Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Channeling Financial Abundance Consciousness

When I connected to the Being on my left, during my meditation, I felt a gentle energy.
I felt a fluid, liquid like gentle movement. I relaxed in this soothing energy, not sure exactly who I was experiencing. Then, I finally heard her. "I am financial abundance consciousness."

I felt this nurtured, supported, and gentle energy. I must confess, this experience would not be how I would have imagined financial abundance energy to feel. "Why?" she asked me.
First of all, I have never taken the time to think what the consciousness of financial abundance would feel like. If I were to guess, I assumed it would dynamic, powerful, and intense.

She then compared financial abundance consciousness to air abundance consciousness. I know air consciousness is abundant. I am not startled or surprise when humans tap in the abundance of air consciousness. Abundant air consciousness has a subtle gentle fluid energy too. I realized I had bought into the old belief, that financial abundant consciousness is not as easy to receive. I assumed the consciousness would be dynamic and intense because I thought it was more difficult/rare to receive.

She showed me an image of baby in a womb. She compared herself to that frequency. Inside the womb, the baby is fully supported, nutured and provided for. The baby is not required to work, earn, or do anything in order to receive these gifts. It is the baby's birth right to be fully supported.

Abundance is our birth right. It is a natural part of design of our consciousness.

We don't have to prove our worth, work hard for our worth, or convince others of our worth.
She encouraged me to swim in this emerald green lake I could see. Ask the element of water, to help you connect to the financial abundant consciousness. Set the intention that the water will help you. Water can amplify the experience so you can feel her consciousness more clearly and deeply. In the bath or shower, visual the water drops seeping into your pours to assist you to feel/know your abundant birth right.

She suggested I take time daily to connect with her frequencies. Develop a relationship with her energy field. Acclimate to the gentle, supportive, and nurturing frequency of abundant consciousness.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Animals are Bridges to Unseen Beings

Recently, I have been understanding how much the animal kingdom is doing for our expansion and ascension. Isn't it interesting, over the past decade humans have started treating pets with more respect and value. We have pet friendly restaurants, pet stores, pet day cares and even pet hotels. Humans are having birthday parties for their pets. Pets are being accepting as an equal part of the family.

This is no coincidence! As our consciousness is expanding, we are able to sense/feel the living consciousness in other Beings. Pets helped us evolve our consciousness. Now, in 2012, it is common and normal to treat a pet as a family member.

Imagine, when we start to follow this same patterns with other Consciousnesses. Pets are an easy stepping stone, as they are cute and lovable. Once, we grasp that pets are our equals, it is much easier to start to be aware all Beings are our equals. Pets have helped us morph our respect for the entire animal kingdom.

Imagine taking this to the next step in evolution. Some humans already have achieved this. Telepathic conversations with our pets. Imagine a world where it is common and normal to have conversations and dialogs with the animal kingdom. This may sound a little out there, yet it is easy to see how it will unfold.

Once we grasp that all animal species, are intelligent Beings that can communicate, it is going to assist us to realizing other kingdom have same abilities. Mineral kingdom, elemental kingdom, nature kingdom, plant kingdom and so on.

When our mind truly understands there are a variety of Conscious Beings, with different shapes, appearances and containers, then the speed of our expansion is going to accelerate. It will then be easy for us to recognize other Beings, from other Realities and Dimensions exist. Real live Intelligent Beings able to communicate and develop relationships with.

Having a pet be one of your best friends is accepted today, won't it be wonderful when we evolve to the place where it is normal to have Unseen Beings as best friends too.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Channeling Subtle Consciousness

In my formation meditation, I looked to the right to connect with the Being there. I was unable to get a sense of who was there. This has never happened to me. I wasn't sure what to do, I went back to my center/neutral point. I asked if that Being could please come in stronger or louder. Or please have a new Being show up.

I attempted to look at my right side again. This time I saw Mini Mouse. I figured her message was going to be about fun, play and imagination. Instead, I saw her sort of fade into the background. Disney headliner characters replaced her. I realized Mini Mouse is sort of quiet. She doesn't showcase herself. She stayed more quietly in the background, almost as if she became invisible.

Then, I got it!!! The Being who was on my right, is Subtle Consciousness. Wow!! She was so subtle, I couldn't even notice her the first try. Her message was

She showed me a map, of my State. She compared the size / outline of my State to my Consciousness. She shared with me, if I would pay attention to the Subtle Energies, my Consciousness would really expand. The size of my State ( which symbolized my State Of Being) would grow and enlarge. Subtle Energies may not sit in the lime light. No major spot light on them, yet they are equally as powerful!

