Monday, December 31, 2012

Pairing With Stones

Two night ago, I had an instant memory download.  I was living during the Essene time line.  Not sure if it was before, during or after Jesus physical appearance on the planet.  In the memory union, I was collaborating with a stone.  During that time line, some of us intentionally partnered with stones for creation.

This was something different than my awareness of how people work with stones today.  In this physical time line, I have used stones and crystals.  The difference is, I used these objects as tools for assistance.  Like they assisted me with connection and/or integration.  I had never seen them as equal partners.  More like a dental assistant, helping out the dentist.  In my memory union, I saw we collaborated as an equal team.

Law of mutual benefit.  Certain stones would volunteer for the assignment, same as certain humans volunteer.  The stone and human, would partner to create an enlarged or amplified frequency.  Intentional creation from both Beings.

I partnered with a stone for "unconditional love" vibration.  My stone is Lady Luck.  Lady Luck and I created a feminine resonance field.  A strong vibration container for self expression, self realization and self proclamation.   

The stone I partnered with was magically reunited with me this week.  She comes from England.  It is a beautiful story of connection that is so magical, words can't capture the divine orchestration. 
(see blog called Unseen Merging With Seen)

A major coincidence in this memory union, is a few days before, I had a dream where I saw "pairing". (see blog called "Empty Places In Female Line")  I even wrote, human pair with stones in that blog.  Little did I realize I was setting up a stepping stone for myself to assist myself in recalling my partnership with Lady Luck.

Lady Luck and I know, the undercurrent of "luck" is vibration matching or pairing.  When we access self expression, self realization and self proclamation, we become the vibration for our creation.  2013 is the year to express, realize and claim our Divine Self.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

The Unseen Is Merging With The Seen

November 2012, a stranger wrote to me on my you tube channel.  She told me, she was holding one of her crystal gemstones, and the crystal said my name!  She got covered in goosebumps.  She felt the stone wanted to be given to me. ~ WOW!  That was a super great email to receive!

December 24, 2012 ~ I was sleeping over night at my parents home for Christmas.  I was tossing and turning all night.  I woke up early in the morning and saw another aspect of myself watching me.  She looked very similar to me, except she was a blue Being.  She looked like I did, when I was in my early 20's.  She was watching me with wonderment and eyes full of love.  I felt super happy to witness her watching me.

December 27, 2012 ~ A friend posted a comment on facebook about "Lady Luck".  When I saw her post, I felt flooded with warm connected feelings.  I wrote on her post "I am good friends with Lady Luck, thanks for bringing up her name, it holds such great feelings / memories inside of me."

December 29, 2012  I go and get the mail.  There is a brown package.  I wondered what it was?  WOW ~ it is the gemstone from the stranger.  It is the most beautiful blue gemstone I have ever seen.  I am instantly in love.  I instantly start shaking.  My emotions are totally going crazy.  I do not have words.  I am so over the top connected to this gemstone.  I take her photo.  I put her around my neck (necklace). I am really really in such a state of Awe.  No words can explain what was happening.  I do not even understand what was happening.  All I know is, it was one of the BEST experiences / connections of my life!

Later that day, I go to look up her meaning.  She is a blue Aventurine.  The first website I found, I saw the words "Lady Luck".  What? What?  She represents "Lady Luck"!  Wow ~ what are the odds!!

That night just before I am about to fall asleep I have a instant memory, from the Essene time line.  Mary / Jesus friends, collaborated with the stones.  They exchanged energy and intentionally intensified the "unconditional love" frequencies in the stones/humans.  This stone or "My Stone" as I call her, was with me in that story line.  The blue Being, that I saw on the 24th is also connected with Mary Energies.  My blue aspect and my blue stone are all intertwined aspects of me, and my whole multidimensional self.  I am attracting and collaborating with physical objects/humans ~ the Unseen is Merging with the Seen!

Friday, December 28, 2012

Gatekeeper Reward Program

Copyrights @ 2012 Sabrina BrightStar
All rights reserved.

What is the Gatekeeper Reward Program?
It is YOU giving YOU gifts.  Imagine boxes full of gifts.  Endless supply of boxes and containers with gifts.  The gifts include all types of layers and formats.  Emotional gifts, energetic gifts, physical gifts, financial gifts, adventure gifts, tranquility gifts, love gifts, spiritual gifts, advanced skill set gifts, sensual gifts, multidimensional abilities gifts, higher mind awareness gifts, expanded consciousness gifts and many more.  The lists are endless and unlimited.

How does a person enroll or sign up for the reward program?

Is it that simple?  

How much does it cost to enroll?
Your conscious awareness.  Whatever price you have paid for your journey to become consciously aware.

Why doesn't everyone enroll?
Each person is on their own customized level or phase in their evolution.

When can I start?
Whenever you are ready to claim your inheritance (blood rights).

What can I expect to receive if I sign up for the reward program?
Expect to feel and receive energetic bonuses, emotional highs, physical manifestations and delightful surprises for all of your multi senses.

I enrolled in the program, I started to receive the rewards, then it stopped.  What went wrong?
Nothing.  Your consciousness is participating in a program of disconnection.  You can never disconnect from you, however you can play the part (role) of running a disconnection program.  You can walk in and out of the reward program.  Some people cycle in and out, as they are acclimating to the ease and grace of conscious living.  Some people do not want, in this NOW moment, to hold containers of larger conscious awareness and creations.

Who do I thank for creating this reward program?

I have found, the longer I am enrolled in the program the more I am receiving.  Why is that?
You have created conscious momentum.  You are creating a platform for yourself that continues to grow and expand.  The bigger your conscious creation awareness becomes the more space you create.  This larger space is able to hold and receive more rewards.

Empty Places In The Female Line

12/27/12 ~ December has been a big month of dream information for me.  I did some documenting on facebook.  I decided it would be more useful to blog it.

During dream time, I was the visionary.  I could see the images.  Then there was also another me, like a different aspect of me ~ this me was the translator of the visions I could see.  It was like watching a movie from two different perspectives, that made the whole movie clearer.

In my vision, I saw images of women holding hands, like 4 or 5 women in a line, holding hands.  Then there would be empty spaces.  A few feet down, another small group of women holding hands.  Then empty spaces again.  
Like this _________    ___   _______            _____     __ ______ and so on.

The line or link was not solid or complete. When the "translator" aspect of me, talked.  I shared, "This represents the female line.  The empty spaces, are the females who have not taken their places yet.  These females will be coming back online.  These females will take their place and the female line with be fully linked.  No invisible or empty spots.  The female line is coming back online into full awareness in the physical."  
I knew energetically there are no empty spaces, there is full union energetically.  But, in our physical dimensions, not all the females have returned to their places.

Then next part of my dream that was important was the vision of wine glasses paired with food.  The pairing of the right liquid flavors to match the solid flavors.  The "translator" aspect of me explained the vision.
"When you pair the right wine with the matching food, magic happens.  Flavors create and integrate magical combustion.  When humans pair with perfect matches (other humans, stones, animals, etc.) you create codes that are released.  Pairing is the collaboration of 2 or more elements, humans and/or frequencies to release codes and keys.  You will see more and more pairing, as you work together."

The two aspects of me, were thrilled in dream time with this understanding/remembrance  It is all so simple and makes perfect sense.  I forgot the dream when I woke up.  Hours later a friend called and asked me what I had to share.  She knew I had something.  I had nothing. I didn't know what she was tapping into?  I figured it would show up when the time was right.  As we talked, out of no where the memory of dream flew in!  wow ~ I recalled in a nanosecond the whole dream container.  Talk about "pairing" and co-creating!!!  ~ Thank you River!