienced a past life memory, I also experienced an awaking to an intense love. It was as if I instantly fell head over heels in love.

"What is happening to me?" I asked my higher guides. I was given an answer about love. My team shared with me, that us humans have only begun to scratch the surface on what true love really feels like. They explained to me, that us humans, feel so much fear. We fear love, fear we might get hurt, fear we might be rejected, fear we might cause pain to someone else, and so on.

Love in other dimensions has no pain. No pain, allows them to love fully. Other Be-ings can love completely without fear.

This makes sense and seems simple. I am noticing as I feel these feelings of intense love, I am able to feel it differently. These feelings that were activated inside of me, feel pure. I feel love without fear. I am not sure where this experience is going, but I confess, I am delighted to be riding this wave of love.

If you were to love someone completely, without any fear, what would that feel like?

Monday, September 13, 2010

Past Life Memory

Yesterday, I got together with 2 of my friends who play and meditate with me. Something magical and powerful happens when we spend time together. We each have been given information privately about the importance of making time for each other. Our connection is a priority to each of us.

We never know what is going to unfold at each get together. We have sat in silence, we have participated in toning and chanting. We have created balls of light and love. We have communicated by singing our words, instead of talking. It is a free for all.

We call it our Playground of Connection. A place where our energies can blend, fly and be free.

Last night as we were playing, I was given a very vivid, detailed image of one of my past lives.
I saw a young girl walking alone outside by the trees. This young 5 year old was my daughter. I saw a Shaman leader outside by a campfire doing some type of ceremony. This man was my husband. I was inside a Tee-Pee type structure and I had just given birth to my son.

The scene felt so real. I completely felt at home. My two friends that were there playing with me, Kristen and Jim, were two of the people in my past life memory. My daughter and my husband.

When we finished meditating and I opened my eyes and saw my real time friends, sitting there....they felt different to me. I saw them so differently. I have recently met Jim and Kristen, so I am familiar with them, but I do not really know them. When I opened my eyes and saw them.....I KNEW them. My connection to them feels so strong and powerful. It is Alive and pulsing.

I feel like the past is blending with the now. I can feel the uniting of all of us. I can feel how we, all human beings, are really One. It was such a beautiful and intense feeling / experience.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Last night, I was visiting with a friend who has the ability to "see" things.

She was looking around my body, and then shared with me, the colors she "sees" around me.

She said, there are layers of colors she sees. She described 3 layers to me.

White with gold dots inside.

Hmmmm, I was so curious what does this mean? I checked out the internet to see if I could research anything about colors. I found this great site. It is so Fun to uncover new information!

Here is a definition of the my colors and their meaning.

White Hope, Faith, Purity or virginity, Perfection, Confidence, Enlightenment. Symbol of truth, protection, happiness, and the divine. Represents calmness, relaxation and inner peace. Brings Divine Glory. Cleansing, clairvoyance. Seeker of truth. Used to purify the home.

Spiritual Healing. Represents Faith, Constancy, Wisdom, Glory. Solar magic. Fosters understanding and attracts the power of cosmic forces. Symbol of attraction, persuasion, wealth, and financial wisdom. Blessing of home. Super conscious and spiritual truths. Eternal or spiritual Love.

Awareness, Healing, Prosperity, Peace, and Growth. Represents natural energy. Reduces stress. Restful. Generosity.

Wealth, Success, Prosperity and elegance. Unconscious Beauty

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Bee's Are Talking

Did you get a chance to read my blog from July about bees?

Click here to read it.

Yesterday during my meditation and channeling session, I got a singing message about BEe-ing. During the message, I saw many many bees.

It was interesting, as a few short months ago, I had asked, "how can I have big expansions?". The answer I was given at the time was images of bees. What? I wondered? I was told to study bees, bee sounds and bee totems.

This message was all about, it is time to Bee it. Stop reading and start Bee-ing. I love to read, and it was not an insult on reading, rather it was an invitation to experience it first hand. Feel your way to Expansion. No one else can do the expanding for you. It is an inside job.

I created a quick one minute video of the message I was given yesterday.

My Energy Friends

I was called to Mount Shasta. On my magical journey, I met someone who was had captured energy images on her regular camera. The photos had no touch ups. I heard a voice in my head tell me I, would capture energy on my camera too!

I assumed I would capture the energy on top of Mount Shasta. I took several photos. I did not see any energy? I even tried to take photos with my crystal. Nothing. Hmmm?

