Monday, September 16, 2013

Pleiadian Mothers

Spring Equinox 2013, I felt called to go to a group event.  Now, days before the Fall Equinox more information is coming in.  It ties pieces of the puzzle together.  The current information that is landing is about the "Pleiadian Mothers" First let me share, what was presented to me March 21, 2013.  This is what I posted about it on my facebook page ~ March 21, 2013

"Last night, I went to a equinox party. While at the event, I wasn't feeling a desire to get into the guided meditation, so I sat and observed. I wondered why I felt a strong pull to attend this event, as once I was there, I felt no pull to participate. About 30 minutes in, the facilitator said a word, that instantly triggered me into a dimension. She said word, Earth Mother ~ I instantly saw and felt the 13 Grandmothers (they are not old in appearance, like we visualize 3D grandmothers). The 13 Grandmothers called them selves, Earth Mothers. I saw how our planet Earth is made up of the 13 Earth Mothers. I never saw the Earth as more than 1 Being before. She is a collective of Mothers. Then I saw how Every planet has Planet Mothers, like Jupiter, Venus, Mars, Saturn etc. Then I saw the Galactic Mothers. Their energy was outer circle of Planet Mothers. Then I saw Cosmic Mothers, again their energy looped another outer circle. Then I saw the Universal Mothers. Again, another circle. I could see inner and outer energy lines connecting all the Fields. I could feel, even though the other dimensions do not play in polarity ~ because of the invisible energy connections, there is still a small sense of effect on the Whole Mothers Bodies. As Earth Mothers birth out of old game, it lightens the entire Galactic, Cosmic and Universal Mothers Bodies. I saw a vision of the Mothers inside a crystal.  At that exact moment, I opened my eyes and in front of me on a table was the vertical rectangle that I had seen the night before in the middle of night. The exact image was sitting inside this huge crystal sitting in middle of room at party. That energy Being had zapped into my body, the night before in my dreamtime.  That  Frequency jolted me into an electrical current. I knew in that instant ~ the journey I was experiencing was explaining to me how I got connected or linked up with Universal Mothers during night time, hours before this equinox party."

The past few weeks I have been strongly connected to my Pleiadian aspects.  Usually different connections come and go, but this Pleiadian connection is consistently in my Field.  I have been curious, as it is unusual for me to stay with same frequencies for weeks.  
About a month or so ago, I had a strange vision/knowing.  I saw 3 mothers celebrating.  It was my mom, and the mothers of two females I know.  In this reality, our mothers do not know each other.  They live in different states, and have never even met each other.  In my vision, our mom's are like best friends or sisters.  They were having a tea like party celebrating us 3 daughters.  They were watching us, from a different dimension, full of joy as they witnessed us.  We are their legacy.  I found the vision extremely unusual to say the least.  My mom is alive in this reality.  One of the other friend's mom is also alive in a human body.  My other friend, her mom hopped over to a different form (transitioned).  Even though my mom is here in a human body, I started accessing her multidimensional self.  It is a little strange connecting to your mother's multidimensional self, when her physical 3D self is pretending not to be conscious.

9/11/13 the three of us females got together.  I requested a connection with the two of them as I was curious what is going on with our mom's?  Both females are conscious.  They were willing to connect, play and explore. One thing all 3 of us females have in common is passion for sound and vibration.  We all share the love of going beyond words and feeling the Now Energies.  Our connection together felt like a "welcoming home" gathering.
Sounds, tones and abstract language came in.  The dolphins came in. Fruit (watermelon, banana and orange) celebrated with us.  Isis appeared.  It felt like we opened a new pathway or new template.  It was not lost on us, that we randomly got together on 9/11.  Coincidences speak loud and clear.

Later, I was telling a different a friend about this strange experience of our mother's connecting in this other realm. My friend picked up an insight.  She tapped into our mother are Pleiadian Mothers.  Something about this hit, felt spot on.  I checked in with myself today and got another vision of the Planetary Mothers, just like I did on Spring Equinox.   I know Pleiades is a Star, but for this sharing, it feels more accurate to call her a Planet.  I was shown Pleiades and the 13 Mothers.  The Collective Mothers, who birthed Pleiades and maintain her.  I saw Pleiades in many different timelines, many dimensions and full of variety ~ like we have seen on Planet Earth.  I could feel the Pleiadian Mothers Collective Frequencies.  This is the same frequency that has been consistently in my Field for weeks.

I was shown, an Earth Mother.  An Earth Mother is very in tune and aware of her children.  Her intuition allows her to see/feel/know things about her children, often before the child is even aware or able to understand it.  I was able to understand on a new level, the shifts in my Field are because I am holding this Mother Stream of Consciousness 24/7 now.  The night before Spring Equinox, I received the Universal Mother Connection Link Up.  I understood it in my mind, but now I am experiencing the connection in my body.  My human body is braided with my Pleiadian Mother Self.  

The Pleiadian Mother's Collective Consciousness is celebrating a new layer of connection with her human legacy.  The Mother's are coming in stronger now, because our human consciousness can hold this next level of connection.  
She talks to us with sounds and images first, as her materialize appearance might overwhelm some. Just like some words confuse or disturb energy.  It is better to feel her, acclimate to her vibration. When I label her "she" ~ I am referring to her collective consciousness.  This consciousness is not gender related.  You can have a male physical human body, and still be accessing your Pleiadian Mother aspect.
I sense many of us are accessing this aspect of our multidimensional self now.  The connections will be multiplying after the Fall Equinox.  RSVP for the huge "Welcome Home" gatherings.  (smile).

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mastering Remote Viewing

When I close my eyes at night, I see behind my closed eyelids. Some nights it is in great details and the visions continue until I fall asleep.  It is sort of like, instead of someone reading me a bed night story, I see a picture story, until I fall asleep.

The visions move quickly.  They change and morph rapidly.  They appear to have no logical unfolding, as it all seems like random visuals.

Some times, I am awoken in middle of night, so I am conscious during the visual 3rd eye movie.  
Last night was one of those nights.  I was watching and seeing all these different type faces and eyes.  Some of the faces belong to what we would label aliens, and appear very unattractive.  They are only labeled unattractive in human perspective, because they are different or foreign.  Some of the images are eyes only.  I have understood these Beings, that I witness watching me, are aspects of myself.  I come in a variety of different outside bodies/containers.

Last night, while conscious in my visual viewing state, I started understanding, I am playing the role of passenger on this ride. Like I am in the passenger seat in a car, being taken to wherever the driver wants to go.  I was realizing, now that I am familiar with this process of seeing (remote viewing), it is now time for me to start directing. It is time to hop over to driver's seat and direct this visual movie.

I was able to direct my focus and see images of where I had sent my movie screen radar.  I found I lost it quickly, and I would return back to passenger seat.  I would try again to be the director and choose my destination.
It would work for a few seconds, then I would get kicked out again. I was not frustrated.  I understood my remote viewing skills are weak now.  Meaning, I have not intentionally used them in my physical incarnation, so I require practice.

