Friday, July 9, 2010

Emerald Green Electricity

About 3 months ago, I asked the Akashic Records.
What is my connection to city of Atlantis?

I saw people walking toward the beach. We had emerald stones in our hands. We placed the green stones into the mouths of the dolphins, that had swam to us. The dolphins swam away with the green stones.

Fascinating! What does it mean? Later, I was told, the city of Atlantis has precious knowledge and insights transferred into stones. The dolphins and whales are protecting the stones.

This green stone image really sits in my head. July 5th, 2010 I asked the Akashic Records.
What are the green tablets?

The green tablets are inside of you, I see an image of me swallowing up a little tiny green pill. As you uses your senses, the green pill inside your bodies starts to grow, like a seed planted. As the seed grows, you discover what you were given. The seed will reveal itself to you. Each person and each seed is unique. The sacred knowledge is all inside the orb you swallowed. You are responsible to nurture the seed to growth. If you choose not to honor the seed, she will lay inside dormant. The 4 elements help nourish the the seed, to make her grow. Ask for the air, wind, water and fire to assist in her growth. They are like rich manure that will bring forth a strong, powerful and thriving seed. You need everything to assist you, and everything needs you. You are all interdependent, and the best success comes from the cooperation and recognition of each valuable component.

Today, my friend, Kidest sends us this image of green electricity. The photo has my heart singing! We are so connected to each other!

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