Thursday, October 21, 2010

Little Grandma

Soul connections and families seem to be popping up everywhere. I am in awe how easily and effortlessly I continue to meet and find my soul connections.

I stumbled (not) upon this amazing being, called Little Grandma. I am not even sure how I was lead to discovering this girl, the synchronicity simple unfolds.

I spent several hours listening to her stories, her insights and all information I could find about her on youtube. I found myself unable to stop thinking about her.

The final youtube series I watched is called the Ancestors. Little Grandma explains a ceremony she was called to deliver. Day two of this ceremony, is very intense and a big healing takes place. I was obviously not there at the ceremony, but as she describe what happened, I found myself participating energetically. I noticed, that whole day for me was very emotional. It was as if, I too, had undergone a clearing and healing.

I am in awe, how time is irrelevant. This ceremony happened on this 3D world, 2 years ago, yet I am now at a place where I am a match to this ceremony. So, even though it already happened, it can re-occur over and over, when individuals are ready. There is no time, no past, it is all now.

A youtube interview with Little Grandma

Ancestor Ceremony

Little Grandma website

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Energy Blessings from the Stars

I went inside a book store at Mt Shasta , KNOWING, there was something for me inside.
I wasn't sure which one, or what it was about? I am one who likes to touch books, and I get a feeling, a knowing. The book kind of talks to me telepathically, "me!, get me!" he/she will say in my head.

I found one book called, Energy Blessings from the Stars * Seven Initiations by Virginia Essence and Irving Feurst. I instantly knew she is why I walked into that book store. I got the book, but did not get around to reading or looking at her for a few days.

I do not read books the typical way, start on page one and go. I jump. I open up whatever page and read. There is no rhythm nor organized manner to my style. For some odd reason, I actually started this book at the beginning. Coincidentally, (not) this book, needs to be done in order! If you want, you can ask the Stars for an initiation! It takes one week for an initiation to fully take place, before you can ask for the next one. Needless to say, the whole process takes a several weeks.

I am not one who is patient, yet I KNEW this book is important. I began the work. There is not much work to do actually, just request the masters of that Star to grant you their blessing, and allow one week to pass. The shifts have been happening super fast for me. I know the blessings from the Stars have made a big impact on how I can receive and understand energy. I am almost done with the book now and I am going to enroll in the Egypt Mystery School next.

Their website site has free downloads to try. Click here to check out.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Spin Into Higher Dimensions

When I was at The Best Of Mount Shasta event, one of the workshop leaders shared a spinning activity. She had been given this exercise by her guides. She played with this spinning energy everyday. She shared, that she got to a point, when she could spin herself so high into different dimensions, parts of her physical body would disappear to the human eye.

I have been called to start doing this activity daily, and I wanted to share it with you.
I think I might create an audio download to walk you through it, but in the meantime, here is how it goes.

Ground yourself first, however you like to ground yourself.

Imagine a swirling energy of light starting around your feet. This swirling energy will start out at a medium speed. It can be any color you like or see. Take this energy that is circling your feet and start to bring it up around your knees, and thighs. Continue to see the energy circling around your body, up around your hips, and waist, around your chest and shoulders. Circling around your arms and hands. Keep bringing up this energy around your neck and head. Hold the energy around your entire body, keep it going at a consistent medium speed.

Allow yourself to adjust to this energy and then make the decision to take this energy and allow it to lift you up off the ground. Take your conscious decision out of your mind/head and place the decision in front of you, perhaps in front of your heart space. This helps you get out of your head, and allow the energies to move you.

Start spinning a little faster, feel yourself start to rise up. Keep spinning, going up even higher and higher. Feel the spin going faster and faster, the faster the spin, the higher you elevate. You may start to be feeling dizzy or wizzy, allow yourself to adjust to the new space. Keep spinning as you allow yourself to adjust. Ask yourself if you are willing to go higher? Would you like to expand to a higher location? If you decide Yes, then make the decision you are going to go higher. Go higher and spin faster. Faster & Higher. Giver yourself permission to go higher. At the count of 3, take yourself to a higher space. 1, 2 3 GO! HIGHER! Feel yourself spinning and blending with this new sensation. Look above you, can you go higher? Do you want to go higher? Tell yourself, this is possible. You can go higher, you can do it. At the count of 3 take yourself higher. 1, 2, 3 HIGHER! You may be spinning so fast your movement feels like you are standing still. Breathing will feel different. You may see all black, with streaks of lightening flashes. Your eyes may be fluttering and feel like they have fallen back inside your head. If you open your eyes, you may not see the 3D room you are in, it may appear as all black. Whatever is showing up for you, allow it and trust it. If you feel you can go higher, continue to give yourself permission and at the count of 3 go higher. When you feel you are as high as can go, allow yourself to feel that location, those sensations.