I love how, there is no trying hard to recapture multidimensional abilities.  Things simply unfold at right time, and new awareness / understanding come in.  I know there is no rush, to force myself to master this ability, as time is an illusion.  I now have new methods/techniques to play and explore with.  It is always full of adventure, expansion and fun.

Monday, September 2, 2013

Metatron = Beyond + Matrix

Do you feel a connection to Metatron, many people have asked me?  No, I answer.

Something about the energy of  Metatron does not appeal to me. People have told me, they can feel my connection with Metatron energies, and I always dismiss it, as I do not feel any connection.
If anything I feel a dislike to the idea.

August 30th I reunited with a member of one of my soul families, Karen Doonan.  We had a powerful, expansive and encoded conversation.  She was another person, who brought up Metatron and Metatron Golden Cube to me.  I sat with the frequency to see if I could feel or witness anything?  I saw no images, I heard no dialog or message.  Then, something happened.  The air changed.  The air became very, very, very thin.  Hard to explain with language.  The air was so thin, but instead of being hard to breath, it became super easy to breath.  I was receiving so much oxygen in each breath.  The air was so pure.  I received so much bliss from the air.  I have never had an experience like this with air before. 

Next day, I see on facebook a post from Bill Ballard about Lord Metatron.  Again, I want to turn away from it, as I still have these negative association with Metatron energies.  Somehow, I know I am suppose to watch it.  The video is mind blowing.  I can not even begin to describe it.  It is meant to be watched, as it is a major activation video.  Instead of traveling around the world to get an activation, all you have to do  is watch this video for free, in the comfort of your home.  It is totally encoded and full of packets that release codes.

I feel my energy changing/shifting, yet, I still feel a negativity with word Metatron.  I intentionally tried to connect with Metatron frequencies.  Nothing.  I felt flat.  I looked at visual images of Metatron on google, to see if I could access anything.  The photos of a man/angel made me want to vomit.  I was strongly triggered in negative way.

I can feel my filters are preventing me from connecting to the energy, but I can not shift my yucky feelings to these images.  I try and connect again.  This time, I receive a telepathic message.  Look up the word Metatron.  Look up the meaning of word, the definition of the word, this will shift you.

When I looked up the word Metatron, I about fell over.  Metatron is a Greek word.  
It means Beyond + Matrix.  The crazy thing about this is, I am huge lover of busting out of programs/beliefs/matrix.  My conversation with Karen, we discussed our Soul Family ~ Beings Before & Beyond Time.  
Now I am Excited.  Now I feel the connection to this frequency.  I understand, the reason I had strong negative reaction to images of Metatron is because I was picking up on the false distortion of projected worship. Some humans put Metatron on pedestal and participate in hierarchy program.  That distorted program makes me want to vomit.

Metatron is Creator consciousness.  August 24, 2013 Creator Energy landed in my field.  I understood on a new level the meaning of Being a Creator Goddess.  I wrote about and made video about it August 25, 2013.

We each have our own unique energy that we can morph (alchemy).  We are all alchemists.  When we call on our Metatron energy or consciousness, it helps us create our own personal transformation, magic and creations.  It is not a Being outside of us, or a Being that was created to be worshiped.  It is an aspect of us. We can all access and embody Beyond The Matrix aka Metatron.

Bill Ballard's activation with Metatron.

Karen Doonan work:  This is the piece she channeled, that lead me to my reunion with her.
Karen Doonan ~ Truth Codes

August 25, 2103 ~ I Am Creator Goddess video

Monday, August 26, 2013

Waterfall Of Connection

August 25th, 2013 turned out to be a significant day for me.  I had council meeting memory from dream time.  I awoke with deeper understandings of creator energies.  I feel inspired to allow and release my creative expressions.

Today, I sense I am a delicious flavor dessert.  I feel like a layered hot fudge, strawberry layered cake.  I am able to go to separate flavor while at same time, taste the blending of all the flavors.  My heart is actually tasting these incredible flavors.  I taste Yummy!  Today tastes Yummy!

I am being shown an image of a beautiful, powerful yet calm waterfall.  The water has so much force and momentum it is a powerful Being.  At same time, it is has a rhythmic calming and soothing Being.  It reflects all aspects of Self.  Balance.

The waterfall gives evidence of all the support surrounding me.  I am standing under the waterfall.  I am looking at waterfall.  I am able to see and feel the waterfall from different perspectives.  I am feeling and experiencing all the support and fluidity of the waterfall.  The water current charges me and allows me easy access to my multidimensional self.  Waterfall is wonderful visual to instantly access me to my whole self.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

I Am A Creator Goddess

I am a Creator Goddess.  I access my Creator frequencies by creating.  There are many ways to express our creativity, writing, building, cooking, singing, drawing, performing, designing, etc.
When I allow my creative juices to flow, it lines me up with my natural state of Being.  I am a Creator and I create.

One of the distorted behaviors that has happened to me, is stopping the flow of creativity.  I would create, enjoy the creation, then stop. In my limited understanding, I thought I was done.  I didn't have ability to recognize my soul always creates. Today, I understand I can never stop creating.  I am always expanding and contracting. Now, I understand when I want to pause, I am still in movement.  I can intentionally create small subtle movement, while maintaining awareness I am still in the flow of creativity.

In my connection to my multidimensional self, I was shown breathing.  I do not breath enough one day, and stop breathing for a day or two.  I was shown eating.  I do not receive enough nutrition from food, to stop eating for a month or two. The two illustrations, helped me understand there is always movement.

When I stopped creating, I slowed down my access to myself.  I am not saying I need to work on  creative projects 24/7.  I am saying, I now understand my soul is a creator.  I am always plugged into creative energies.  When I allow the creative juices to flow from me, I am intentionally expanding my multidimensional templates.  

I am not suggesting hard work, or "should do", as I am a knower of freedom.  I am realizing my multidimensional self benefits when I intentionally allow my natural state to be expressed.  
I might want to intentionally create for 3 minutes, allowing my mind to think and explore new thoughts.  I want to allow outlets and pathways for my creator energy to be expressed.  It might be a few minutes a day, or I might be inspired to be in a project that takes hours.  Creative energy is joyful with no attachments to outcome.

Allowing the creative frequencies to be expressed without judgments is best way to stay connected to pure source.  If an aspect of my multidimensional self wants to express herself, yet my human aspects judges it, I create a disconnect.  I can be gentle with myself, if I have had a pattern or program of self judgment.  I can intentionally request support.  I can request my multidimensional aspects assist me in allowing the creator expressions to flow, without fear of criticism from myself or others.

It is fun to play and allow new energies to be seen, felt and witnessed.  Intentionally allow Creator frequencies to be expressed.  Grab a color and let go.  Hop in the kitchen and explore ingredients and flavors.  Sing a new melody.  Dance a random pattern.

I am a Creator Goddess, I was born to create, be creative, and explore creation.

Monday, August 19, 2013

I Am A Pleiadian

I am a multidimensional being.  I have conscious connection to many aspects of self.  
Today I want to share about my Pleiadian aspect. I am a Pleiadian.  I am aslo, a Pleiadian spokesperson.