I had never paid attention to Subtle Consciousness before. It was not on my radar. I tend to see the big and bright lights/characters. This was a super eye opening! I realized the term "Eye Opening", actually means "Portal Opening" Thank you Miss and Mr Subtle

Friday, January 20, 2012

Contract with My Inner Child, Adult Self and Multidimensional Self

I recently discovered insights about my Inner Child. I was confused why I was not able to clear one of the strands for the DNA recoding. I felt like I had an invisible block. I booked a session with a DNA recoding coach to help me solve the mystery.

To make a long story short, my inner child had a painful experience. My adult self has processed it and made peace with it years ago. What I didn't realize is, even though my adult self understands, no one ever allowed my inner child to cry, scream or share her emotions. She was repressed and was forced to handle the pain alone.

Apparently, our inner child has more influence over our bodies and emotions than I realized. My adult self would Never hurt a child, yet in my ignorance I have caused her great sadness and fear.

After, I understood where the blocked pattern existed, I have been able to go in and create love, support and friendship with my Inner Child. It was easy to move past the block, once there was an "awareness".

I received the insight to create a new agreement.
I was gifted / downloaded with this contract formula

Contract between my Inner Child, My Adult Self and My Multidimensional Self.

I went into a meditative state and came up with some new agreements that validate and support all aspects of myself.

Here are a few agreements we made, that someone might find useful.
( Remember, if you are going to make an agreement with anyone, really take the time to see if you can honor it, and if it is for your highest good.)

1. Everyone matters
2. Everyone gets to share their opinion. ( sometimes we by pass the Inner Chil
d, thinking she is too young or inexperienced)
3. We work together as a team to process and support each others triggers. ( Each aspect of myself has her own set of triggers.)
4. We agree to speak up, if one of us feels off, instead of sabotaging her. (If an aspect of yourself is feeling upset, she can try and sabotage the experience.)

These are a few of the the agreements I made with my aspects. As you can read, it is my intention to be congruent in my beliefs and stream of consciousness. Working together instead of against each other. I know this may sound super odd. A few months ago, I would have thought the person writing this was very odd.

For me, apart of understanding my multidimensional self in other realities and realms has helped me to realize I have many aspects of myself here, in this reality. People sometimes spend years working with Professionals trying to understand unhealthy behaviors or patterns.

In my experience doing the 12 Strand DNA recoding process, I get to process, integrate and release at an accelerated speed.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Channeling Symbol Consciousness

12-31-11 I had an energetic meeting with the Karmic Board Committee. During the meeting I agreed to organize and hold space for sacred journey meditations once a month. ( Information can be found on my website on Free Journey page.)

Tonight was the first night. During the sacred journey, I channeled one energy that I wanted to share here. I channeled the symbol consciousness. It was fascinating! I saw a star, who morphed into a variety of symbols. Then stayed on the anchor symbol.

The symbol consciousness gave us some tips on how to tap into their energy field. First they suggested we notice them, become aware of how many symbols we see during our day. Each symbol has a specific/individual consciousness as well as group consciousness. By taking the time to notice them or give them a few second of our attention, we can receive their gifts/downloads.

They showed me, images of placing symbols photos around my house, like we place photos of our loved ones in picture frames. I saw many symbols posted on a bathroom mirror. I heard the suggestion to rotate and add new symbols. Keep the symbolic air moving so to speak with new symbol frequencies/images.

Then the anchor symbol tells me.......guess what? This was so precious! The anchor symbol tells me, he represents, anchoring in the frequencies. Get it! Like the symbol literally can anchor in our energetic downloads. For example, say you are using symbol of heart for love, place heart symbol and anchor symbol side by side.
This helps us anchor the love energies.

The symbol consciousness made another useful suggestion. Call in the symbolic consciousness, and set the intention to connect to their energy. Go into your heart space, and take a pen/pencil and allow their energy to be presented on paper. ( you may want to close your eyes and allow your hand to express) They said, we might feel like we are creating a new symbol, and this is possible. Yet, most likely they tol
d us, that we will create symbols from home. Symbols for our other dimensional lives. We will easily be able to tap into those frequencies and bring some symbols here that are encoded to recall our multidimensional life.

It was the most fascinating channeling session. Then guess what else? When I went to look up a photo of an anchor symbol, guess what I saw? The ankh!!!! There
it was, right there! Inside the anchor symbol is the ankh symbol!!! Is that a coincidence? I think NOT! ( smile)
It makes me want to go into the ankh consciousness next time and learn about her energy!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Everyday Connections Radio Show Party

My friend, River, had been feeling a strong pull to be guests on some radio shows. The idea didn't make my heart sing, yet, I wanted to be supportive of her visions, so I agreed. The closer we came to the radio show date, the more annoyed I felt.