You may be able to hold that space for several minutes. You may find that are ready to slowly leave that space soon. Whatever your body is feeling, is the perfect experience. When you return, allow yourself to gently come back. Nice and easy. Smooth and relaxed. Give yourself time to enjoy the sensations your body/mind is feeling.

This activity helps to blend you to higher dimensions. Helps you start to feel frequencies of higher realms. I find myself very high, emotionally when I do this game. It feels to me, like a self given gift of euphoria.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Inside My Akashic Records

Have you ever had a feeling that someone you have briefly met, is important? You just feel the draw?

I had this experience with one girl I met in a law of attraction based online community. I just sort of wondered what is my connection to her? It appears one day out of the blue (not), we ended up getting to have a verbal discussion. The more she talked, the more I was drawn to her.

After our conversation, I was checking out her website, and I wanted to order her audio CD book about Akashic Records. I listened to her CD a few times while I was multi tasking on the computer, I loved it. I could feel the healing power of it.

Two days ago, I was driving to a girlfriend's house and I wanted her to hear this CD. I made a copy and brought it along with me. I ended up getting stuck in traffic, so I thought, I will enjoy listening to some of her guided meditations.

I went to track 6. Track 6 takes you inside your Akashic Records and gives you messages of love. WOW! Something big happened as I listened to track 6 in my car. My emotional and mental state was activated in a powerful way. Is it because it was my 3rd time listening? Is it because I was not multi tasking? I have noticed I get big downloads when I drive, maybe it is just the space of my car?

I was in total BLISS!! It was intense feelings of LOVE. Euphoric! When I finished track 6, my guides asked me if I would be willing to commit to listening to track 6 for 10 days? YES! Now I was even more curious, what is going to unfold I wondered? The last time my guides asked me to listen to a meditation daily for 10 days, I had huge shifts and openings.

I went to take out the CD from my car player to share with my girlfriend. My guides said, no. Leave it in your car, so it will be easy for you to listen to daily. I said, I will make another CD for me. They said, no, this CD called you. This is about You! You are the priority now. You can share with your friend a different time. This is about YOU!

I trust the information my highest guidance gives me, so I kept CD in my car. Sure enough the next morning, I was headed out and because I had the CD already in my car, I was able to listen day 2, and I ended up having another powerful experience inside my Akasha again!

If you have ever wanted to access your Akashic Records, here is how you can order this audio CD. The whole CD is 60 minutes and cost is $8.91.
Click here to order.
Her website information is

Monday, October 4, 2010

Trying New Flavors

I found a new group to meditate with. I really enjoyed myself. I did notice that it felt different, than other group meditations I have been playing with. Of course, each person who participates brings in their unique energies.

The next day, I was asking my team about the difference. They made an interesting observation, the past few months all of the people I have been playing with, just play. There is no agenda to try and help heal anything or anyone. There is no trying to fix anything that is wrong. We just play and allow whatever to show up.

My team shared with me, I am a person who likes to create and manifest by playing. I am not the type to see problems and try to solve them. I just like to go play. Most of my friends that I play with have a similar style to me. The combination of this type of energies would naturally feel more powerful to me. Nothing wrong with other styles, but it felt wonderful for me that I am able to feel the difference.

I like how life is a smorgasbord, and we each get to enjoy our own flavors. When we eat the foods we enjoy, we bask in their exquisite tastes. It is great to try new foods. New foods might be a hit, and become your new favorites. Perhaps new foods can make you aware of what you dislike, and help you appreciate your favorites even more.

You only get the Experience by Trying!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Waterfall Multi Dimensional Connections

Take a look at the photo and notice how you feel. I had an energy play date with my friend Shannon and our Star friends today. Many amazing feelings and sensations showed up. Shannon found this photo and it captures so much of what I feel from the Universal Energies and Frequencies.

Can you see all the layers? On top, over, under, to the sides, beneath, in the corners, truly captures multi dimensional space and feeling. You can feel yourself in one piece of the photo, yet you can feel the whole photo. Separate, yet whole.

We are living in a time of blending. I can feel the different pieces and places, each has a sensation and a frequency. Yet, at the exact same time, I can feel the whole waterfall. I feel the complete image. Developing blending skills feels so exquisite. Thank You Friends!