What can I share about my culture?  The first and most simple piece of information to pass along, is the nature of my essence is playful.  Play is highly important and extremely valued. When I embody playful energy, it opens channels for cosmic mind understanding and knowing.

Play is opposite of trying hard.  Trying hard energy blocks inside channels.  Imagine a tunnel, and if that tunnel has chunks of rocks lodged inside, the inner movement will be stifled.   Inner connection still happens, but at a slower, less powerful manner.

One of the reasons our frequency is so fluid is because of the carefree playful nature.  Even though I am strongly grounded, I do not lock myself into experiences.  My cords of entanglement to people, locations and situations are like bouncy, flexible cords.  

I can feel and express love quickly.  Falling in love, can happen in a nanosecond.  Love at first vibration, at first sight or at first touch is common.  Loving this intensely and easily is judged on planet Earth, some of my incarnated family members have intentionally suppressed this aspect of them self.

Flirting is another natural aspect of my culture.  Affection, touching, eye gazing are very important in our connection.  It is our natural way of being.  Sexuality is not shamed.  On planet Earth they say men have sexual thoughts often, well let me tell you, so do Pleiadians.  
I are not carefree in sexuality.  Sex has important meaning and connection.  I do not judge myself for being a sexual beings, I know it is natural. We are fantastic communicators.  There are no hurt feelings, rejection or manipulation with sexual expression and relationships.

I appear to be simple and I am often underestimated on planet Earth.  This does not offend me, as I have knowing simplicity is evidence of powerful connection to self. 
Authentic self love is one of the most important aspects of being Pleiadian.  We are taught to master self love., Our behavior to self and others is the way we measure our self love.  It is easy to love self, when we are surrounded by others who lead by example.

I am a fantastic friend and mother.  I feel easily, I love with an open heart and I know the value of listening.  I naturally accept the nature of others.  I do not need others to change in order for me to feel my value and self importance.  Being open minded and accepting is the way of our collective.

I am naturally curious and wonder many things.  I find delight in human behavior.  I like to understand how people think and process.  It fascinates me.  
Pleiadians are extremely creative.  We excel in the performance arts like: writing, music, storytelling, dance, teaching, singing, painting etc.

Being Free is one of the most important feelings for me.  I require freedom.  I do not like to be told what to do, or follow programs, rules and regulations.  I have natural knowing, I am free.

One of the most important reasons I incarnated on the planet, is to lead by example. 
Allow people to see my authentic self.  To be an example of someone who blocked their inner connection and did not experience self love. Learning to fall in love with myself is the most important thing I have done in this incarnation. I am a real, raw, original, and unique cosmic frequency.  I am comfortable claiming my multidimensional self.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Multidimensional Walk In

I am a Pleiadian.  I am a Black Cat.  I am a Blue Sapphire. I am a Hybrid. I am an Emerald Green Color Frequency.  I am a Sound.  I am a Star. I am a Spice. 

I am an Abstract Being.  I understand and can digest the wholeness of my soul.  In the beginning, my separated aspect was not able to comprehend my diversity and multi faceted self.  At first, I was thrilled when I discovered my off planet connection, then I got excited when I discovered my gemstone connection, then I was over the top thrilled when I understood I am a hybrid.  One by one, I kept reuniting with aspects of myself.  I jumped and played in one container and then another.

It finally landed in my mental mind, I am a Multidimensional Being who is connected to all.  Experiences are stepping stones, helping me embody my truth.  I had to experience the connection.  My mental body could not hold the information, without my physical body and energetic body experiencing the connection.  Experience by experience, story by story, I Walked Into myself.  Yes, I am a Walk In.  Some one outside of me did not Walk Into Me.  I took my Human Incarnated Self and Walked Into my Multidimensional Self, one story (experience) at a time.

When I embodied my truth, it allowed me to be balanced and anchored.  No one can cause me doubt or confusion.  No one can push me off of my truth.  Being Multidimensional is an inside experience and awareness.  Friends (seen and unseen) assist and support me along my journey.  My journey never ends, it is the story that goes on and on. Expansion, growth and awareness is my infinity symbol.  Yes, I am a symbol too.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Shame On You For Being Human

My 16 year old daughter wrote this essay for school ~ it is beyond amazing.  Her depth and insights impress me the the core of my being.

How bizarre it would be to shame someone for doing something as natural as eating, sleeping, or even breathing. Yet people still do it, and one of its most common forms is slut shaming. Slut shaming is a verbal or physical attack on someone who is presumed to be sexually active in some way. Slut shaming is wrong and must be stopped.

The first of many reasons that slut shaming must be stopped is because it is a major part of sexism. While many males experience problems with slut shaming it is the women that take the brunt of these attacks. In our society as well as many others men are seen as creatures who are innately sexual. If a man is sexually promiscuous the repercussions are usually mild or may not exist at all. In fact it is possible that the male's sexual escapades will be celebrated or he will be praised for them. Women on the other hand are not seen an innately sexual, but rather something to be sexualized. They must look sexually appealing but remain virginal until some formal institution like marriage. If a woman defies this expectation she is often assaulted. Most commonly these assaults are verbal insults, but less commonly these assaults are physical. Sexual harassment and even rape can occur as the result of the 'she's a slut, she doesn't mind' mentality. Slut shaming reinforces the misogynistic attitude that men and women are not equal and should not be treated as such specifically in regards to sexual activity.

Slut shaming also acts as an enforcer of rape culture. When someone, women in particular, reports their rape they are often accused of being sluts and are told that they deserved it. A prime example of these attitudes were the comments surrounding the recent Steubenville rape case. The victim has faced incredible scrutiny for 'allowing' herself to be raped. Slut shaming discredits victims of rape by saying that the victim deserved it because they are either sexually promiscuous, wore alluring clothing, or were acting in such a way that beckoned the rapist. Slut shaming does not only cause a problem for victims who report their rape, it is also the reason that many rapes go unreported. Depending on the location and source the number of unreported rapes is thought to range from sixty to ninety percent. Some of the main reasons rapes aren't reported are that the victim is afraid they will get in trouble, be suspect to public scrutiny, or that they won't be believed. In Canada (1993) roughly fifty percent of rape victims who didn't file a report refrained from doing so because they believed the police would not believe them. If a person is thought of as a slut then it is often assumed that they can not or will not say no to sex.

The absolute number one reason slut shaming must be stopped is that its only purpose is to dehumanize people. Calling a man or a woman a whore is no different than telling them that their natural instinct be open to sexuality somehow makes them less than human. Sex is a natural part of life for much of life on the planet, it is societal aversion to the natural that is unnatural. Negative words and actions about someone's sexual choices can easily negatively affect their self-esteem. Whether one agrees with the lifestyle choices of another or not it is necessary for us to understand that every person deserves to be treated as a human being. To disagree with the choices of another is perfectly acceptable, but to try and dehumanize another is not.