I realized, I was annoyed at myself for not speaking my truth. I was annoyed at myself for playing the co-dependent role. The day before the radio show, I sat down with myself to figure out how to process this lesson. I saw how this experience, helped me to set boundaries and speak my truth. My friend, played a beautiful role in helping me get more congruent with myself. Then I asked myself, "how can I turn this experience into something that felt juicy to me?" I knew if I didn't clean up my energy, I would bring a negative undercurrent vibration to the show. My words would have been nice and pleasant, yet my vibe would have screaming silently...."I don't want to be here!".

When I asked the new question, my higher self was able to give me a new perspective.
(don't cha just love the power of questions!!) My higher self gave me the download of friends having a multidimensional conversation. I love talking to leading edge/pioneer spirit Beings. This was a golden opportunity to get to play with new energies of the co-hosts Jean Victoria Norloch & Rick O'shield. I had listened to several of their radio shows, and I felt an attraction to their energy signatures.

I showed up to the show, with an expectation that we were going to have a fun, juicy multidimensional conversation. The experience far exceeded my expectations.
A few things that really stood out for me, were encoded words that gave me instant downloads. For example: Rick shared the expression "facet exchange" when we was discussing the subject of walk ins. My whole body resonated with that expression, and I could instantly sense what he was expressing. Jean shared a new term "sleep floating". I saw the image and got the sensation of it in a nanosecond. River, asked an open ended question "what are the clues that help you connect?" I instantly saw formulas in my minds eye, everyone has their own specific formula for connecting. We can't copycat someone else's formula ~ the connection won't be your optimal possibility.

My heart was singing as we talked, we shared, and we listened.

After the show, my higher self has been gifting me with downloads on the value of playing with new energies. We trigger each other, we get to be stepping stones for each other, we help activate each other, we expand not just our self, we expand the whole unity consciousness.

During dream time I had a meeting with a some council member. He shared with me, that the radio show, Everyday Connections is a beautiful gift. It is a bridge. The co-hosts are sort of like universal language interpreters. I heard that, I participated in the show from a different dimension. The co-hosts can take my vibration and translate it into expressions for humans playing in 3rd dimension. Neither dimension is better or worse, just different locations. Like Portugal and United States. The radio show and her hosts are translators and a transmitters.

This morning in my meditation, I received intel about the invisible listeners. I have listened to many shows, as an invisible listener. The people talking on the show can't see me, yet I am a real live human being experiencing the show. I got the understanding, this is what it is like for our unseen friends. Even though our eyes do not see them listening to the radio show, that doesn't discredit their existence.

Everyday Connection radio show is a huge gift! I feel so much appreciation for getting to expand and play in their playground. I feel so much appreciation for my friend, River, who co-creates magic with me.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Multi Sensory Learning Formula

This morning, my white Tiger guide and I discussed learning.

In the 3rd dimension, we were taught to learn in a linear style. A beginning, middle and end.
We are taught to have logical answers ~ an outline that answers questions of Who? What? When? Where? and Why? We are encouraged to learn from our minds, so we can process it and regurgitate it back.

What if there are other styles or modalities of learning?

My guide called it, "Multi Sensory Learning"
This style or process of learning has its own container or format. It is fast, it is simple and it is encoded.
For example, you are connecting to your higher self. In your multidimensional connection, you feel a lite breeze on your face or arm. You recognize someone has shown up as a guest teacher. It feels like our element friend, air/wind.

Multi Sensory Learning Formula
1) Experience
2) Allow
3) Integrate

That is it! That simple! Our physical body, emotional body and astral bodies all understand the process/subject. Our hearts grasp the download, the insights and the value of the "multi sensory learning experience".

Our minds, however, do not "get it". Our minds want to discredit the experience, devalue the experience or class.

We are moving into our multidimensional bodies, where the culture, school, life style. etc are more multi sensory. Our multidimensional self, can learn/process/know in a nanosecond.
Words, tones, colors, elements, sounds, animals and so much more, can all be encoded classes of information.

Learning / knowing in a blink of an eye is actually an ability we all have. It is our multidimensional birth right to learn effortlessly.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My White Tiger Guide

I saw my first white tiger in my 3rd eye a few months ago. It was the clearest image I have ever seen. He was standing in a white lab coat that had colorful polka dots on it. He wore a space helmet. It was the oddest image I think I have seen. I could see him crystal clear.

