Monday, December 19, 2016

Returning to Oneness

If you wanted to created a reality where Beings did not feel / know their connection to each other - to create a reality where Beings felt separate from each would you achieve the goal? One intelligent design was to bring in the concept / experience of "Judgment". Judgement is a powerful tool to create feelings of separation. The most successful way to use the tool of "judgement" - would be "judgment" toward Self.
We not only 'judge" others we also "judge" our emotional body. We like, accept and celebrate certain happiness, joy and fun. However, the emotions like anger, sadness, depression are considered "bad" emotions. Many of our human emotions are "judged". By judging aspects of our emotional body and our soul's experience - it keeps us separated from recalling we are ONE. The orchestrated program was a Huge Success!!
As we are re-turning to our knowing we are all in connection to each other - we are beginning to value all the pieces of others and Self.. We are understanding all pieces of the puzzle make up the whole. When we hold space for our inner conscious Knowing we are One - we help dissolve the program of "judgement". Each piece (aspects of self) is valuable. No piece (no soul) is more important or superior. It takes all of the pieces to create the Whole image.

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