In conclusion slut shaming is a problem that has far reaching consequences. Slut shaming can and has resulted in sexist thought, sexual harassment, rape, rape victim blaming, depression, suicide, and lowered self-esteem among other things. Through open mindedness and respect for fellow humans slut shaming can be stopped. This is not a problem that is beyond human control unlike earthquakes and plagues. Slut shaming was created by humans and can be stopped by us as well.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Remote Viewing Into My hybrid's Child World

4/13/13 ~ Most intense multidimensional experience to date.  

I came home late, around 2 am.  I noticed, I was seeing cloud/fog like matter around me when I got home.  Something was different.
When I turn off lights to go to sleep, my room is pitch black.  Tonight, there were dim glowing type light to my left.  Then it moved to my right.  Something new was here.  I could feel something that I have not yet accessed before.

I was curious.  I am at a place where I can relax into the experience and I trust something significant is happening, even though I do not logically understand it.
Then I started seeing movie like clips.  I have seen things in my vision for past three years, but tonight, it went to a whole new level.  I would see a toy, then the toy would get up, and start to move around or flip around as if it was a real Being, then lay back down.  Then I would see a new clip of an animal, I would watch the animal for a few seconds, then a new clip would start.  I was seeing adults, animals, symbols, toys.  On and on it went, it the most clear detail images you can imagine.  The random images did not seem to make any sense, but I knew something important was being activated inside of me.

I finally fell asleep, watching all these mini clip like movie scenes.  Today, when I woke up, I had a strong desire to meet a friend for lunch and tell her about my night.  It was the most intense multidimensional experience I have participated in.  At lunch, I forgot all about why I needed to see her.  We talked about everything except my major experience from the night before.  Finally hours later, I remembered.  OMG ~ I told her, I asked you to lunch because I really want to tell you something very important that happened.

I told her the experience.  I could feel her holding energy for the story.  We were both pondering what it meant?  Then, BAM ~ it landed.  All of a sudden I remembered a piece I had forgotten and I understood the whole story.  When I was being shown the movie clips, I saw a face, a child's face.  The face was in soft colors and soft background, so it sort of blended together.  As I was watching the movie clip, I thought, this child feels familiar.  Then it hit me, this is my child.  My child is androgynous, I felt no male nor female energy. 
At the lunch date, the download dropped into my field.  I was remote viewing the people, animals and toys in my hybrid child's life.  I was being shown bits and pieces of my child's world.  It all made sense, all the random images.  Especially the toys, I was so curious why I kept seeing all these toys.

As our frequencies are clearing, expanding and intensifying, we have easier and easier access into each others worlds.  

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Annunaki ~ Heart to Heart Connection

I saw this great video called Bashar - Pleiades - Adronis On Annunaki Giants From Nibiru in July 2012.

The video really excited me, I instantly knew I wanted to connect with Annunaki Consciousness   I had never known or felt a connection to this energy.  After watching the video I made contact.

The first thing I noticed or experienced were wings, like big huge Angel wings.  This surprised me, as I was not expecting Angel wings when I connected.  "Things are not always what you think they are." is the telepathic message I heard.

Then I was shown an image of a dream I had in 2011.  This really surprised me, as I have been waiting for months to get an understanding on that dream.  First, let me share the dream, then I can share how the Annunaki Consciousness explained the meaning to me.

In the dream, I was alone in space.  I was suspended mid air, I was standing, but without gravity.  I was jumping up and down screaming, "pick me, Pick ME!".  My excitement and enthusiasm was over the top.  There was no one in the dream, just me, in space.  Yet, I was talking to someone who had no body or form. I really wanted to be chosen.
The next seen in the dream, I am above two orange suns.  The two orange suns are in a vertical line, one higher than second.  I knew I had to travel through both orange suns to get to the ground.  On the ground, I could see frozen humans.  I knew they were playing the game, freeze tag.  Freeze tag is a game, where if someone catches you, you have to freeze until someone tags you and frees you.  I knew I was going to travel through the suns and go unfreeze the frozen humans.
The next seen, I landing on the ground or Earth.  But, I did not land outside the frozen human, I landed inside the human.  I was inside their body and I had to tag them from the inside.

When I woke up from that vivid dream, I wondered what the heck it meant?  It was an awesome dream, but was a total mystery to me.  Fast forward a year later, in this multidimensional journey, I was shown that dream.  Then I was shown the meaning of that dream.

I was shown a stage, with actors and actresses.  The performers performed the play, but at the end of play, they never stop to take a bow and walk off.  In this vision, the performers kept repeating the play.  They were in a repeated loop of repeating the play over and over and over again.  I was shown, when we go inside a Being, we can tag or touch their heart space.  When we touch their heart space, we release them from the play.  We release our brothers and sisters from repeating same story line.  Our family can take a bow.  Our family can finally get the clapping of appreciation for a performance well done.

In the play, it did not matter if you played the part of villain or hero. It did not matter if you had large part or a small part.  Everyone in the play was given a huge wave of appreciation for participating.

The Annunaki Consciousness showed me, how we release or tag each other.  We have an agreement to co created with each other.  We can go into anyone heart space and release them from the game or the repeating play.  It is a collaboration.  It is not an us and they.  It is a 'we'.  The meditation expanded my heart wide open.  It was one of the most loving connections I have ever experienced.  

When I shared my story with some people, I discovered some people have prejudices or judgments about Annunaki.  I found out there are some negative stories about their culture or race.  I can not say if that is true or false, I can only share my experience. When I invited their energy into my Field, it was a pure heart to heart connection of unconditional love.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Multidimensional Family Going Home

Fall 2012, I went to my 4th Pleiadian workshop with Christine Day.  I found myself frustrated.  I noticed the energy was moving slow.  The lectures format had increased, compared to her past workshops.  She was explaining more and answering more questions.

Christine had always been a fast, experiential player.  Why was she slowing down?  Why was the audience needing so much feed back and verbal explanation?  I was annoyed!

I went home the first day irritated.  I asked my multidimensional self what the hell was going on?
The next morning before workshop I was given information that made sense.  It not only made sense, it was brilliant!

I was shown an image.  I tend to see information in visions.  I saw a foreign exchange student.  She was knocking in my parents home.  She was answered by my parents, and she was very polite.  She had proper manners.

Then I saw, she is somehow related to us.  A daughter given up at birth or a daughter who was sent to live abroad.  Even though this girl was family, she, herself did not feel like family or familiar is the word I heard.  She is a blood relative, yet because she had not been exposed to us in this lifetime, she participated in proper meeting etiquette. 

Then, I saw an image of myself going home.  I never knock on the door.  I never do the proper manners.  I leave my jacket where ever I want.  I walk in, AS IF, I belong there.  I go find my mom and give her a hug.  I have no proper etiquette .  I act, AS IF, it is my home.  That is how I feel at my parent's home.  I feel their home is my home.  It is familiar   It is normal.  It is home.

Then it landed, I understood in that nanosecond.  If, I had been sent away on a mission or a journey to another land or realm, when I first came home, I would ACT AS IF, I was a foreigner.  I would initially feel like a stranger, not walking into a family home.  