Two days later, he presented himself to us on a journey. We were on board a spacecraft with him, in a class room. He was teaching us about conscious breathing.

Fast forward several weeks. As, I started doing the 12 strands of DNA project, I started seeing my white tiger again (without lab coat and space helmet). I saw he was on ship, helping oversee my project. I begin to speak to him more and more. He feels like a father, a friend, a lover all rolled into one being.

Today, when I did a journey, he showed up again. He took or assisted me inside some wormhole. Through this portal we went. He talked to me telepathically about his strength. His race doesn't feel the need to boast or brag about their abilities. They have an inner knowing of who they are and what they can do. He shared with me, white tigers are a gifted race here from another planet.

He asked me, if I am ready to co-create with him? Am I ready to connect daily and share my experience publicly? I got the feeling, he has been waiting for me. Here, I think I am the one waiting for information, yet I could sense, he has been patiently waiting for me.

The telephone rang, and my ability to stay connected broke. I didn't finish the conversation. I have, however, decided I want to co create with him. I will keep you posted. I am curious what is going to unfold?

Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Am From A Flower Dimension

Last night I had the most wonderful colorful dream.
( 1-7-12) I was in a different reality. I lived in a valley. The whole community was in blanket of beautiful colors. The colors were all flowers.

Somehow the flowers, were tall like trees, and we could move above and below the flowers pedals. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen.
I kept hearing the word "lily".

This reality was a different type of dimension. We were like humans with bodies, but we floated. Our bodies were more like waves, more fluid.

Over and over again, I kept hearing the word lily. I think the name of this location is called "Lily Valley" or "Lily Dimension"

Then some voice said, "The name Susan mean lily". There is no coincidence that your birth name is Susan.
I was dumbfounded, as my birth name is Susan.

The dream was so real. I saw and smelled the most vivid colorful flowers of my life. I woke up in a state of euphoria and bliss.
It makes me wonder.....am I from a Flower Dimension?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Walking Into Your Mutldimensional Gifts

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you allow yourself to shine?
How much do you own your unique gifts and abilities?

I recently discovered I had in-congruent beliefs regarding the subject of mastering my multidimensional gifts. One side of me says, 'step into your mastery' ~ 'demand your multidimensional birth rights'. Yet the other side says, 'don't draw too much attention to yourself' ~ 'don't get too big, or there could be unpleasant side effects'.

I wasn't aware I had these inconsistent beliefs until yesterday when I had a reading with Jill Renee Feeler. During the reading, Jill was receiving information from my team, that I hold back.
She saw and felt my in-congruent beliefs. She was able to talk to me, in a way, that my opened my eyes in a new way. She said this one sentence to me, that instantly encoded me with a new understanding. ~ "When you hold back from owning yourself, you pull yourself out of alignment."

I instantly got it. When my focus is on what others think, I pull myself out of alignment. What others think of me, regardless if positive or negative, is none of my business.
I realized that my inconsistent beliefs were getting mixed up between what I think and what I think others are thinking. Sounds like nonsense.

I started asking myself questions. Why would I hold back? Didn't I come here for the best experience possible? Don't I want to be a whole hearted player? Why would I allow myself to get out of alignment, because of my worry of how others might perceive me?

I was gifted with a huge download of knowing, I am not doing anyone a service, when I hold back. I signed up to play here, first and foremost for my own expansion. I have a deep knowing the more I can master loving myself unconditionally, the more I expand pathways for the entire Universe.
As each one of us walks into our full self, there are many, powerful, side effects for the whole collective.

It was an eye opening experience to become aware of my limiting beliefs.
I was very, very impressed with the energy and gifts from Jill Renee Feeler. She has an awesome free channeled meditation & radio show.
Her youtube link is beacon4lightworkers.
Her website is Beacon For Lightworkers.

Monday, January 2, 2012

My Dark Night Of The Soul ~ 12 Strands DNA Project

Over the past 6 weeks I have intentionally been doing an accelerated 12 Strands DNA recoding project, from Council of Nibiru, with Jelaila Starr.
I have been Video logging it on my yoututbe channel, Sabrina BrightSTar

This is the first time, that I feel more comfortable writing, instead of verbally sharing in front of camera.

The past few weeks, I have been flowing along smoothly with the 12 Strands project. I assumed the worst was over. Then, I got hit with the biggest most emotional deep rooted, lifetime after lifetime pattern.

There is this person, I don't know him very well. Yet, ever since meeting him, I find I am triggered by him. Some of the triggers were fun and enjoyable, yet most of the triggers are painful.

