Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do Re Mi ~ Sounds Of My Soul

Julie Andrews, in the Sound Of Music, introduced us to the basics of music.  The simplicity of learning and expressing each note.  The sounds then blend together to create songs, harmonics and magic.

Our multidimensional self is structured in a similar pattern.  Each aspect of our multi layered self has a sound, or a note so to speak.  As we get expand and grow in our awareness of our different notes/sounds, we can then blend them together to create magic, miracles and possibilities.  Today I am exploring the sounds of my soul.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Multidimensional A,B,C's

In the multidimensional world, we reunite or remember in stages and layers.  I have notice we tend to have gaps or holes in the processes.  Things do not add up or go in a sequential order.  It is a type of mystery waiting to be solved.

Even in our linear 3D reality, we have experienced similar mysteries.  Thinking back to kindergarten.  We learned names of letters, then we learned the sounds of letters.  It did not make sense.  Why does an "s" make a ssssssssssssssssss sound?  How is that useful?  As the layers and stages of the alphabet continued to get revealed to us, the bigger picture started to come in.  Eventually we get to a place where we could put letters together and have their sounds blend together to create a word.

Our multidimensional self is creating in same way.  As Creator Goddesses/Gods, we are remembering the names, sounds and feelings of different aspects of ourselves.  We can then blend together sounds/aspects of our self and create words, realms, dimensions, harmonics, pathways and realities.  We are remembering how to create with our native language.  Multidimensional Imagination is our Universal Language for connection and creation.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Going Home For A Visit

Yesterday, I was sitting at a 3 day Pleaiadian, Christine Day, workshop.  I have found myself off and on getting annoyed with processes, rituals and ceremonies people do to connect.  I personally have done and participate with rituals and ceremonies, so I was a little surprised that I found myself getting annoyed.

Something just felt off, and I could not put my finger on it  I went to connect with myself and I showed myself the most wonderful vision that explained all the experiences.  I saw my parents home.  Now, my parents moved when I was an adult, so their home is not the house I grew up in.  Nonetheless, their home feels like my home.  When I go home to visit, I do not ring the door bell.  I feel like I belong there, and I act as if I belong there.  Then, I got to visual a sibling, perhaps a sibling who grew up in a different country in a foreign exchange program.  Or perhaps a sibling who was adopted at birth.  Regardless of where the sibling grew up, this sibling would have same full rights to my parents house as I do.  However, there is a great chance this sibling would not feel the familiarity and comfort that I feel.  Most likely this sibling would ring the door bell when she/he came to visit.  Most likely this sibling would respond with more formal, respectful processes.

I instantly understood in my soul.  Sometimes when we connect we know we belong, it is our right to be home for a visit.  There is no process, ritual or ceremony we need to do, in order to connect to our home.
We simply belong and can walk in the house without ringing the doorbell.  Other times, we can be at a stage where we need the processes, rituals and ceremonies to help us bridge the connection.