I understood in that moment, because we shut ourselves off from our multidimensional reality, it feels foreign when we return.  We participate in proper manners and etiquette. It takes time to recall this is family, this is home.  When I returned home in 2010, I came back with proper etiquette.  Proper connection ceremonies. 

That multidimensional understanding gave me insight to what was happening at the workshop.  Many people felt like strangers, or foreigners visiting a place that was not familiar.  They needed the proper etiquette and manners in order to participate.  The slow moving energy was assisting many of the people in the group to acclimate to their home.  It was taking them time to adjust.  I had already adjusted.  I was home.  I went home in 2010.  Some family came before me, and some family came after me.  

At that now moment, I did not need the time and adjustment period some of my brothers and sisters needed.  We are all blood related.  I understood, that just because it is familiar to me, does not mean, I am better than or more advanced than my family.  We are all blood relatives, returning to our parents our divine time.  

The vision gave me understanding and patience.  The vision gave me the bigger picture.  Thank you!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Intergalactic Storyteller

When my multidimensional journey started in spring of 2010, I kept getting hits to record my experiences.  Track them in a written format, I heard.  I ignored the hits, as I didn't want to write.  The telepathic messages kept repeating same thing, 'track your experiences'.

I finally started a blog, May 2010.  To be honest, I was not very committed to it.  I would show up on and off sharing my experiences.  The Beings I talked to, tried to explain to me, the goal was not about finding readers to read my experiences.  The purpose was much different.  The purpose of recording my experiences was influence the Field.  When humans express their multidimensional experiences, it opens and enlarges the Field for other humans to access their multidimensional aspects easier.

When I started the blog, I wondered, what will I name it?  Bright Star, they answered telepathically.  These Beings I talked to, always called or sang to me, Star Bright.  I thought it was a cute nickname.  I didn't understand the meaning behind it.  At that time, my consciousness was not able to process that I am a Star.  Literally, I am a Star.  Over the years, I started accessing memories of being a Star.  The memories I am always alone.  Yet, I am not lonely, as I am in union with the orbiting Sun and the waters.  I am in union with everything.  I am not sure the name of this Star.  I sense this star is outside the Milky Way galaxy.
I liked my nickname so I agreed with it.  Sabrina Brightstar

A few months after I started blogging, I started to hear the term, intergalactic storyteller.  I knew it was a title to describe me.  I was not sure if it was a common term or phrase, as I was new to the multidimensional world.

In July 2011, I had a reading with Magenta Pixie.  She is the most loving human you can imagine.  Her reading blew me out of the water, as she was so spot on to my life.  During the reading, I shared with her, that I am an intergalactic storyteller.  What is that, she asked The Nine.  The Nine, showed her what the term meant, and what I do.  I loved that I got confirmation from this woman I deeply respected.

I assumed the term meant, I would be invited to go off planet and participate in other Beings cultures and lifestyles.  I thought I would observe their customs and cultures and tell their stories to humans on our planet Earth.  I assumed I would be invited to many civilizations and be their spokesperson, to bring awareness to their race.

I have been multidimensional traveling since 2010, yet I am always the main character in the experiences.  I have not yet been invited, as an observer to translate other races stories. I assumed it would happen when the time was right.

March 4, 2013, I had just read the book, Bringers Of The Dawn, by Barbara Marciniak.  The Pleiadian's were encouraging humans to come out of the closet and follow their agreements.  I was talking to my multidimensional aspects.  (What I had come to understand, I was never talking to outside Beings.  In 2010 and 2011, I interrupted the Beings I telepathically talked to were outside connections.  I was not able to process, that I was communicating with aspects of my multidimensional self.  That idea was too big for my mind to process, so I labeled them as separate Beings.)

March 4, 2013 I made a comment to my multidimensional aspects, that I was happy I was not in the closet.  I felt happy that I was able to live a life congruent with my multidimensional self.

You are not living as fully as you could, they replied.  What I asked in confusion.  I video blog, I share on Facebook  my work, friends and family know I am multidimensional, what else could I be doing I wondered.
Write your book, I heard.

No, I disagree, I replied.  I believe if something is the right time, it will unfold effortlessly and easily.  I had gotten a hit several months ago, that I will write a book called Multidimensional Imagination - Universal Language For Connection.  Yet, the book information does not come in often.  I get bits and pieces and I do not feel inspired to force it.  I believe forcing something is unnatural.

Not that book, they responded.  Then I was shown a book in my mind's eye.  The book cover was of a painting I had received in summer of 2012.  2012 I met a soul sister online.  She found me from my videos.  She is an artist that lives in the UK.  She connected to my energy and painted me a custom painting. She painted a Pleiadian woman.  Her first star race painting.  She mailed me the original painting.  It was an incredible experience.  I share the story, in the chapter called 'Ann - Pleiaidian Priestess'.  I saw the painting of Ann on the cover, with the words Sabrina Brightstar - Intergalactic Storyteller.

What?  I was confused!  What?  I thought I am a storyteller of other races and civilizations I said.  No, they responded, you are storyteller of your multidimensional experiences.  You share your intergalactic experiences!  I never saw this coming.  Yet at that exact moment the past 3 years made total sense.  All the experiences I wrote or vlog about.  The way I always date my experiences.  I realized in that nanosecond, I personally have more stories than anyone could ever imagine, as many of them I didn't record.  I have a huge arrangement of diverse stories and experiences.

I never would have guessed or imagined this unfolding.  I never knew 3 years ago, I was tracking information for my book.  I never knew I was co creating with humans and off planet Beings for my story sharing.  I never knew the painting from the artist in Uk, was for the book cover.  The orchestration and divine arrangement of this book, is more powerful and simple than I could have imagined.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

What Is Your Soul's Mission Quiz?

When we are in our linear mind, thinking, analyzing and being logical we are in the 3rd dimension.
Nothing wrong with 3rd dimension.  When we want to understand our soul's mission for this incarnation we want to jump into 5th dimension or heart space.

How do we do that?  One, simply set the intention, and decree it with your words.  You might want to imagine going to your heart space.  Another trick to take you from your head to heart, is to instantly answer these questions.  First response, the immediate response, without pausing or thinking.

This quiz is fun to do with a friend.  Read questions to each other.  This can prevent yourself from trying to read ahead and start thinking of your answers. 
How much do the statement resonate with you?  On a scale of 0 to 10, how much do you resonate with the statement?  There are some questions thrown in the quiz, to keep your mind busy, so do not analyze.  Add in whatever questions that appeal to you.  When you are finished, notice your answers, it will give you clues to your soul's purpose.

I am a light worker.

I am a comedian.

I am a reiki master.

I am a Pleiadian.

I am a manipulator.

I am an Angel.

I am a person who gossips.

I am a warrior.

I am a sound activator.

I am a healer.

I am a grid worker.

I am a student.

I am frequency keeper.

I am a sound healer.

I am a storyteller.

I am an artist.

I am Sirian.

I am a Shaman.

