Thursday, January 19, 2017

Empaths - Who Are They? How Do They Help The World? How Can I Support An Empath?

Most sensitive people are over worked and under
appreciated. Empaths have a multidimensional skill set to feel, experience and clear trapped and stuck emotions. 
Over 70% of the emotions they experience on a regular basis - like sadness, anger and loneliness do not belong to them. They experience strong emotions because they have the capacity to feel, honor and transmute emotions - emotions that have been shamed, suppressed and stuck in timelines.

Empaths are powerful humans who incarnated on our 

planet to assist the spiritual evolution of humanity. Usually they do not get the recognition and appreciation that our psychic friends and,channelers receive. 
Empaths often feel their sensitivity is a curse rather than a multidimensional gift.

Let's honor our Empaths and create National Empath Day! 
Thank an Empath today!  

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