I forgot about it.

After staying in Mount Shasta a few days, I came to realize, no location connects you. I do not need a mountain, or an energy vortex to connect me to me. I love the water, the ocean. I realized, I did not want to stay at the mountain, I wanted to go to the ocean. I drove to Monterrey. When I got to this wonderful city, I felt intense emotions of LOVE and Joy! Water is my heart's desire.

I only had 36 hours left on my journey. I slept less than 5 hours, and spent each moment on the beach. I watched the sunset and the sunrise. During the sunrise, I took some photos.

When I went to print the photos, guess what??????
My energy friends showed up! YES! I have been so excited my camera captured the energy. I am Thrilled, that as I was in in my zone of total JOY on the beach, I was able to capture many energy friends! The photo on this page, is from my camera!!! Mount Shasta is a magical energy vortex. I assumed the energy would show up there. Interestingly, for me, water is my vortex. When I was at the place where I FEEL the strongest connection, that is when I was able to capture the energy Beings! It confirms what I learned on my journey. My connection to Me is totally unique, I must follow what Feels the Best for ME!

Spirit Called Me

The Great Universe called me to Mount Shasta and organized all the details without me even being aware. Originally the Align and Fly Girlz were discussing getting together in San Diego for the wizard training class with Dr. Bartlett, Matrix Energetic.

I got the ball rolling, and asked my parents to watch my children for a few days. My parents quickly agreed. My mom tells me she would like to take my children on a vacation, could she have them a week?

Wow! Now I can spend longer in California! Yippy! I was beyond excited! A few weeks later, I stumbled upon this amazing teacher, Solor-An-Ra. I instantly fell in love with her teaching style. I discovered this teacher had some powerful changes as a result of going to Mount Shasta. Mount Shasta, I wondered? Where is that? The next bizarre thing unfolds, in a 24 hour period of time, I heard 3 people all talk about Mount Shasta. How odd, I thought to myself. I have never heard of this location, and now I hear it 3 times in 24 hours. I googled it. Instantly, I knew, I would be going to Mount Shasta instead of San Diego.

I went to Mount Shasta with no agenda, no hotel reservations, no plans. I trusted I was suppose to be there for a reason and it would unfold.
Just as I imagined, one amazing story after another amazing story unfolded.
At the end of my first day at Mt Shasta, the stores were closing up. I was on my way to my motel. Out of the side of my eye, I saw this poster stapled to a sign post. “Best Of Mount Shasta Day”. Wow! This event looked amazing! A day full of ceremonies, music and energy workshops. I studied the poster to see when it would be. Guess what? The event would be held, the very next day! Another amazing coincidence!

The next day, the event started with this powerful Shaman ceremony and talk. We honored the elements of the Earth, and we received information about the importance of giving back to Mother Nature. When you go out into nature and enjoy her gifts, like the sun, trees, water and more, take the time to say, “thank you”. The speaker talked about how all things are alive and living, and we want to follow the guidance of reciprocity.

Through out the 12 hour day, there were many hands on workshops. Each workshop taught me something new. The meditations were intense, and we could feel the energy of the place exploding with love! I had strangers come up to me, telling me I had bright energy light streaming out of my crown chakra. I had strangers give me books. The day was totally magical.

The final part of the ceremony was a meeting with the Elders. The Elders of Mount Shasta went in a circle and shared their wisdom, insights and knowing with us. I was in awe. I felt such a reverence to be included in this amazing ceremony. The people at the ceremony seemed to be so excited by my presence there. One of the Elders turned to the group, and said, “Spirit called her here for a reason. She heard the sound of spirit calling her. She was meant to be here for this day. She will return to Minnesota and pass along the important things she has learned.” The never ending circle of wisdom continues; we learn and then we share. I learned, and now, thank you for listening me to share!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Power Animal Totem

Have you ever heard of animal totems? They say, if you feel a strong connection to an animal, that animal has a message for you. You can google the animal's name and write totem after it, like 'giraffe totem'. The internet is full of great explanations and definitions.

I have been playing around with animal totems for a few years now. It happened to me totally unexpectedly. I was walking at the zoo and I looked up, I saw a giraffe. I fell head over heels instantly in love. I have never had a strong reaction to an animal in my life. I was dumbfounded by the intense love I felt for this giraffe. When I asked me about it, I was given information about animal totems.