I am a hybrid.

I am an entertainer.

I am a trickster.

I am a writer.

I am a teacher.

I am a guru.

I am a stunt devil.

I am an actor.

I am Lyran.

I am an animal communicator.

I am an energy healer.

I am a fairy.

I am a trouble maker.

I am a musician.

I am a chef.

I am a dream weaver.

I am an Earth guardian.

I am an alchemist.

I am a channel.

I am akashic record reader.

I am past life regressionist.

I am a Grey Zeta.

I am a parent.

I am a walk in.

I am a renegade.

Shape Shifting Into Black Cat

My friend, Shannon, and I started multidimensional travelling in summer 2010.  When our two frequencies connect, we seem to access an instant portal for multidimensional discoveries.  We flow in sync with each other  and effortlessly access similar visions and information.  

We both felt a strong desire to explore different realities and realms every week, for over a year.  Today we understand we had a pre-agreement to train together and set off codes in each other.

During one of our journeys, I saw a black cat sitting tall on this stage like platform.  The cat had a very regal and royal vibration.  I telepathically heard the cat invite me to come to her on the stage.  The problem was, in front of the black cat, a black panther paced back and forth.  The panther seemed to be guarding and protecting the black cat.  I sensed the panther was not going to grant me access to the stage.

The cat kept calling me.  I decided to jump and by pass the panther.  When I energetically jumped to the area that cat sat, somehow I landed inside the cat, instead of next to the cat.  The second I was inside the cat, I knew I was the cat.  The cat is me.  I had instant memory or knowing of being a feline.  I recalled, that I am able to shape shift from human to cat and cat back to human.  I could feel whiskers growing on my human body.  I know it sounds bizarre, but energetically, I could feel these whiskers growing by the side of my nose.  Whiskers are very important, we started getting hits and messages about whiskers.  Whiskers not only balance an animal, but they are multidimensional receptors.  I could feel my multidimensional body abilities expand as my whiskers grew.

During a different journey, the black panther came to share information to me.  The black panther told me, I have an agreement with him.  In this lifetime, I am in partnership with him.  He grounds me and anchors me, in order that I may be unbounded.  We agreed to partner.  When a person is strongly grounded or anchored, they have freedom to fly beyond our imagination.  I have witnessed many human couples have this type of arrangement.  One human is very grounded, and their partner is very flighty.  In partnership, they work in harmony to assist each other.  

One day, months after connecting with the black panther, he came back for an additional message.  This message came in around summer 2012.  My black panther schooled me.  It was funny actually, and I appreciated the friendly reminder.  He told me, I was not fully honoring my agreement.  He said, I had agreed to be unbounded, and even though, I was flying high and fast, it was no where near my abilities.  I came in with a huge capacity to go beyond whatever I could imagine.  He firmly told me, not to compare myself to others.  My measuring stick should be with my agreements and my abilities.  If I would check in with my multidimensional self, I would discover, I can embody more.  The information made sense, and I noticed, I have picked up the pace since then.  I never feel nervous, that I am getting too out there, as I know I will always be anchored in this reality.

Today, I understand our soul or spirit can be expressed in many forms.  We are not our physical containers.
Our essence can be expressed in an animal, human, star, rock, tree or blade of grass.  We can project our consciousness in many containers and story lines.  Multidimensional travelling helps us embody the vastness of our Being.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kundalini Awakening At Public Pleiadian Event

A month after I had contact with the Pleiadian's, June 2010. I went to my first 3 day workshop with Christine Day.  Christine Day has experiential workshops, you experience multidimensional connection and travel, it is not lecture style workshop.

One day during the workshop we were doing formation work with our team of 3 Pleiaidians.  The chairs are put into groups of 4.  The room held about 300 human participants.  During the journeys Christine tones and holds sound frequencies, this enables the participants assistance in their connections.  The experiences tend to be noisy as many in the group, use their own sounds for connection and clearing.

At the beginning of the process, I felt a sexual tingling in my groin.  What?  What is going on I wondered?  I telepathically heard my team tell me to relax and trust them.  When I realized they wanted me to feel an sexual connection during this journey, I thought, no way!!!  I was totally resistant to the idea.  They kept urging me to relax and trust them.  I decided to go with the flow and see where this was going.

This sexual feeling started to increase.  It is difficult to explain with words.  The feeling was definitely sexual pleasure, but it was somehow also a spiritual experience.  Like sex was braiding with spirit.  The pleasure and sensations continued to increase.  I was in a very blissful and ecstasy like state.  It felt like the experience happened in slow motion.  Everything moved very very slowly.  I could feel this sexual/spiritual energy moving up my body. Eventually it went all the way up to my head.  When it got to my head, I recall the energy turned into a beautiful green emerald color.  These emerald colored rays went from inside my head to outside my head.  They shot out of my head space like rays of green color.  It was an incredible journey and experience.

When the process was over, I was left feeling shaky.  I did not understand what happened to me?  How did I have this suspended orgasmic like experience for 20 minutes in a group setting?  What did it mean?
I wanted answers.  I went over to one of the teachers.  I was embarrassed to share my story, but my burning desire to understand why this happened and what it meant, matter more to me than feeling embarrassed. 

She listened calmly as I nervously shared my experience.  Then she gently and lovingly told me, I had experienced a kundalini awakening.  I had heard of word, kundalini, but was unfamiliar with its meaning.  She explained to me, in this environment, which is very safe and full of high frequencies, some people have this type of experience.  She shared with me, it is an opening that happens for humans to have easier and stronger connection to their multidimensional self and family.  She assured me, it was a wonderful thing and nothing to feel embarrassed about.

Today, I understand I had a pre agreement to wake up fast.  I like things fast.  Even though, I was new to the multidimensional world, things were unfolding so fast for me.  I also, understand the public experience is apart of my contract to help humans not feel shame about sexuality and spirituality.   I had first hand experience how magnificent and expansive it is to make cosmic love with a team of Pleiadians (aspects of Self).

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Acturian Consciousness Helps Me Break Out Of Fear Program

End of February 2011, I was planning on sharing public workshops for star seeds.  I had gotten 8 star race sculptures from Cynthia Crawford.  I had bought a moldavite singing bowl.  I was intending to open a Playground For Connection group.  I wanted to multidimensionally travel and explore consciousness with people.

Somehow, I stumbled upon a video from George Kavassilas.   I was mesmerized by this man, it is like he had a magnetic force drawing me to him.  I saturated myself with his teachings for days.  I found my energy starting to get confused.  Was George teachings true?  I had never heard anyone discuss the things he talked about.  He shared there are dark energies manipulating us. He said, we are like puppets being controlled.  He shared some of the so called light workers, Angels and ET's are really disguises, behind the masks are the dark beings.  He teaches us to go to our heart for answers.  He teaches us to trust no one.  He teaches us not to be afraid, yet most of his stories are filled with fear.  He shared in March 2013, ET's will land and take humans to Mars.  ET's will trick people and many humans will follow and get on their crafts and become slaves.  He shared, we might witness people we love, get on these crafts.  The Earth might be without supplies of food and water, if we stay on the Earth. (This is what he said in 2011, I am not sure what he teaches today.)