I kept telling myself to stop talking to him, yet, I found myself, continually going back for more contact. It made no sense to me. It felt almost as if, I was under a spell.

Again, one day, I went back for more contact. He dismissed me. The odd thing about this connection is, he is not a communicator. He leaves conversations unfinished, then ignores discussing what happened. Logically, I see clearly we have no communication compatibility. Yet, I am drawn to keep trying to communicate with him.

The other day, I got triggered again. I was sitting in frustration, trying to figure out, what the hell is going on with me? Why can't I walk away? What is the lesson?

I hear in my head, he is a Representative. He is representing a pattern, a repeating pattern that I have had for many lifetimes. I hear in my head, to write a list of what I don't like about him.
As, I wrote the list, I hear in my head.....Who else has this pattern? Where else have you witnessed this pattern.

Can you guess the answer?
My father.
Do you know what the pattern is? Do you know what the addictive behavior that I was chasing is?

A person who is Emotionally Unavailable!

Yep, there it was, staring at me on a piece of paper.
Emotional Unavailable!

Now, the next step of the formula of compassion is to see the mirror. How is this mirroring me?
I hear in my head, "are you emotional unavailable to yourself?" No way!, I instantly disagree with this question.
Then I start to see images of myself, ignoring, running away or hiding from emotions. I read, eat, drink or sleep to avoid emotions. I can feel the surface emotions easily, yet the deep rooted, painful emotions, I avoid.

Damn ~ this is not what I was expecting. I am in shock as I realize, I attract people who are emotional unavailable to me, because I am emotional unavailable to myself. That is the mirror.

I hear in my head the question, "Do you have the courage to feel deep emotions?" "Do you have the guts to allow raw emotions to surface without running into your happiness bubble?'

Double Damn! I was able to see the mirror clearly. Ok, after taking a deep breath, I decided I would tackle this pattern. Before, I agreed to allow the emotions to fully surface, I made a few demands. I told my higher self, "if I agree to feel the full range of my emotions, I am going to need support. I asked for a boat load of unseen friends to come to assist me." I asked for Angels, fairies, animals totems, mineral kingdom, crystal kingdom, Star brothers and sisters and anyone else who would be willing to step forward to assist me. Then, I got feisty, and told my team "I demand to be greatly rewarded for agreeing to this process!"

I am not sure what made me make those depends, I guess on some level, I knew I was about to enter an emotional hell. Within, hours of agreeing to feel my emotions, I got hit with feelings, memories of childhood, past relationships, former friends, etc. The tears started falling, and falling and falling.

My children witnessed my emotional releasing. I didn't hide it from them. They both came to me, and they took turns holding me in their arms and I poured out my pain, hurt and sadness. They tenderly loved me, as if they were my parents. When we all thought I had finally cried my last tear, another round of feelings flooded in, and the break down continued.

Toward the end of it, I could actually see their hurt patterns being released too. It surprised me, as I could feel, my allowing these intense emotions, I was clearing painful patterns we all 3 carry.

I know one of the reason we do 12 Strands of DNA recoding, is because, as each one of us agrees to clear, we make it easier for collective. Each one of us, helps the whole collective, so we can clear easier and faster.

I could feel my courage to feel this emotional raw pain, was assisting the Universe. Seeing it in my household first hand, was mind blowing.
I am very close to my children, yet I can honestly share, this experience took us to a whole new level of connection. I wasn't expecting to see the wonderful side effects so quickly.

I finally went to sleep. That night, I dreamed a legion of Angels came to me. I was wrapped in white cloth, and there was an army of Angels surrounding me. My two children, were amongst the group of Angels. The next day, I woke up feeling pretty normal. Thank Goddess! A few hours after I was up, I recalled my dream. I then, heard in my head, that my two children, are here as incarnated Angels. They are 24/7 visible reminders that I am fully supported from the other realms. My heart busted open with love!

All morning, I have been seeing a dark green Porsche in my minds eye. I am not a car person, yet the visual makes me feel it has something to do with the reward I asked for. Perhaps it symbolizes speedy healing? I am not certain, yet I am going to easily accept whatever gifts the Universe wants to deliver me!

I feel normal, yet new now. I feel like I did it! I allowed myself metaphorically to be crucified emotionally. I felt the pain of all the old patterns and programs. I busted out of the mirror, and I broke the spell of Emotional Unavailable patterns.

p.s . I wanted to also share, as an adult, esp. the past few years, my father has become emotionally available. We have a wonderful relationship today.

12 Strands DNA recoding can be found at Jelaila Starr's website