A few weeks ago, I was doing this group meditation. The energy in the room was very powerful and loving. In my meditation, I was visited by Kragon. The photo I included is the closest image I could find to describe him. As you can see by the photo, Kragon looks dangerous. When he visited me the first time in this meditation, he showed up so loving! He feels like a big brother, smothering me in love and affection. Again, I had this powerful connection feeling to my new friend, the dragon. I instantly knew I had been given a new power animal totem.

Everyone I would like to introduce you to my wonderful friend, Kragon!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fairy Dust

Fairy dust is real! Last night in my dreams, I received a download about fairy dust!

I created this mixture of elements. Invisible elements. I brought in the best qualities of my friends, and I put them into this melting pot and I stirred it all up.
I did this several weeks ago in one of my meditations. I sprinkled this mixture all over the Earth and the Universe, in my minds eye.

Last night in my dreams, I heard the message.....the Align and Fly Girlz potion you created is fairy dust! You can sprinkle it anywhere to enhance and add magical elements to all Beings!!

Isn't it wonderful how we can play in our imagination and then use the gifts we create to make the world even more fun!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Blending Energies With A Friend

I have online friends, and recently I have been hearing it is important to have friends in real time too. I know people in real time, but I did not have a wide selection of like minded friends.

As a result of the 3 day Pleiadian workshop, I met several like minded friends who live locally.

One friend, Jim and I decided to get together and play with our energies. It was my first time, to have this type of get together. It was a little strange, as how does one go about playing with energies?

Luckily, the connection between Jim and I is very comfortable, and we were both open to allow whatever to show up. We went into a meditative like state, and our Inner Beings talked to one another. I notice many words did not need to be said, it was more about the feeling, the experience. I could feel his energies. I could feel him on a different level, like I had traveled to a different dimension.

When we finished, I was totally exhausted. I wanted to sleep! He seemed to be the exact opposite, his enthusiasm was off the charts, and he was just getting started!

I went home and slept over 12 hours. I connected with my Pleiadian team the next morning and asked what happened to me? They shared, Jim holds a very powerful space of energy. His energy zooms back and forth at the speed of light. Being in his energy field was very expansive for me.

Not everyone will have that type of experience, it will vary depending on where you are at, and where the the energy of the other person you play with is at. Regardless if you feel tired or rejuvenated, exploring your energies with another like minded friend is an experience I highly recommend.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A New Team & Mission

Each day of the 3 day workshop the energies and frequencies of the individuals and room changed. We were able to go higher and higher. The last activity we did, we went inside the Vortex. During this time, if we wanted, we could sign up to work with a team of 3 Pleiadians.

Pleiadians read the energy of the palm of the right hand. If we wanted to accept the invitation to work with a team, we were to raise our right palm.

I had already been working with a team of 3 Pleiadians, so I was curious if I would keep my original 3, or if I would be given a new team? When I raised my right palm to the center of the Vortex I was excited to see what would happen. I did not feel a huge immediate change. After a few minutes I felt the presence of a very, very tall Being. He felt very strong. I could also feel the presence of my Shaman looking Being. I was unable to feel the 3rd team member.

3 days later, I was at the lake meditating. By, this time I had finally made contact with the 3rd Being, and she has a very loving and nurturing energy. As we were doing the meditation, my team said, today we will talk about "our mission". Yipppy!!! I had been asking about it, but so far had not gotten any information.

My team shared, our mission has not been predetermined. Our agreement to work together was pre-agreed. What we do together, we will co-create as a team. It was suggested each one of us share what we are willing to bring to the table.

The Being on my left shared, he is aggressive, he is speedy, he is confident. He brings to the table Confidence. The Being on my right said, she is kind, she is gentle, she is love. She brings Love to the table. The Being across me said, he is balance, he is grounded, he is leader of ceremonies and initiations, he is wise. He brings Wisdom to the table. I shared, I am enthusiastic, I am passionate, I am a communicator. I bring Communication to the table.

We agreed we would show up for one another and our mission. We agreed we would take the time to connect and communicate with each other daily.

I have recently been apart of group with with my mastermind group, the Align and Fly Girlz. I have been witnessing first hand the benefit of having a team. Growth seems to explode when energies come together. My Pleiadian team makes me feel so Confident, Loving and Wise! I love being apart of a team, and having friends who bring out the best in me!