His stories filled me with fear.  Then I went to anger.  Am I a puppet?  I started experiencing intense rage.  I would sit in my house alone and scream, yell and swear.  I was swearing to God, Angels, or who ever would listen.  The more I yelled, it seem like the more anger I tapped into.  "Fuck You!" I would scream over and over again.  I decided if I am a puppet, I will do nothing.  I made the decision to quit.  I shut down my multidimensional life.  I quit my telepathic connections.  I quit my multidimensional travel. I quit spending time with like minded friends meditating and connecting. I would do nothing!  I was livid.

I was also afraid.  I felt fear that George might be right.  I felt fear for my future.  I felt fear for my children.  I felt fear for survival.

I wanted someone to solve it for me.  I wanted someone to give me security.  But, no one could help me, because now I trusted no one.  I was stuck. I would not allow myself to release any energy with multidimensional activities.  I trapped all the energy inside me, which I discovered later is very damaging to the physical body.

I tried to find a new hobby.  I tried to find happiness with a different subject, I wanted to feel passionate about something.  Nothing excited me.  I was very, very, very bored.  I had no creative outlet. I had zero passion and zero enthusiasm.  I was bored and becoming depressed.

This whole process lasted about 4 weeks.  Finally, I realized I had to do something, as I was going down a depressing hole.  I finally got to a place where I decided, 'so what'.  So what if there are manipulators, so what if I am a puppet, at least I was a happy puppet.  I decided to take the wheel back of my car, and drive my own destination. I wanted back my sense of meaning, fulfillment and stimulation.  I decided more information would come in at the right time, and I would understand this subject more completely at a different time.  Until then, I was going to live again.  I allowed myself to *pause.  I know in the multidimensional world, things are not always explained in a linear timeline.  I decided to trust all the amazing experiences I had, and not to lose them because one man's story.  There were many questions I still had, but I realized, I would not live in fear of the unknown.

I connected with a local friend to have a play date.  In order to explain the significance of this story, I need to back up a minute.  Before I had my spiritual temper tantrum, I had been with my same friend, Jim.  I had just gotten my star friend statues and I was showing them to Jim.  I suggested he might want to borrow one.  I was hoping he would pick the Acturian statue.  For some super odd reason, earlier that day, when they came to my home, and I opened them, I felt zero connection to Acturian Being.  Luckily, Jim picked him.

Now fast forward to 6 weeks later, when we are going to have our play date.  I was in the room, waiting for Jim.  I was really excited to be playing and connecting again with like minded friends. Jim came in carrying the Acturian statue.  wow ~ I could feel his energy.  Wow!  I locked eyes with the statue and it was intense. I felt all this energy start running in my body.  Jim and I start talking, and I am all of a sudden getting a headache.  It is weird, and my headache is getting worse by the minute.  We decide to start the connection.  We get into the zone, and I multidimensionally went to some location.  I was alone, and my head was throbbing, behind me some Being came.  He put his fingers at the base of my head.  The pressure from his finger instantly stopped my headache.  The pain was completely gone.  As he stood behind me, with his fingers touching my head/neck, I started feeling my skull move.  My skull started to extend or elongate.  It was a wonderful experience.  I was so happy, I felt so good to be in this connection.  I was fascinated that my skull was expanding, yet it felt very familiar.  I was in bliss.  I am conscious when I travel in the realms, and I knew Jim was trying to talk to me.  I did not want to pay attention to him, as I knew I would lose the connection.  Finally, I answered him and I lost the connection.  Immediately my head started pounding again.

I started to feel nausea.  I told Jim about my experience with my skull elongating.  He looked over at the Acturian statue, he turned him sideways, so we could see his profile.  He pointed to his head, and said, you mean like that?  Yes, my skull had energetically morphed into same shape as my star friend.  I continue to feel sick, so I decided to leave.  I could not pick up and touch the Acturian sculpture.  The energy coming off him was so strong, I thought I might collapse if I touched him.  I asked Jim, to carry him to my car.

On the drive home, I was on a highway that was under road construction.  All of a sudden I knew I had to vomit.  Luckily, I had an empty container in my car, but the problem was I could not pull over on the highway.  I heard a voice telepathically tell me, I was safe, I was safe.  Somehow, a Being was able to handle my car while I was sick.  It was the strangest experience.  I know it sounds unbelievable, but it really happened.  I felt so safe as my car drove down the highway and I was vomiting.  Someone was helping me.   

I got home and went to bed.  I slept about 90 minutes and I woke up totally fine.  As if, nothing had been wrong.  I started to connect.  I was given information that the reason I got so sick is because I had blocked my body from releasing energy.  I have been playing with energy for a year, and my body is accustomed to expanding and releasing energy.  All that energy had been stuck in my body, and it was like a detox when I allowed it to move during my connection.  I understood at a deep deep level, I will never suppress or walk away from my multidimensional self again.  

I saw how the Acturian consciousness helped me re align my body and expand my field of knowing.  After that experience my fear about March 2013 changed.  I didn't have answers, but I energetically had security.  I had a new sense of knowing.  I realized we are all Creator Gods.  We each get to create our own story and time line.  No one's story is superior, no one's story is wrong.  Fear programs are beliefs.  We can detach from a fear program at any time, if we want.  I am so thankful to Mr. Kavassilas for playing an important role in my awakening.  He helped me access deeper layers of myself.

A Physical Visit From My Family Of Light

I connected to my Star family in spring 2010.  For about a year, all my experiences were pleasant and expansive.  I was a virgin to negative or scary stories.  I was clueless to conspiracy theories and abduction stories.  I never protected myself, as it never occurred to me.  Fear was not on my radar.

End of February 2011, I was woken up at 3:00 am.  Today it is common for me to be up in the middle of night, but beginning of 2011, it was rare.  I had a telepathic hit to get out of bed and go look out the window.  I have never done this in the middle of the night in my life.  I am not a person who thinks about looking at sky during night time.

I went and looked out my front picture window.  The full moon was in clear sight.  Beneath the full moon was another sphere, except it was an orange ball of light.  The orange ball of light started floating down toward my house.  I was in shock.  I grabbed my cell phone and got photos.  I watched the orange ball of light come to the end of my driveway.  Then I saw a 3rd ball of light come out of the orange ball of light.  This ball was transparent, and much smaller.  This small transparent ball started floating up my driveway toward my picture window, where I was standing.  I started to get scared.  I was alone in the dark of the night.  I felt vulnerable.  My fear increased as the ball of light kept floating closer.  I wanted to be brave, but my truth was fear.  I telepathically told the ball of light, "I am afraid."  The little ball stopped and a few seconds later, the little ball vanished.  It simply disappeared.

My body was shaking, I was nervous and scared.  The orange ball of light stayed at end of my driveway.  I wasn't sure what to do.  I could not call anyone in the middle of night.  I wanted to be excited that I had a visit from my Star family, but the truth was I was scared.  The experience activated a fear inside of me.

