Thursday, January 19, 2017

Empaths - Who Are They? How Do They Help The World? How Can I Support An Empath?

Most sensitive people are over worked and under
appreciated. Empaths have a multidimensional skill set to feel, experience and clear trapped and stuck emotions. 
Over 70% of the emotions they experience on a regular basis - like sadness, anger and loneliness do not belong to them. They experience strong emotions because they have the capacity to feel, honor and transmute emotions - emotions that have been shamed, suppressed and stuck in timelines.

Empaths are powerful humans who incarnated on our 

planet to assist the spiritual evolution of humanity. Usually they do not get the recognition and appreciation that our psychic friends and,channelers receive. 
Empaths often feel their sensitivity is a curse rather than a multidimensional gift.

Let's honor our Empaths and create National Empath Day! 
Thank an Empath today!  

Thursday, January 12, 2017

What is Polarity Vibration? What is Spiral Vibration?

What is the difference between a polarity vibration versus a spiral vibration?

First these are terms that are used to describe a state of being.  Two people can physically be in the same location, yet be in different vibration spaces.

A vibration space can include your mental body,  emotional body, energetic body, spiritual body and your physical body.  It is not a specific geographic location on planet Earth.  Therefore, you can have 2 people standing in the exact same location and have 2 different experiences.

Polarity vibration is a space where one labels events, experiences and behaviors from a place of good or bad, right or wrong, good or evil.  This space has opinions and definitions about what situations and experiences mean.  It is a place with a fixed point of view.  It is a logical vibration.  Information is gathered and reported based on physical tangible evidence.  It is a place of order, all things having a beginning and an ending  Things unfold in a linear sequence.  This is a space where comparisons live and people tend to measure against one another.  Hierarchy program in race, economics, education, religion, gender, titles are alive here.  Some call this space 3D or 3rd dimension.

Spiral vibration is a space of unlimited possibilities and multiple realities. This is a space of fluidity.  There are no set points of view.  Definitions are fluid and can change rapidly.  Experiences and events can be observed without a judgment or definition of their meaning.  Information can come in a linear sequence or in a random order.  Time and space are lucid.  Communication and connection to others can happen on a variety of different planes and in a variety of different pathways.  It is a location where one has access to unlimited information and resources.  One can be an individual consciousness, or a collective consciousness or both at the same time.  It is a space that can include both physical and nonphysical experiences.  Some refer to this place as a higher vibrational space, like 5D.  Instead of saying a higher vibration space I like the term wider vibrational space.  It includes everything.  All points of views are honored and validated.

In every moment we have an option to be aware of our now state of Being.  We can be conscious if we are operating from a polarity point of view or a spiral point of view.  Most of us dance in and out of these vibration spaces.  Initially when people become aware of the different vibrations and believe in vibrations, they try to stay inside the spiral vibration.  The spiral vibration feels better as one feels and experiences freedom, joy, ease and acceptance.
The polarity vibration judges as either non existent or as a better, superior location.  From the spiral vibration there is no judgment of where a person chooses to experience their now state of Being.  The spiral vibrations knows the value of experiencing the polarity vibration  As well as, the spiral vibration knows no point of vibration is permanent.  Each moment is a new, now moment to make a choice.