 Little did I know at the time, I was about to embark on a new journey of learning and discovering information about our dark friends and manipulation.  The one area, that had not shown up in my radar, was about to make an appearance.  A few days after that contact, I hit a wall.  It took me about a month to process some hidden fear and unresolved patterns.  I write about that experience in the chapter called 'Acturian Consciousness Helps Me Break Out Of A Fear Program'.

Looking back, today I know my Family of Light came to set off a code in me.  I have wondered which Star family came to my home?  I sensed a strong  Acturian frequency, and I would have labeled it that way a year ago.  Today, I know the Family Of Light, holds a huge variety of consciousnesses.  Names and titles often do not explain the experiences accurately.  Today I refer to that night, as a visit from my Family Of Light.

ET Sculptures

February 2011 I had this intense desire to purchase ET sculptures from Cynthia Crawford and buy a moldavite singing bowl.  I was determined to invest my dollars and have the physical multidimensional objects in my home.  At that time, I thought I was going to start to hold workshops and introduce our star family to the public.  Little did I know, I was still in training and had more to learn before it was time to go public.

I called Cynthia to place my order.  Cynthia Crawford has an incredible energy.  She is a natural born storyteller, and her voice and stories open codes.  She is an activator.  Before I told her what I wanted to buy, she says to me, "You are an ambassador."  I was not super surprised to hear this, as during my telepathic conversation with Beings, I had heard this message before.  Her statement made me feel good, I liked getting her validation.

When I told her I wanted 8 star friends, I could feel her hesitation.  She proceeded to tell me a story of a man who ordered 2 and it was too much energy for him to process.  His system got fried.  I did not care, it was important to me to order all 8 at the same time.  I was very concerned that all the star race I felt a connection with got included.  I wanted all the star races to know how special they are to me, and no one would be left out.
It seems silly write that, but at the time, it is how I felt.  Like a parent, you take all your children with you, you do not leave one behind for a later connection.  Everyone matters!

Cynthia then asks me the unusual question.  She wanted to know if I ever am sleeping where I wake up and I am in major pain.  What?  The second she asked the question, I recalled what had happened to me the night before.  I told her, yes, last night, I was sleeping and I woke up with so much pain in my left wrist.  It felt like it had been cut off, and I could not move in when I woke up.  I had fallen back to sleep and forgotten it.  She explained to me, when we are on board crafts, if they are working on our bodies and we wake up in the physical, our physical body can not hold the place of two worlds.  It is very painful for our body to be in both realities while conscious.

The next Cynthia called me back.  She had talked to one of her friends.  That friend did a reading on me.  She told Cynthia that, the reason my wrist hurt is because I had been given a type of tattoo on board.  The tattoo is invisible to the human eye.  She explained I had been imprinted.  This imprint or coded tattoo was put in place to give me some type of abilities and protection.  ( How bizarre this happen night before I place the order and that Cynthia asked me about it!)
The friend also confirmed to Cynthia, that I am spokesperson for many star races, and I could handle the whole order, it would not fry my system.

I have had many great interactions and experiences with the sculptures   What I understand today is, that the physical objects help me to integrate aspects of my multidimensional self.  They are visual connectors and touch connectors.  Meaning to see and touch something allows integration with more of the senses.  We do not need any physical object to make a multidimensional connection.  All connections can happen energetically.  If one does feel the desire to have a physical object to hold, smell and see, it is simply because our senses help us integrate.

Monday, March 11, 2013

My Team Of 3 Pleiadians

May 2010 ~ two days after I received, my first star lights display in the sky from the Pleiadians, I was lead to discover the book, Pleiadian Initiations by Christine Day.  In this book, Ms Day teaches a technique taught by the Pleiadians.  The technique teaches multidimensional travel.  The Pleiadians share, the human vessel does not have full ability to travel to certain dimensions without assistance from higher vibrational Beings.  The book teaches you how to work with a team of 3 Pleiadians.

At that time, I had never heard of multidimensional travelling.  I had no idea if it was easy or difficult.  I had no outside influence either way, as I knew no one who traveled multidimensionally.  I trusted the book, I assumed it was easy and therefore, I created an easy connection.  I instantly accessed my team of 3 Pleiadians to work with.

Almost everyday for many months I connected with my team.  We  connected to each other in a formation.  One Being to my left, one Being to my right and one Being across from me.  Like a square formation.
The team of 3 each had their own style or frequency.   

One day, I was at the lake by my house to connect.  I liked to walk in the water and start the connection, then I would go sit on this huge rock and finish the connection.  I was in the water, and I had put my cell phone inside my sports bra.  This is habit I had been doing for over a year.  I started to connect with my team.  The Being on my left said, "No - we can not start until you get that cell phone away from your heart space."  What?  That was the strangest thing I had ever heard.  The Being stated, I had cleared my heart space over the past 3 days and now I was creating negative electromagnetic waves in my heart space.  I didn't even understand what he was talking about, and I didn't care if my cell phone was in my sports bra.  "No - we will not start with you." - he expressed with a type of bossiness.  I was annoyed.  I finally surrendered and said, ok, I will stop putting my cell phone in my heart space, however, right now I am in water, let's just begin now and later, when I return to land I will remove my cell phone.  I was impressed with my compromising skills.
"No" - he answered.  The other 2 Beings were silent, as if they agreed with him, but didn't want to get involved.  I gave in.  I walked out of the water, got up to dry land where it was safe to leave my cell phone and removed it from my heart space.  I was kind of annoyed, yet to be more honest I was actually happy I had a bossy team mate.  It made me feel very confident my connection was real, as I would never even think about something like a cell phone being in my heart space.  It is not how my mind functions.  To this day, I have never put my cell phone any where near my heart space.

I never went back to water to connect, instead I moved on this huge rock where I can sit.  When I started to connect, the Being across from me said, today before we start, we are each going to share what gifts we bring to the group.  What is each one of our specialty?  The Being on my left started.  I bring boldness and assertiveness to the group.  He has a very direct, a little military like energy.  The Being on my right shared, I bring gentleness and nurturing energy.  She has a very soft, kind and androgynous vibration.  The Being across from me shared, I bring wisdom and balance.  His energy is very shamanic like, he feels like an ancient elder, except he is super gorgeous (I have a romantic crush on him).  He doesn't talk much, but you can feel his massive ability to hold space for the group.  Then it was my turn, what do I bring to the group?  I bring passion and enthusiasm to the group.  I have a natural excitement and playful energy.  
The Being across from me asked, what else do you bring to the group?  hmmmm, I wondered.  What else do I bring?  Then the hit landed in my field and I knew the answer.  I am the voice.  I bring communication to the group.  I can translate our experiences into the physical reality.

Later, I realized the wisdom in doing that process.  It really made me understand on a deeper level the importance of my role to the group.  It was not just them helping me, it was all of us as equals helping and supporting one another.  Everyone plays an important role and is valuable.  When we individually honor our pre-agreements, the whole group and collective benefits.